WWE NXT Results – August 10th

We see footage from earlier today with the Power of the Punch challenge test session. Michael Cole is dressed like the Miz and he gets ready and then mocks Lebron James before connecting with a 728 reading. Josh goes next and he gets an 806. Matt tells Cole that he has been eliminated.



We are live from San Jose, California and your announcers are Michael ‘Good thing announcers aren’t eligible for elimination’ Cole and Josh ‘You can’t get rid of me, I understand the Great Khali’ Mathews. Your hosts are Matt ‘Is this Nexus 2.0’ Striker and Ashley ‘not that Ashley’ Valence.

It is time for the rookies and pros to come out with Matt Striker on the stage. Mark Henry is absent as a result of the attack from last night on Raw.

Matt tells us that we will have a new poll and the person who finishes in sixth place will be eliminated. Matt says that in three weeks, we will find out the winner of NXT. Remember that the winner gets a title match on pay per view.

Matt says that we have the Power of the Punch Challenge tonight. The winner of this challenge gets to appear on Raw. Michael McGillicutty goes first and his number is 863. Kaval is next and he decides to kick it and ends with a 297, but Striker disqualifies him. Percy Watson is next and his number is 716. Lucky Cannon is next and his number is 744. Husky Harris is next and his number is 380. Husky wants a redo. Alex Riley is the last one and he gets an 896. Alex says that he had no strategy. He says that he is the greatest athlete. He says that Miz might be a reality star, but he is a star in reality.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that WWEShop.com ships to over 70 countries.

We see footage from the commercial break and Miz tells John Morrison that they are one man short from having a complete team at SummerSlam. Miz tells Morrison that John Cena and Bret Hart need him. He tells Morrison that with all of the things they have been through, he wants Morrison to ask him for help. He wants Morrison to say that he wants Miz to join Team WWE. We see Morrison say that he won’t ask him, but he wants to have a match to prove that they don’t need him. Miz accepts the match.

Match Number One: Michael McGillicutty, Alex Riley, and Husky Harris versus Kaval, Lucky Cannon, and Percy Watson

Husky and Lucky start things off and Lucky gets a near fall with a rollup. Cannon works on the arm and puts him in an arm bar. Kaval tags in and he kicks Harris. Watson tags in and he punches Harris. Watson works on the arm and hits a fireman’s carry into an arm bar. Harris takes Watson down and then he tags in Riley who kicks and punches Watson. Riley with an arm bar but Watson with a forearm. Watson with an enzuigiri that sends Riley over the top rope to the floor.

Riley returns to the ring and Riley with a side head lock and take down. Watson with punches but Riley with a shoulder tackle. Watson with a hip toss and arm drag into an arm bar. Cannon tags back in and he connects with a European uppercut. Cannon with a fireman’s carry and arm bar. Riley with a forearm but Cannon with a big boot and kick. Cannon with a take down and a near fall. Riley goes to the floor.

Michael and Husky yell at Riley and while that happens, Cannon hits a plancha as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cannon with a knee to McGillicutty but Michael with a front face lock. We see footage during the commercial when Riley hit a butterfly superplex. Harris is in the ring now and he gets a near fall on Cannon after a splash into the corner. Riley tags back in and he hits a modified DDT and gets a near fall. Riley sends Cannon into the turnbuckles and he tags Michael into the match. Michael with a forearm across the chest and puts Lucky in a reverse chin lock. Cannon with a clothesline to Michael and both men are down. Kaval tags in and he hits running elbows. Kaval with a back kick and kick to the head. Kaval kicks Riley off the apron and Kaval with a Dragon sleeper. Everyone gets involved to clear the ring. Michael with a kick to Kaval’s knee and then he tries for the neck breaker but Kaval avoids it. Kaval with a drop kick into the corner. Kaval goes up top and he hits the Warrior’s Way and gets the three count.

Winners: Kaval, Lucky Cannon, and Percy Watson

After the match, Kaval’s pros Michelle and Layla celebrate on the stage.

Striker tells the pros to get together with their rankings because we will have a poll tonight.

We go to commercial.

It is time to take a detailed look at the Team WWE/Team Nexus match at SummerSlam.

Michael Cole talks about the way the Arco Arena was shaking at the end of Raw. We are told that Great Khali suffered patella and ligament damage so he is probably out of the match. Time to run through the card for SummerSlam.

Match Number Two: The Miz versus John Morrison

They lock up and Miz with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. They lock up again and Morrison with a waist lock take down. They return to their feet and Miz backs Morrison into the corner and connects with an elbow. Miz misses a punch but Morrison with an arm drag and drop kick. Morrison with a standing shooting star clothesline. Miz with a knee. Miz sends Morrison into the corner and punches him. Miz waits for Morrison to get up and he tries for the Awesome clothesline but Morrison moves. Morrison with a back slide for a near fall. Miz goes to the floor and Morrison hits a corkscrew pescado onto Miz as we go to commercial.

We are back and Miz with a reverse chin lock on Morrison. Morrison with punches but Miz pulls Morrison down by the hair. Miz with a kick and then he chokes Morrison in the ropes. Miz with a splash to Morrison’s back. Miz hits the Awesome Clothesline this time but he only gets a near fall. Miz with a forearm to the chin followed by elbows to the chest. Miz walks across Morrison’s chest. Miz returns to the reverse chin lock. Morrison with punches to escape but Miz with a knee but Morrison with a rollup for a near fall. Morrison with a forearm and kick but Miz responds with a kick of his own. Morrison with a clothesline and drop kick followed by a flap jack. Morrison sends Miz into the turnbuckles and hits a springboard spin kick and gets a near fall. Morrison misses the Shining Wizard but Miz hits a kick to Morrison and gets a near fall. Miz with a kick to the midsection and then he stomps on the chest while Morrison is on the apron. Morrison with kicks to Morrison and Miz goes down in the corner. Morrison tries for the corkscrew split legged moonsault but he lands on his feet. Miz with a kick and Morrison misses an enzuigiri and he appears to have hurt his ankle. Miz with the Skull Crushing Finale for the three count.

Winner: The Miz

We go to commercial.

We are back and the rookies are at ringside and it is time for the announcement that one rookie is going home. Michael McGillicutty says that Lucky Cannon should go home because he is lucky to be here. Kaval says that Lucky hasn’t made an impact in WWE. Percy Watson says that it is hard to pick one guy because they have all done a phenomenal job. Striker demands an answer and says that it should be Alex Riley because he talks too much. Lucky says that anyone but him should be eliminated because he wants it more than anyone. Husky Harris says that Lucky Cannon should go home. He says that Lucky hasn’t even won a match. Alex says that Matt Striker should go home because he is a nerd. Alex says that Michael McGillicutty should be eliminated because he is going to win.

It is time for the poll and in first place is Kaval.

Second place is Michael McGillicutty.

In third place, earning the bronze so far, is Percy Watson.

In fourth place, we have Husky Harris.

We are down to Alex Riley and Lucky Cannon to see who gets eliminated.

The man who is in fifth place is Alex Riley, and that means that Lucky Cannon is going home.

Matt asks Lucky about Kaval being ranked number one and being eliminated. Lucky says that it is what it is with Kaval being ranked number one. Lucky says that he isn’t going to do what everyone thinks he is going to do and that is flip out. Lucky wants to know if anyone in the WWE Universe is enjoying this as much as he is. We had a giant talk about mustaches, a guy run through a wall, a cheap imitation of Eddie Murphy, and a nine year old who sounds like Barry White. Lucky says that we have not seen the last of him.

Matt asks Alex why he is not connecting with the WWE Universe. Alex says that two weeks ago, he said that he is not here to cater to the WWE Universe and he is not going to change who he is. He wants to know how he went from third to fifth and he did a good job with the Kissing Contest. He says that we will see on Raw that he will prove that he will win Raw and become WWE Champion one day.

Matt Striker says that next week we are going to have a double elimination.

We go to credits.

Source: PWInsider

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