WWE NXT Results (11/13): Winter Park, FL

The November 13th, 2019 edition of WWE’s NXT aired live on the USA Network from Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL.



– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package recapping the developments on the shows for the last couple of weeks.

– Mauro welcomes us to the arena, and it looks like we’re kicking off the show with the Cruiserweight Title match.

Lio Rush (c) vs. Angel Garza: Garza offers a handshake but Lio isn’t interested. Garza rips his tear-away pants off in front of Rush’s family in the front row. Rush dives out on to Garza, then brings him back in the ring and hits a DDT for a two count early on. Rush follows up with kicks, and Garza is sent out to ringside. Garza is able to block another dive attempt from Rush, and he slams Rush down on the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Rush comes back with a springboard back elbow, but Garza kicks out at 2. Garza and Rush trade strikes and reversals now, then after a series of kicks Garza pins for a two count. Garza misses a moonsault attempt and Rush answers with a neckbreaker for a two count. Rush goes up top but Garza stops him and hits a moonsault powerslam off the top for a two count. Fans chant “Holy Shit” as Garza gets up and continues the offense on Rush. Rush fights up and hits the Rush Hour, then a spinning heel kick. Rush continues the offense but Garza fires back with the Wing Clipper. Garza goes for the Super Wing Clipper, but Rush fights out. Rush takes Garza down with a hurricanrana, then he goes back up top and Rush hits the Final Hour for a close two count. Rush goes back up top and hits the Final Hour again for the three count.

Winner & still Cruiserweight Champion: Lio Rush

– After the match, Rush celebrates with his Title belt and Garza looks shocked at the finish.

– We go backstage where Tegan Nox is shown laying on the floor. Rhea Ripley is also laid out, and people are checking on them.

– We go to the announce table where Beth Phoenix introduces a video package looking at Shayna Baszler and her path of destruction on her way to Survivor Series.

– The announcers hype up tonight’s ladder match between Io Shirai and Mia Yim.

Xia Li vs. Aliyah: Vanessa Borne is at ringside with Aliyah. The opening bell sounds and Aliyah slams down Li by the hair early on. Li fires back with a series of strikes until Borne causes a distraction. Aliyah comes back and hits a Northern Lights suplex for a two count. Aliyah continues the offense and talks some trash. Li finally starts firing back with kicks and a forearm shot to the face. Li goes up top and comes down with a double axe handle to Aliyah. Aliyah tries to fight back, but Li drops her with a roundhouse kick out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner Xia Li

– Borne and a WWE doctor both get in the ring to check on Aliyah, who appears to have blood coming out of her nose.

– Nigel sends us to a video package looking at Killian Dain vs. Pete Dunne. Dain is shown backstage warming up.

– Finn Balor comes out to the ring and gets a big pop from the crowd. Balor gets on the mic and asks what happened to the NXT he knew. He says he used to be proud of this place, but now it’s a joke. Balor takes shots at Johnny Gargano and says that Balor built this place for everyone who moved in. Balor starts trashing Matt Riddle, and says Riddle got dropped last week and he hasn’t seen him since. Riddle suddenly hits the ring and starts brawling with Balor. They fight into the crowd until Balor retreats. Riddle gets on the mic and trashes Balor for retreating, and then The Undisputed Era interrupts. They come out and surround Riddle in the ring. Tommaso Ciampa and Keith Lee come out and join Balor in the ring. Cole says The Era is the most dominant force in all of WWE and asks Lee and Ciampa if they’re stupid. Lee says he doesn’t care and he tells them to bring it. Lee says Cole won’t face him right here and now. They get in a shouting match that leads to a singles match between Lee and Roderick Strong. The two sides face off until several referees run in to restore order.

Roderick Strong vs. Keith Lee: This one is a non-Title match. While everyone else is leaving the ringside area, Lee takes advantage of the distraction to pull Strong from the apron and slams him in the ring. Strong rolls right back outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Lee dominates the opening moments of this one and hits a slam for a two count. Ground and pound from Lee on the mat now until Strong finally fights up and hits a boot to the face. Strong continues the strikes, but Lee is unphased and he levels Strong with a big chop. Lee and Strong trade strikes and the brawl spills out to ringside. Lee throws Strong back in to the ring. On Lee’s way back in the ring, Strong knocks him off the apron with a couple dropkicks. They briefly brawl at ringside again before taking it back in the ring. Strong hits a running big boot for a two count, then he tries to work on keeping Lee grounded. Strong hits a sheap shot and starts working over Lee’s knee. Lee hulks up and unloads with strikes and a splash in the corner. Lee throws Strong across the ring, and he hits a backbreaker for a two count. They go to the top rope and Strong hits an enziguri. Strong follows up with a knee to the head and a superplex for a two count. Strong looks for the Stronghold, but Lee fights out and throws Strong down. Strong keeps the pressure on Lee with strikes, until Lee fires back with a clothesline and both men are down. The other Undisputed Era members now come down the ramp. Ciampa runs down and drops O’Reilly, but then Cole superkicks Ciampa. Riddle runs down and takes out Fish, but then Balor appears out of nowhere and hits the Slingblade and a double stomp on Riddle. Lee is distracted by the commotion at ringside, and Strong hits a knee strike and the Roddy Slam for a two count. Strong looks for a senton, but Lee turns it into a big Jackhammer for the three count.

Winner: Keith Lee

– After the bell, The Undisputed Era attacks Lee, but Ciampa makes the save. The Era gets the upper hand, but then Dominik Dijakovic comes out to help even the odds. The Era members get cleared out of the ring, and te fans chant “War Games” as Dominik and Ciampa shake hands. The Era retreats up the ramp.

– Back from the commercial break, we cut to the backstage area where Marina Shafir, Jessamyn Duke and Candice LeRae are all laid out on the floor. Triple H orders security to tighten up and get to the bottom of this.

Isiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Bronson Reed: The opening bell sounds and Reed and Scott trade strikes fairly evenly in the opening moments of this one. Reed starts getting the upper hand, and he hits the Bonsai Drop. The fight spills out to ringside, where Scott turns it around and slams Reed into the ring post. Back in the ring, they continue the brawl back and forth with strikes and reversals. They go to the top turnbuckle and Reed looks for a Tombstone, but Scott escapes and hits a big DDT for a two count. Scott tries to keep Reed grounded now and works over his left shoulder. Scott nails some elbow strikes and keeps control, but then he misses a shot and Reed capitalizes with a spinebuster. Reed hits a driver for a two count. They trade strikes and Reed looks for a powerbomb, but Scott gets out and unloads with strikes. Scott hits the House Call for the finish.

Winner: Isiah “Swerve” Scott

– Scott and Reed come face to face in the ring after the match and shake hands.

– We go to Cathy Kelley, who says the locker rooms are on edge tonight because of the mysterious attacks. She says that William Regal hs booked Matt Riddle vs. Finn Balor for the WarGames event, and Riddle will be replaced by Dominik Dijakovic in the WarGames team match. There’s still no word yet on who the final Team Ciampa member will be.

– It’s time for Pete Dunne vs. Killian Dain. On his way to the ring, Dain is attacked from behind by Damian Priest. Priest beats down Dain, as Dunne watches from the ring. Dunne has seen enough and he exits the ring to brawl with Priest at ringside. Dain gets back up and joins in on the brawl. All three men fight until security runs in to break it up. Dain and Dunne end up fighting off the security, and the brawl continues. Priest blindsides Dain, then he Crucifix Bombs Dunne into group of security guards. Priest hits a dive on Dain and Dunne, then stands tall as the fans chant for him. Priest heads to the back while the others get back to their feet.

– Mia Yim is backstage for an interview. She talks about how she isn’t worried about RAW or SmackDown superstars attacking her. She says NXT is the main roster now. Dakota Kai walks in and tells Yim there are no hard feelings over the War Games team picks, and if anything goes down she’ll have Yim’s back. Kai walks off.

– The announcers promote Dominik Dijakovic vs. Adam Cole for next week.

Ladder Match: Mia Yim vs. Io Shirai. The winner of this match earns the order of entry advantage for her WarGames team. An NXT briefcase is hanging above the ring. The opening bell sounds and they brawl out to ringside early on. Shirai hits a suicide dive on Yim, then they bring the ladder in the ring. Yim slams Shirai into a ladder on the floor, then she rolls back in the ring. Yim goes to climb the ladder in the ring, but Shirai runs in and dumps Yim back out to ringside. They continue the fight for position over the ladder in the ring. They fight out to ringside again, and this time a ladder gets bridged over the ring apron and fan barricade. Back in the ring, they continue reversing holds and scrambling for the ladder. Yim fires up with a suplex, slamming Shirai on top of a ladder.

Shirai fights back with strikes and she hits big Flapjack in the middle of the ring. Shirai goes for the ladder, but Yim stops her and the back and forth struggle continues. There’s a ladder leaning in the corner now, and Yim slams Shirai into it with a belly to belly suplex. Yim starts climbing the ladder in the middle of the ring, but Shirai stops her and the ladder falls over. Shirai puts Yim inside of one ladder and starts slamming it shut on her. Shirai goes to get another ladder and brings it in the ring. They fight over the new ladder and Shirai dropkicks the ladder into Yim’s face. Yim is bleeding heavily now and the referee puts on gloves to check on her.

Shirai starts climbing, but Yim gets back up and stops her. Yim starts climbing, but Shirai takes her down with a German suplex from the ladder. Shirai hits a running knee strike in the corner, then she dumps Yim out to ringside. Dakota Kai comes out to check on Yim. Shirai hits a moonsault out of the ring on both Kai and Yim. Back in the ring, Shirai climbs the ladder but Kai runs in and stops her. Kai slams Shirai down to the mat, then Kai rolls out and helps Yim back in the ring. Kai tells Yim to start climbing, but Kay Lee Ray runs down and attacks Kai. Ray rolls in the ring shoves the ladder over and Yim takes a bad fall at ringside. Ray helps Shirai up the ladder, and Shirai grabs the briefcase for the win.

Winner: Io Shirai

– After the match, we go to replays. Bianca Belair comes out to the ring, then Shayna Baszler comes out. It looks like Ray is on Team Baszler. SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley suddenly runs out and nails Basler with a steel chair. Belair, Shirai and Ray chase off Bayley as NXT goes off the air.

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