WWE NXT Results – August 31st

Tonight is the final night for the second season of NXT and before we figure out the name that the eight rookies will use when they invade Raw or Smackdown. Will Alex Riley make his pro proud and forget about what happened during season one with Daniel Bryan? Will Michael McGillicutty become the first third generation Superstar to win NXT and make Kofi Kingston forget about the fact that he has been unable to regain the Intercontinental Title? Will Kaval become the first former Ring of Honor World Champion to become the winner of NXT and the first rookie to win with female pros? We will find out tonight which man will get to punch his ticket for a title match on a pay per view. It is up to the WWE Universe to see if their half of the vote will make Michael Cole a happy man or cry uncontrollably because an internet darling won.



We begin with a video package looking back at the second season of NXT. We are down to three. Who gets the gold, the silver, and the bronze.

Kaval says that his passion lies between the ropes. Michael says that it will get better from here. Alex Riley says that it is about being a star because as soon as he wins, it will be a race to the WWE Championship.

We are live from Albany, New York and your announcers are Michael ‘Kaval is my Homeboy’ Cole and Josh ‘Tough Enough was better’ Mathews.

Josh and Michael talk about the excitement over tonight’s show.

We go to Ashley Valence in the ring as she makes her big return and she brings out the pros.

Miz has something to say as he comes out and he says that it is time to scream at the top of your lungs for his rookie. The only rookie who has proven that he is ready to be WWE’s next breakout star.

Michelle McCool and Layla come out and Michelle introduces the man who is number one in their hearts and they bring out Kaval.

Kofi Kingston is out last and he introduces the Ambassador of the McGillibuddies, Michael McGillicutty.

Matt Striker is in the ring and he is dressed to the nines. He congratulates everyone for making it this far. He says that he wants to welcome five gentlemen who are excited to see who wins, we see the five men eliminated in the competition, who happen to be sitting in the front row. They are Titus O’Neil, Eli Cottonwood, Lucky Cannon, Percy Watson, and Husky Harris.

Matt reminds the rookies that the winner gets a title match on Pay Per View. Matt says that the pressure is multiplied by two because there will be a double elimination.

The rookies will wrestle tonight in a Triple Threat Match. Kaval pushes Miz and Riley and McGillicutty fight. Kofi throws Miz out of the ring and Michael throws Riley to the floor.

Josh mentions that next season of NXT will be all Divas.

The first diva Pro is Kelly Kelly. She says that she is looking forward to being a pro. Her rookie is fun, sassy, and likes pink hightops. Her rookie is Naomi Knight. She says that her style is different. She tells them to bring their A Game because she is going to win.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Kaval versus Michael McGillicutty versus Alex Riley

Michael goes after Riley and then he puts Kaval in a side head lock and they both give Riley a back body drop. Michael with an Irish whip but Kaval with a mule kick and running spin kick for a near fall. Kaval with a kick to Riley. Michael with a perfect drop kick for a near fall. Riley kicks Michael and Kaval but Michael with a clothesline to Riley and he gets a near fall. Kaval with a kick and Michael with a knee. Riley with punches to Michael but Michael with a punch of his own followed by a back breaker to Alex for a near fall. Kaval with a kick to the chest but Riley kicks Kaval. Kaval with an elbow and then he sends Riley into the turnbuckles followed by a chop. Riley with a forearm and Riley with a chop. Michael with a kick to Riley followed by a punch. Michael with a chop to Kaval and then he kicks Riley. Kaval with a chop to Michael and Michael goes to the apron. Kaval tries to suplex Michael into the ring but Kaval is suplexed to the floor. Riley knocks Michael off the apron as we go to commercial.

We are back and Riley with a reverse chin lock on Michael and Kaval with a kick to Michael’s back as well as Riley. Riley with a boot to Kaval’s head. Riley with a clothesline to Michael and he gets a near fall. Riley misses a cross body and hits the ropes when Michael moves. All three men are down but Riley is the first to his feet. Michael with clotheslines and a splash to Riley in the corner followed by a belly-to-belly suplex for a near fall. Kaval with a kick and chop to Michael. Kaval with a springboard round kick for a near fall.

Riley goes up top but Kaval stops him with a punch. Kaval is knocked off the turnbuckles but he hits a Tidal Crush that knocks Riley to the floor. Michael with a forearm to the back of Kaval’s head for a near fall. Kaval with a Dragon Sleeper on Michael but Michael makes it to the ropes. Kaval sets for the Tidal Crush again, but he misses when Michael moves. Michael with son of Perfectplex but Riley pulls him out of the ring. Michael kicks Riley into the announce table. Kaval with a Liger kick and he goes to the turnbuckles but Riley pushes Kaval off the turnbuckles and gets the easy three count.

Winner: Alex Riley

It is time for the next pro and it is Alicia Fox. She says that she was not surprised to be named an NXT pro. She was surprised that her rookie is almost as fierce. Her rookie is Maxine. She says that she expects nothing but the best, but she will be the best. She says that she wants it all.

The pros are huddling up and they are figuring out who will be eliminated next.

We are back and Goldust is our next pro. He says that he has seen his rookie and she will star in a Shattered Dreams Production. You will never forget the name Aksana. Aksana says that she is hard working and she will show everyone.

It is time to go to Matt Striker and before we get our first elimination, Matt wants to ask the Failure Five what they think. He asks Titus who should win and why. Titus says that you have a ninja, Will Ferrell’s lookalike and a guy who is trying to relive his high school football days. He says the football guy should win. Eli says that Alex Riley should win. He says that Alex is the most likeable. Lucky Cannon says that it won’t be the guy who runs around in a diaper, the middle aged guy who is still living in high school. He doesn’t care because the show was flushed when he was eliminated. Percy Watson says that Michael McGillicutty will win because he has the lineage. Husky Harris says that Michael will win season two because Michael was just born better.

It is time for the Random Who Get EliminatedTron 5000 and it is Alex Riley.

Miz is outraged while Kofi is loving the elimination.

Matt asks Alex for some final words. Alex says the worst part is listening to Matt talk over him. Alex says that his father was not a sports entertainer and he did not spend his youth wrestling in bars to get an internet following. Before this competition started, nobody knew who he was. However, he is standing in the ring almost the next WWE breakout star. Alex says that everyone believes that he is the most talented kid in this contest. Alex says that if he was a betting man, he would still bet the future of the WWE on Alex Riley.

Michael and Alex shake hands.

Time for the next pros and it is the Bella Twins. Their rookie has been in sports her entire life and it is Jamie Keyes. She says that being a ring announcer has allowed the people to get to know her, but she is ready to get from behind the mic to compete.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is down to two men as Michael Cole recovers from his disappointment to show the China video package that you might have seen last night on Raw.

Primo is in the back and he is one of the pros. He is here to mentor AJ Lee. She says that she always wanted to be a diva and you are not going to get rid of her.

Matt Striker is in the ring with Michael and Kaval. He has then stand face to chin and they will get to say why the other should be eliminated and why they should win.

Michael asks if Kaval is Michelle and Layla’s adopted ninja baby. He tells Kaval that this isn’t a swimming pool, so why is he wearing a wet suit. Michael points out that it took 13 years to make it so how will he make it any further. He calls Kaval a ‘flute’ and then he says that no matter how you like it . . . Michael is out of time.

Kaval tells Michael that he was trained by Harley Race and is a third generation Superstar. He was set up perfectly. Kaval says that he came from a hard working middle class family. He is a hard working guy from New York. Kaval says that it took him 13 years to get here, but he has earned his respect around the world. He sacrificed his blood, sweat, and tears to be in the ring with the likes of Eddie Guerrero.

Michael and Kaval have their final chance for some trash talking and we go to commercial.

We are back and Vickie Guerrero is a pro on NXT’s Season Three. Her rookie is strong and dominant. Her name is Aloisia. She is six foot nine inches tall and she will be unstoppable.

Cole calls Aloisia geenormous.

We are in the ring and it is time to find out which man will be the winner of Season Two of NXT and it is Kaval.

Michelle and Layla come to the ring to celebrate with Kaval.

Michael shows his disappointment over the loss and Matt asks Michael for his thoughts. Michael takes the mic and he stares at Kaval and then he says that he doesn’t know what to say. He wonders how Kaval won. Michael says that Kaval is going to go to a pay per view for a title shot. Michael says that it will suck. No matter what Kaval thinks, he is nowhere near the level of Michael McGillicutty. He only had one goal and that was to be a WWE World Champion. However, he got eliminated today and he lost his guaranteed shot at a title. That is not going to stop him from becoming a future World Heavyweight Champion. He says that he is the future of this company. He will be a big time player in the machine called WWE. HE says that he is the next big thing and the next generation. From this moment on, this will be the moment of the genesis of McGillicutty.

Kaval says that he doesn’t know what to say but he thanks the WWE Universe. The First Five eliminated attack Kaval and then the pros come to the ring and they fight off the Feeble Five. Harris and Watson attack Kaval while Porter hits the running boot into the corner on O’Neil. O’Neil is thrown over the top rope to the floor. Husky with a uranage and then Alex Riley comes out and so does McGillicutty. Riley goes after Watson and slams him. Michael and Husky continue to attack Kaval.

Cannon gets Kaval up and hits a reverse Death Valley Driver. Harris with the back senton onto Kaval. Riley picks up Kaval and hits the TKO. O’Neil with a sit out spinebuster.

It is time for a look back at Season Two of NXT as we go to credits.

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