WWE NXT results August 12: Karrion Kross vs. Danny Burch

WWE NXT RESULTS (8/12/20): Winter Park, FL.

Show Opening



We are welcomed to the August 12, 2020 edition of WWE NXT on USA Network which will kick off with Karrion Kross taking on Danny Burch. Ranallo Mauro and Beth Phoenix on commentary as usual, with an added voice on the panel tonight, Vic Joseph! We head into the Kross/Bourdeux entrance.

Karrion Kross vs. Danny Burch

Out first is Karrion Kross with his now familiar song and smoke theatrics along with Scarlett Bourdeux. Next out, is Danny Burch as his music sounds. Burch quickly makes his way down the ramp, joining the ring. Burch quickly attacks but he’s sent violently to the floor and dragged back in by his ear. Kross hits the Exploder Suplex. Step Up Enzuguri followed by a Dropkick by Burch. The crowd chants “Danny! Danny!” Kross wants none of Burch. German Suplex by Burch for the pin attempt.

Kross kicks out. Kross-face attempt by Kross, Burch reaches the ropes. Doomsday Saito by Kross, landing Burch on the canvas! Kross signals “throat cut” finish. Now Kross has gained control of the match. Burch struggles to his feet. He does a little more damage, then puts on the Kross Jacket. Danny fades out quickly. “Remember this? Remember this?” Kross asks as he delivers the Kross Jacket to Burch for the win!

Winner: Karrion Kross

After the Match

Kross has little time to celebrate his victory as Keith Lee’s music sounds.

Keith Lee Enters

Directly after Karrion Kross’s match with Danny Burch, Keith Lee makes his way to the ring. “I’m not surprised at all” Lee begins. “I offered for you to join me in this ring, you didn’t, Just like the little BITCH you have proven to be.”

Lee continues, “I begged and pleaded with Regal, and I promised not to touch you until TakeOver. Regal’s name is on this, my name is on this, now all I need is your punk ass name on this!” Lee hands over a contract to Scarlett. Scarlett takes it to Karrion. Karrion signs the contract as well.

Keith Lee opens the contract as Scarlett returns it to him. Suddenly a fireball hits Keith Lee in the face. Karrion Kross watches with Scarlett by his side as NXT officials attempt to assist a blinded Lee. Lee shouts, “Where’s Kross?!” The group of NXT officials and referees all take Lee to the backstage area as they try and assist Lee to an ambulance. Lee coughing and groaning every few steps stopping. “I’m fine!” Lee responds as he is asked if he can breathe.

Drake Maverick vs. Killian Dain

Meanwhile, picture in picture we see Drake Maverick’s entrance to the ring. Next out is Maverick’s opponent Killian Dain. Dain makes his way down the ramp and joins Maverick inside the ring. Announcers state they will continue to update us on the condition of NXT Champion Keith Lee as we head to commercial break. Drake manages to stay away from the larger man at the bell, and we quickly go to picture-in-picture commercials.

Dain takes control in the match, and we continue to get glimpses of the champ. He’s now being attended to by Mia Yim as well. She gets him in the ambulance, and Maverick gets back in the match by evading a Senton and attacking the Irishman’s legs.

As the ambulance pulls out, we see Undisputed ERA drive up in a nice station wagon.

In the ring, Drake hits an elbow from the top, and here comes TUE! The quartet charges the ring and beats down both guys.

Winner: No Contest

After the Match

Undisputed Era comes out and kicks both Maverick and his opponent from the ring.

Undisputed Takes Over The Ring

Adam Cole gets a mic and tells Pat McAfee (who he knows is watching) to stop talking and listen. McAfee punted him while his arms were behind his back, so congrats for that. But at TakeOver, he’s going against the longest reigning NXT champ with his eyes open, and he’s gonna kick his ass. He dares Pat to show up her next week and walk down the ramp. Bobby Fish & Roderick Strong are enjoying Cole’s trash talk, while Kyle O’Reilly is stone-faced the entire time.

Video Replay – Last Week’s Legado Del Fantasma vs. Breezango Highlights 

A replay aired of Legado Del Fantasma beating down Breezango last week. Vic Joseph announced Santos Escobar vs. Tyler Breeze after the break is announced as we head to commercial.

Video Promo – Kushida

A subtitled Kushida promo aired where Kushida laid his claim for the North American Championship.

Santos Escobar (w/Joaquin Wilde, Raul Mendoza) vs. Tyler Breeze

Out first is Tyler Breeze as his entrance theme sounds in the arena. Breeze is all fists from the ring of the bell. Escobar put the boots to Breeze early on. Escobar hit Breeze with a chop block and snake eyes on the apron as we head to commercial. Fantasma hit Breeze with one of his nice looking high dropkick. Fantasma trash talked Breeze while initiating his methodical offense. Breeze managed to get a shot in, but Escobar ran and recovered at ringside. Breeze able to avoid the Phantom Driver. Breeze emotionally attached to the match according to Phoenix. A reversal on the Irish Whip, into the Phantom Driver for the three count.

Winner: Santos Escobar

Dakota Kai Promo

Dakota Kai’s promo where she states she has figured out how to beat the untouchable Io Shirai, getting into her head. Kai states she has gotten to where she is by herself, and she WILL become the NXT Women’s Champion. We head to commercial.

Indi Hartwell vs. Mia Yim

Out first is Indi Hartwell. Next, we see Yim backstage ready for her entrance when she is stopped and asked about Keith Lee’s medical condition. Yim is asked quickly about how Keith Lee is doing, she states he is currently at the hospital and he’s doing alright, however she barely got back in time for her match and needs to get her mind into tonight’s challenge at hand. Yim joins Hartwell in the ring. The referee signals for the bell.

Hartwell stomps the foot of Yim, then takes Yim down. Lots of fast paced action. Yim goes for the knee, then lands a Basement Dropkick. Big Boot to the face by Yim. Hartwell hits a Cannonball followed by a pin attempt, Hartwell kicks out. Hartwell with several kicks and a Chop to Yim followed by a muscle pose. Sidewalk Slam by Hartwell for a quick cover, Yim kicks out immediately. Hartwell looking for the Chokehold,

Yim gets to her feet, Hartwell refusing to let go. Yim backs Hartwell into the corner. Hartwell takes Yim back down to the mat. A unique submission back and forth, finally Yim is able to get Hartwell to tap!

Winner: Mia Yim

After the Match

A slight smile on the face of Mia Yim who was mentally distracted as NXT Champion Keith Lee sits in the hospital after Karrion Kross’s fireball attack earlier in the night.

Finn Balor Promo

Cameron Grimes, Kushida… whoever else is on the line up tonight, Balor warns that he will take on whoever he has to in order to win the North American Championship

Quick Announcement

Triple Threat Match for the qualifier for NXT TakeOver XXX Ladder Match for the North American Championship when we return from commercial break.

Damian Priest vs. Bronson Reed

Out first for this match up is Damian Priest as his music sounds in the arena. Out next is Bronson Reed. Priest leans on the ropes, unfazed by Bronson Reed, Priest eyeing Reed, nodding with a smirk. The two lock up. Reed shoves Priest. Priest comes back at Reed who attempts to twist the arm of Priest. Priest gets Bronson in a Shoulder Lock, slowing things down. Reed manages to escape, and Priest hits a Shoulder Tackle to no avail. Reed nails a shoulder tackle of his own, knocking Priest backward to the canvas.

Priest once again nods his head and slaps Reed. Back and forth strikes. Priest in the corner; Reed comes charging but Priest steps aside. Priest takes control, hitting powerful blows and going for a Suplex. Both big men struggle; Reed gets the advantage. Priest rolls out of the ring as we head to commercial break.

Bronson with a slam to the mat for Priest. Fireman’s Carry by Bronson, Priest kicks out. Reed hits a Supersized Senton followed by a Side Press. Priest hypes up and goes after Reed. Priest looking to lift Reed, unable. Broken Arrow delivered after a loud roar by Priest. Reed kicks out!! Reed hits a viscous Suplex on Priest.

Both men are down as we watch a quick replay picture in picture. Both men to their feet and exchanging blows. Priest with a 360 Roundhouse. Reed climbs to the top for a Tsunami, but misses. Priest looking for The Reckoning, Jack Knife Cover for the three count!!!

Winner: Bronson Reed

After the Match

Reed shouts to the camera, “I told you!” as we head to replays. “This is Bronson’s time” Reed mouths to Priest.

Io Shirai Promo

We see Dakota Kai blinsiding Io Shirai as Shirai begins speaking in Japanese, “Until she betrayed Tegan Nox, no one knew who Dakota Kai was. Dakota is a manipulator, she uses people and gets rid of them.”

Shirai continues, “When I see Dakota Kai, I see a cute girl, she was terrified of Shayna Baszler, she will be terrifed of me. Dakota is no match for me.” To finish her thought, in english, Shirai states, “You just pissed me off!” We head to commercial break.

Kacy Catanzaro & Kayden Carter vs. Aaliyah & Mercedes Martinez (w/ Robert Stone)

“Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, then you know the Robert Stone brand has been el fuego. If you don’t know what THAT means, it means “on fire”!!” Robert Stone begins. He then offers a spot to Kacy Catanzaro on his team to which she responds with a knee to the groin. As Casey rejects Robert Stone’s offer, the referee signals for the bell. The bell rings and the match begins. Double team action on Aaliyah by Kacy and Kayden to start off the match.

The two working in unison. Catanzaro hit Aliyah with a Slingshot Senton for the two count. The face team hit Aliyah with stereo kicks for the two count for Carter. Martinez tagged in and helped Aliyah hit a facebuster on Carter. Martinez picked up a two count. Aliyah slammed Carter’s head to the mat. Aliyah and Martinez traded tags to cut the ring in half on Carter. Catanzaro managed to get the hot tag and a rally on Martinez. Catanzaro hit Martinez’s back with a Kappou kick. Martinez recovered and ended up hitting Catanzaro with an Air Raid Crash for the win.

Winners: Mercedes Martinez & Aaliyah

After the Match

Martinez’s victory is cut short as Ripley’s music sounds.

Rhea Ripley Interrupts Martinez Celebration

Martinez held her ground while Stone and Aliyah retreated in fear. Ripley stormed the ring and laid punches on Martintez. Aliyah got in the ring and helped Martinez get the advantage. Shotzi Blackheart ran out to even up the numbers. Ripley heads to the ring and takes it to Kayden Carter. Shotzi Blackhart comes running down to assist Ripley as Aaliyah and Robert Stone attempt to join in the beating on Ripley.

The Gargano Home

We enter the Gargano’s home where Johnny is changing a lightbulb (with a ladder nonetheless!) as Candice LeRae reads a fairytale to her… dog. “The dragon didn’t have to be there in the first place. Newsflash the fairy is not evil. Tegan needs to mind her own business.” Johnny interrupts the story asking, “what book are you reading over there?” with confusion.

“The kingdom isn’t doomed, the Wednesday Knight is going to run in and save the day like always. Even with the new faces, they aren’t on the level of Johnny Takeover. A fair ladder match qualifier with Ridge Helden and then I’ll move on. Then, TakeOver XXX will be known as the guy who made history.” Johnny finishes the lightbulb and the two head to bed.

Quick Announcement

Kushida vs. Cameron Grimes vs. ??? in Qualifying Triple Threat Match NEXT! We head to commercial break.

Timothy Thatcher School

Take a trip to thatch as thatch can school. Timothy Thatcher says today’s lesson is adaptation. He’s applying to half-crab to a guy in a Balor shirt and transitions to a heel lock to destroy his Achilles.

Quick Announcement

Next week will have a six-man tag pitting Legado Del Fantasma against Breezango & Swerve in addition to the already announced matches & segments.

Cameron Grimes vs. Kushida vs. ???

Out first for this qualifier, is Cameron Grimes! Grimes makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Kushida makes his way out as well. The third entrant is… The lights go black… Velveteen Dream!! Grimes and Dream tangle at first, but Velveteen sends Grimes to the outside. He sets to face off with Kushida, but the North Carolinian grabs Dream’s legs. He fights that off, but takes an awkward fall to the floor on the other side. Grimes flattens him, then Kushida hits him with a swinging DDT as we hit a commercial.

As we return from commercial Grimes gets the upper-hand and is able to land Dream on Kushida for a double pin victory as he moves on to the North American Championship Ladder Match at TakeOver: XXX!!

Winner: Cameron Grimes

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