WWE NXT Results – April 27th

WWE NXT Report – April 27th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We are live on tape from Hershey, Pennsylvania and your announcers are Michael ‘Vintage Chocolate’ Cole and Josh ‘Where is Augustus Gloop’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘Wow, the streetlights look like giant Hershey Kisses’ Striker.

The rookies are in the ring with Matt Striker. Matt introduces the rookies for those of you watching for the first time. Matt reminds us that the next pro’s poll in two weeks will lead to the first elimination. Matt reminds us that the winner of NXT will earn a pay per view match. Matt reminds us of last week’s challenge that was won by Skip Sheffield. Matt talks about the feature on WWE.com and Matt says that over ten million people were on the site since last week.

Now it is time to see how well they can sell themselves. It is the ‘Seal the Deal Challenge’. Each rookie will try to sell as much merchandise as possible in sixty seconds. The winner will get to wrestle next week against a pro of their choosing.

Skip Sheffield goes first and he has to sell programs at $15 each. Skip sold four programs and made $60.

We see highlights from last week’s upset victory by Heath Slater over Chris Jericho.

Match Number One: Heath Slater and Christian versus Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett

Slater knocks Jericho down and Jericho tags in Barrett. Slater with a side head lock and then he tags in Christian and Christian with a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Barrett runs into an elbow and then Christian with a drop kick from the turnbuckles for a near fall. Christian punches Jericho but Barrett with a running boot. Barrett punches Christian and then tags in Jericho who punches Christian and then the referee warns Jericho and Jericho argues with the referee. Jericho with a belly-to-back suplex and then he punches Christian in the corner. Jericho with an Irish whip but Christian avoids the bulldog and hits an inverted DDT. Slater tags in and he hits a flying forearm and a running forearm into the corner. Jericho with a kick to Slater but Jericho misses a clothesline and Slater with a leaping neck breaker but Barrett breaks up the cover. Christian with a cross body on Barrett and then he hits a pescado onto Barrett. Slater with another inside cradle off a counter of a Walls of Jericho and then Jericho hits the Codebreaker and gets the three count.

Winners: Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett

It is time for our next merchandise selling rookie and it is Daniel Bryan. Bryan decides to give away programs to the fans in the crowd. Bryan announces that he is out of programs. Bryan ended up earning no money due to his philanthropic ways.

We take a look back at last week’s Triple Threat match where Luke Gallows almost cost Darren Young the match only to see Michael Tarver ignore his pro. We see Michael Tarver being told to take advantage of the situation by Carlito. Carlito tells Tarver to carry his bags. Carlito says that he is learning the little details.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did you Know that NXT is the highest rated show on Syfy since its debut.

It is time for Justin Gabriel to try to see how much he can sell. Justin was able to sell 22 programs and he made $330.

We have a video package for Michael Tarver with the pro’s comments. Punk says that Tarver runs the spectrum where some see a lot. Miz says that he hasn’t seen anything from hi. Jericho says that Tarver is at the bottom of the list. Regal says that Tarver is a sleeper and people haven’t taken him seriously. Punk says that Tarver has been saddled with a less than stellar pro. Hardy says that Tarver has a good chance of being voted off first. Christian says that he has skills, but hasn’t seen it yet. Carlito calls him a loose cannon and he says that if he listened more, he would be doing better. Miz says that he needs to do something quick. Tarver says that if there is a way to seize the moment, get out of his way.

Match Number Two: Michael Tarver with Carlito versus Darren Young with Luke Gallows and Serena

They lock up and Young backs Tarver into the corner but Tarver reverses it and he punches Young. Tarver with an Irish whip and Young hits the turnbuckles awkwardly. The referee checks on Young and Tarver is held back by the referee. Tarver with a power slam for a two count. Tarver punches Young in the corner and then gives Young a snap mare and he puts Young in a seated abdominal stretch. Tarver with forearms to the back and Young with a discus forearm and drop kick. Young with a flying shoulder tackle for a two count. Young with an Irish whip but Tarver with an elbow. Young with a punch as Tarver comes off the turnbuckles. Tarver goes to the floor and Young follows him. Tarver with a knee and Young is sent back into the ring. Tarver pulls Young’s shoulder into the corner. Luke trips Tarver on the apron while Serena distract the referee. Young with a full nelson face plant for the three count.

Winner: Darren Young

After the match, Darren wants to celebrate with Luke and Serena but Luke keeps Darren from Serena.

We go back to the Seal the Deal Challenge and it is time for David Otunga. We are told that Justin Gabriel only sold $210 worth of merchandise. Otunga says that celebrities don’t do manual labor and he gets a kid to sell programs for him.

We go to commercial.

It is time for comments about Justin Gabriel. They talk about the 450 splash and Matt says that Gabriel reminds him of a younger Matt Hardy. Punk says that Gabriel’s biggest detriment is his pro but Hardy can teach him how to go on the internet and Twitter. Chris Jericho calls him a one trick pony. Miz doesn’t know who he is. Truth says that he has a good image but needs to be more explosive. Hardy says that he is trying to strengthen the weaknesses that he has.

We see footage of David Otunga’s problems with R Truth and Truth not helping him against Gabriel.

Truth tells Otunga what he should have done last week to counter the sunset flip and win the match. Otunga says that Truth only had to grab his hands. Truth says that he doesn’t give hand outs and it is survival of the fittest. Truth says that if you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Heath Slater gets to sell some merchandise, but he needs to beat $315 which was David Otunga’s total. Slater fell short of Otunga’s total.

Cole and Mathews talk about the current leader and while Cole criticizes Josh’s math skills, Mathews wonders how Michael Cole still has a voice after calling six hours of wrestling so far this week.

Darren Young has his chance to sell programs and he teases with a ‘let me wrestle CM Punk next week’ sales pitch. Young did not beat Otunga.

Michael Tarver is next to sell merchandise but Tarver says that he doesn’t have to sell himself after losing a match. Tarver walks away and says that he is the product.

Now it is time for Wade Barrett to sell programs. Barrett says that he has already proven that he was the top rookie since his team beat Christian. Barrett says that he likes money and he is going to take it and leave. He says that there is nothing that Matt or anyone in WWE can do.

We go to commercial and it is time for comments about Daniel Bryan. Punk says that Bryan is right to be numer one. Jericho says that he is already a superstar. Regal says that he has gotten everything that he deserves. Miz wonders how Bryan is number one. Regal says that Bryan and Miz are like oil and water. Christian says that Bryan has a tough road but Bryan can deal with what Miz is throwing at him. Hardy says that Bryan needs to have a personality. If he can do that, he has a great future.

Matt Striker is with the winner of the challenge and it is David Otunga. Striker asks Otunga who he is going to face. Otunga goes through the options but he says that something is irritating him and there is something who knows a little too much. He wants to face his pro R Truth. He says that it is time that the student beats the teacher.

We see footage of Big Show punching Miz after they lost the tag titles and that explains the bruise on Miz’s face.

Match Number Four: Miz with Daniel Bryan versus Skip Sheffield with William Regal

Before the match, Regal has something to say to Miz.

Miz gets on the mic and he says that it is painful to talk. Due to the trauma to his face from Big Show’s sucker punch, the only way that he could do it to him, he will not be able to wrestle tonight. Daniel Bryan will be taking his place.

Sheffield gets Bryan up but Bryan with forearms and kicks to Sheffield. Bryan with a drop kick into the corner and then he punches Sheffield. Bryan with a heel hook and Sheffield fights for the ropes and he gets there. Bryan with kicks to the chest but Sheffield sends Bryan down and Sheffield with a clothesline that flips Bryan. Sheffield with the over the shoulder boulder holder for the three count.

Winner: Skip Sheffield

We go to credits.

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