WWE NXT Results – June 1st

WWE NXT Report – June 1st, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off tonight’s show with a video package recapping the first season of NXT. Which man will be the first winner of NXT and get a pay per view title match? Will it be Justin Gabriel, Wade Barrett, or David Otunga?

We are live from Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Josh ‘Cowell’ Mathews and Michael ‘Degeneres’ Cole. Your host is Matt ‘Seacrest’ Striker.

Matt is in the ring and he welcomes us to NXT. Matt says that one rookie’s dream will come true tonight. Before we see the three who could win, we see the five eliminated rookies and they are in the front row. Now it is time to see the pros who are still under contract with WWE.

Now it is time to meet the three remaining rookies. Out first is Wade Barrett, who is currently ranked number one. Out next is David Otunga, who is ranked second. The final rookie to come out is Justin Gabriel, who is ranked third.

Matt congratulates them for getting this far. Matt says that for the last fifteen weeks, they have cultivated a dream. Two will go home empty handed while one will become the newest breakout star to get a title match on pay per view.

Matt reminds the pros that there will be two polls tonight. Matt says that they will be doubly scrutinized and all three will be in a Triple Threat Match.

Josh talks about season two and we meet Husky Harris. He talks about how he is a third generation superstar. His pro is Cody Rhodes.

The pros for the remaining rookies come to ringside as we go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for the next pro for season two and it is John Morrison. John says that his rookie is like a giant redwood tree, but a little hard to talk to. His rookie is Eli Cottonwood. He says that his goal is to inflict pain and carnage on any rookie who gets in his path.

Match Number One: Justin Gabriel versus David Otunga versus Wade Barrett in an elimination match

Otunga and Barrett go after Gabriel but Gabriel with a kick to Barrett but Barrett with a knee. Gabriel with a kick to Otunga and then he kicks Barrett on the floor. Otunga with punches and shoulders to Gabriel. Otunga with an Irish whip and clothesline in the corner. Otunga with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Barrett with kick to Otunga and then he throws Gabriel out of the ring. Barrett kicks Otunga and punches him. Barrett with elbows to Otunga’s head followed by a kick. Otunga blocks a suplex and Gabriel with a sunset flip for a near fall on Barrett. Otunga sends Barrett to the floor and then he sends Gabriel into the turnbuckles. Otunga sends Gabriel to the floor as well. Otunga rolls Gabriel back into the ring and he gets a near fall. Otunga with a power slam to Gabriel and then Barrett drops Otunga on the top rope. Gabriel with a kick to Barrett to knock him to the floor. Gabriel goes up for the 450 splash and Barrett pulls Gabriel out of the ring and pins Otunga to eliminate him.

Barrett waits for Gabriel to return to the ring as we go to commercial.

We are back and Barrett works on the arm but Gabriel with a kick. Barrett returns to an abdominal stretch and we see highlights from the commercial break when Barrett worked on Gabriel’s midsection. Barrett with an elbow drop and then he Irish whips Gabriel but Barrett misses a splash. Gabriel with kicks to the leg followed by a back kick. Gabriel with a back heel kick and a roaring elbow. Gabriel with a cross body into the corner and then he goes up top for a cross body and gets a near fall. Barrett gets Gabriel on his shoulders but Gabriel counters with a sunset flip and gets a near fall. Gabriel with an STO and then he goes to the apron and goes up top but his 450 Splash hits Barrett’s knees and Barrett gets the three count with an inside cradle.

Winner: Wade Barrett

It is time for Matt Striker to meet with the pros who are not in the ring with their wrestlers so it is time for a vote.

It is time for another pro to be revealed. We see Montel Vontavious Porter and he will be the pro a man from South Beach. He might be a party goer but he will have to tone it down to succeed in WWE. His rookie is Percy Watson.

The voting process continues and we go to commercial.

We are back with This Week in WWE History and we remember Junk Yard Dog who passed away this week in 1998.

Zack Ryder is in the back and he is a pro for season two. He says that what matters is what he teaches his rookie. His rookie is Titus O’Neil.

It is now time for one rookie to take the walk of shame and turn in his wrestling boots. But first, it is time to hear from the other five rookies. Matt asks Michael Tarver who he thinks should be eliminated. Tarver says that he is the product. He would eliminate himself. Daniel Bryan is asked who should win NXT. Bryan says Otunga cannot wrestle and Gabriel cannot talk so that means that Wade Barrett should win. Skip Sheffield says that he doesn’t care who wins NXT. Darren Young says that his money is on Wade Barrett because he is build for this physically and mentally. He says that Wade will prove the haters in Texas wrong. Heath Slater says that he has been in the ring with all of them and he thinks that Wade Barrett should win and he says that it is obvious.

It is time for the Pro’s Poll and Wade Barrett is safe since he is still ranked number one. It is down to the two men who were eliminated in the first match. The bronze medalist of the first season of NXT is Justin Gabriel. David Otunga is safe for now.

Justin says that he is just a kid from South Africa living his dream, but now the dream is over. Gabriel says that he is the most tenacious person he knows. He will continue to come back until he makes it. He had some ups and some downs but he will come back so he can be the World Champion.

Matt stops Justin on the ramp and he says that he looked inside Justin and he sees a lot of Matt Hardy in him. He says that Justin might not have won but he will not die. He says that Justin has his future in front of him.

Michelle and Layla are pros for season two. Their rookie has competed all over the world and it is Kaval.

We go to commercial.

We are back and did you know that NXT has been the top rated show on Tuesday for Syfy.

The next pro is Mark Henry and he will be the pro for a rookie who thinks he is lucky. Mark says that he is lucky. His name is Lucky Cannon.

It is time for a Rookie Face Off. He wants them to take sixty seconds to tell them why the other should be eliminated and why they should win. Otunga goes first and he says that Wade is ugly. He says that his nose is as crooked as his pro. He has a face that a mother would love. He says that his teeth only impresses his dentist. He says that he would pay for a triple threat match with Barrett, Aqua Fresh and Listerine. Otunga says that he has a face for the cover of magazines and a body for Muscle and Fitness.

Wade Barrett says that it was thoroughly entertaining and had people turn off the television in droves like they did for Otunga’s matches. Otunga might have a great physique but he has no clue how to use it. Barrett says that Great Khali has more balance in the ring than Otunga. Barrett says that Otunga has the ‘it’ factor because he has not tangible talent. Barrett suggests that two letters be added to ‘it’.

The next pro is Kofi Kingston and he says that his rookie is the son of Mr. Perfect. He says that Michael McGillicutty will make his own impact. He says that Ruthless Aggression will be back.

The pow wow to determine the winner takes place as we go to commercial.

We are back and it Josh reminds us that the voting will be split between the pros and the WWE Universe.

The two finalists are in the ring and it is time to find out if it will be Wade Barrett or David Otunga. First, the Miz interrupts because he has an important announcement to make. He says that the pros for season two have talked about their rookies. Miz says that he will be back for season two. Unlike this season, he won’t have an egotistical arrogant loser like Daniel Bryan. He will have a winner next season. Miz introduces Alex Riley.

It is time for the final Pro’s Poll and William Regal congratulates Jericho for having his man win the competition. Truth says that Regal is talking too soon. Regal says that the only good thing for Truth’s man is that he married well, but he saw his wife and isn’t that sure. Punk agrees and Truth reminds Punk that he has a mask on. Regal congratulates Wade for winning since he is a fellow Englishman. Regal wants to know what Truth is going to do about it. Regal says that he is tired of being on this show for fifteen weeks without knowing any better. Truth dances. Christian tells Regal to sit down because he hasn’t won in a year. Punk leaves while Regal and Jericho talk about Wade Barrett. Jericho says that if Skip Sheffield was his pro Skip would have won because he was his pro. Regal says that he loved Jericho’s two moves and he says that Wade would have won with any of them as his pro.

Matt tries to calm down the pros and he says that anything can happen in the WWE. That is why we go to the Pro’s Poll and your winner is Wade Barrett.

Wade celebrates and Jericho applauds his rookie.

It is time for comments from the silver medalist. David says that this can’t be real. He thinks that he is being Punk’d. Even Stevie Wonder could see that he is the next break out star. He says that he was eliminated from a reality show. He says that he respects someone who was eliminated from American Idol and became a bigger star than any of them.

It is time to hear from Wade Barrett. Wade says that it has a nice ring to it. He says that isn’t anything that he and Chris Jericho didn’t know from the start. He said that he was the best and he proved it. He says that he didn’t come to NXT or WWE for a pat on the back or anyone’s approval. He came to make a lot of coin. Barrett says that he has a title match. He tells the pros that he has some bad news because this is the start of a new era in WWE, the Era of Wade Barrett. He said the winds of change were blowing in the WWE and things change here. It is a change that will take Wade Barrett to the WWE Title.

Chris Jericho comes to the ring to raise Wade Barrett’s hand.

We go to credits with a video package.

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