WWE NXT results July 15: Tegan Nox challenges Io Shirai for NXT Women’s Championship

WWE NXT Results (7/15/20)

Show Opening



The camera pans the arena tonight’s WWE NXT on USA kicks off! Once again, Mauro Ranallo is sitting with Beth Phoenix on commentary as he announces the latest edition of the black and gold brand’s night of events!

Oh Bask In His Glory!

The North American and NEW WWE NXT Champion Keith Lee is announced and makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring with both titles in his hand. Lee stands in the center of the ring as the crowd chants, “Oh bask in his glory!” Lee asks the announcer Alicia to say it again, to which she complies, “Welcome the North American Champion and NEW WWE NXT Champion, Keith Lee!” Lee smiles again.

Lee continues to state there is a lot going on in the world right now, lots of sadness and losses. Lee states he stands before us not just the North American Champion, (laying out the title belt in the center of the ring) but also the NXT Champion (laying the title belt beneath the first).

Lee states he knows there are plenty of people in the back that want to take the title from him, and even during the celebration, opportunity created this, I’m not a self-made man. Lee states, “Tim Brooks was more than a trainer, he was like a father, he believed in me when no one else did.

The book doesn’t stop there, I didn’t do this alone. NXT Universe, you welcomed me with the most open arms, and tell the people that Keith Lee is limitless, and you would sing and tell the entire world, “Oh bask in his glory” and I thank you. There’s one more person that has been playing a pivotal part in all this, I saw him backstage.”

Lee tells his “number one ‘frenemy’ Dominik Dijakovic, “Let’s talk”. Double D’s music sounds in the arena as Dominik makes his way down the ramp and joins Keith Lee inside the ring. Dijakovik states he’s proud of Lee, and this is about Lee tonight.

Lee says it’s about Dijakovic too, even though he may not realize it. “The competition between us is what propelled me into my opportunities.” Lee goes on to say Dijakovic tested Lee’s limitless. Lee then states he talked with Mr. Regal. Lee suggested a competition with Dijakovic who asks when he wants to do this. Lee says he’s already in his gear, “let’s do this tonight!” Dijakovic begins to respond, and Lee quiets him and states, “Just, say, yes.”

The crowd begins to chant, “Just say yes!” Dijakovic says, “Yes” as the two fist bump in the center of the ring. Lee holding both championship belts in hand.

NXT Earlier Today

We see Tegan Nox making her way into the arena earlier today as the Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox match is announced for later tonight.

Quick Announcement

Also Damian Priest vs. Cameron Grimes announced for when we return from commercial break!

Grudge Match
Damian Priest vs. Cameron Grimes

As we return from commercial break, out first is Damian Priest for tonight’s first official match of the evening, a grudge match! Priest makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Cameron Grimes as his music sounds in the arena. Grimes joins Priest inside the ring. Priest with a jump at Grimes before the bell. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins. Priest continues on Grimes with multiple Knee Strikes!

Priest runs into a Flying Forearm by Grimes. Grimes continues to take over the match for the next minute or two as he trash talks Priest. Grimes goes for the cover on Priest. Priest kicks out at two as we head back to commercial break once again!

As we return from commercial break, Grimes takes down Priest and goes for the cover. “You will not ruin my moment! You are NOT going to stop Cameron Grimes!” Grimes states as he makes his way back to his feet. Grimes continues to try and maintain control of Priest.

Enzuguri by Grimes. Priest finally having enough, takes control and is able to drop Grimes to the canvas. Priest then hooks The Reckoning for the three count pin and win.

Winner: Damian Priest

After the Match

Priest looks into the camera and states he is very interested to see the outcome of the match between Dijakovik and Lee tonight, then continues to celebrate.

Earlier Today

We head into a video clip of Io Shirai entering the arena earlier today.

Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher hosts yet another class on wrestling to the shadowed crowd of students as he explins “making your opponent cry in pain is pure satisfaction.” as he did on Oney Lorcan. Thatcher dismisses the class as we head to commercial break!

Shotzi Blackheart vs. Indi Hartwell

As we return from commercial break, we see Shotzi Blackheart make her way down the ramp in her mini tank! Blackheart hops up on the turnbuckle with her helmet still on as she rolls into the ring!

A video clip of Shotzi running over Robert Stone’s leg with her mini tank (and Stone shouting, “I’m dying” immediately after) is played as Blackheart finishes her entrance.

Out next is Indi Hartwell as her music sounds in the arena. Hartwell makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring with her opponent for the evening, Blackheart. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings and the match begins.

Hartwell dominates the match early on, getting two pin fall attempts. Side Slam by Hartwell, Blackheart once again kicks out at the two. Hartwell using her height and reach to her advantage as she stretches the tiny Blackheart in the center of the ring. Blackheart finally breaks free. Hartwell is planted face-first in the center of the ring. Discus Elbow by Blackheart followed by a Senton to the back of Hartwell.

Blackheart with a Step Up Knee followed by a DDT. Suddenly we see Robert Stone as he makes his way down to the ring. The referee is distracted momentarily as Aliyah comes out from beneath the apron and knocks Blackheart off the top turnbuckle as the referee is trying to remove Stone from the apron. Hartwell takes advantage, and drops Blackheart for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Indi Hartwell

Quick Announcement

Legado Del Fantasma up next, as we head to commercial break!

Backstage Interview w/ Tegan Nox

As we return from commercial break, we head backstage where Tegan Nox is being interviewed. Nox says she wants to be in the class of superstars such as Molly Holly. Nox then adds that tonight’s her night to prove herself by winning a women’s title Molly Holly never fought for. Nox reiterates tonight’s her night.

Promo: Legado del Fantasma

Next, we head over to Pablo Santos Escobar and his lackeys who are having drinks, toasting to the end of Drake Maverick.

Keith Lee Highlights

We learn that tonight’s match against Dominick Dijakovic is for both belts. We then get a promo video showing Keith Lee’s winning last week and a bunch of tweets and articles, as well as the ticker-tape celebration. We then get a graphic for the match coming up next, as Lee puts both titles on the line against Dijakovic. We then head to commercial break.

Double Title Match
Dominik Dijakovic vs. Keith Lee

Out first is Dominik Dijakovic as we return from commercial break. Out next is the Limitless Keith Lee, current NXT Champion and NXT North American Champion. The referee signals for the bell, the bell rings, and this double title match is underway!

Lee and Dijakovic fist bump and smile as they begin to circle the ring. Lee with an early take-down, Lee steps over Dijakovic, neutralizing Dijakovic. Dijakovic goes for a quick cover, Lee immediately kicks out, throwing Dijakovic off of him. The two smile slyly at one another. Dijakovic puts out his hand for a handshake. Lee complies, shaking his hand, then pulling him into Lee’s chest.

Lee locks up Dijakovic who then counters, getting Lee locked up. Dijakovic off the ropes, Lee isn’t going anywhere. Dijakovic tries multiple times to “move the mountain” as he goes off each rope. Dijakovic rubs his shoulder as if running into Lee injured him. Dijakovic once again reaches for a handshake, Lee looks at his hand, Dijakovic Slaps the chest of Lee.

Lee then returns the Chest Chop, dropping Dijakovic to the canvas. Lee heads up top, Dijakovic back to his feet pulls Lee off the turnbuckle. Lee and Dijakovic are staring one another down as we head to commercial break!

As we return from commercial break, a Shoulder Block by Lee, Dijakovic is thrown to the outside of the ring. Lee follows to the outside and runs full speed at Dijakovic who side steps, Lee stops short of running into the plexiglas. Dijakovic back in the ring, Lee returns to the ring as well. Lee struggles to his knees as Dijakovic returns to his feet.

Lee slams Dijakovic face first to the canvas after Dijakovic locked his legs in between the ropes. Lee sets Dijakovic on the top turnbuckle, then climbs up himself. Dijakovic whispers something. Dijakovic knocks Lee off the turnbuckle, then lands a high flying move for a pin attempt of his own! Lee kicks out at 2.9999. Dijakovic returns to the top turnbuckle, Grizzly Magnum followed by a Power Slam. Big Bang Catastrophe or the three count pin and win!

Winner and STILL WWE NXT North American Champion AND NXT Champion: Keith Lee!!

After the Match

The referee hands both titles to Lee who holds them high in the center of the ring as we go to replays!!

After the replays, we see Lee who is still in the ring. Lee puts down both of his title belts to help Dijakovic to his feet. Both men embrace and Dominik congratulates Lee.

Suddenly the lights go out. A spotlight returns as the only lightin the room, illuminating Scarlett’s silhouette. Scarlett walks down the ramp to the ring, now a light shining on Lee as well. Scarlett pulls her satchel up and dumps it in the ring. Its contents–the hourglass of sand, shattered, basically saying “times up.” We then head to commercial break.

Backstage – Dominik Dijakovic

As we return from commercial break, Dijakovik is seen backstage stating Keith Lee is on a completely new level than he used to be.

As Dijakovic mentions what happened in the ring moments ago with Scarlett, suddenly Kross apears and speaks to him in German. Dominik says “well, do it!” and both men lock up, backing out into the hallway, where Kross suplexes Dijakovic over a barricade backstage. Kross states, “tick-tock!” and walks away.

Timothy Thatcher vs. Denzel Dejournette

As we return to the arena Timothy Thatcher’s music sounds as Thatcher makes his way down the ramp and enters the ring, awaiting his opponent for the evening. Out next, Denzel Dejournette who makes his way down the ramp and joins Thatcher inside the ring. The referee signals for the bell.

The bell rings and the match begins. Both men head in immediately and Thatcher with a take down. Lots of grappling and scrambling on the canvas. The two continue to go back and forth, Thatcher dominating the match for the most part.

Finally, Thatcher with a Leg Lock on Dejournette who is forced to tap! Thatcher doesn’t let go right away.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

After the Match

Thatcher’s music sounds as Thatcher stands tall, then heads back over to Dejournette and once again locks in the Leg Lock on Dejournette who attempts to tap again over and over. The music cuts as the crazed face Thatcher still refuses to let go. Oney Lorcan runs down the ramp and enters the ring Spearing Thatcher off of Dejournette. Thatcher quickly retreats to the outside of the ring, Lorcan calling Thatcher out to return to the ring!

Io Shirai vs. Tegan Nox

Out first for this main event match up is Tegan Nox! Nox makes her way down the ramp and enters the ring. Out next is Io Shirai as the lights go out and strobe lights flash all over the arena. Shirai enters the ring with Nox. Nox puts her hand out for a handshake as the match is being announces, Shirai shoves Nox’s hand away.

The announcements are cut short as the bell rings and the match begins. An early lock up between the two superstars. The two spin, taking turns in control. Nox takes down Shirai!

Nox looks for an early take-down and pin on Shirai to win this match up early on. Shirai is able to kick out. Both women back to their feet and Nox takes a few pages out of Molly Holly’s play book to try and gain control of this match up! Nox goes for a Side Headlock on Shirai. Shirai is able to muscle out of the submission. Back and forth Arm Drags followed by back and forth roll-ups to no avail.

Shirai sends Nox face-first down to the apron from the top turnbuckle as we head to our final commercial break of the evening!

We return from commercial break, Beth Phoenix notes that Shirai is in total control of the match at this point. Nox with an Uppercut on Shirai. Nox throws Shirai into the turnbuckle. Wrecking Ball Double Knees by Shirai for the Lateral Press, Nox powers out of the pin attempt. Nox holding onto the bottom rope, Shirai attempts to crush the fingers of Nox with her boot.

Shirai with a Chin Lock on Nox. Nox makes her way up to one knee then a quick roll up on Shirai who kicks out and gets back to her feet. Shirai wraps her legs around the throat of Nox with the assistance of the middle rope. Shirai picks up and Body Slams Shirai. Shirai off the ropes goes for an Elbow Drop as Nox rolls away. Oklahoma Roll by Nox, Shirai once again counters.

A hard Chop to the chest of Nox by Shirai, dropping Nox to her knees. And again. Nox back to her feet and throwing forearms at Shirai. Shirai grabs a handful of Nox’s hair and slams Nox to the canvas followed by Double Knees. Shirai goes for the cover, Nox kicks out. Shirai Kicks and Stomps Nox who is rolling around the ring in pain. Nox off the ropes, Shirai counters and gets another pin attempt on Nox! We head to commercial once again (THIS is the last commercial of the evening, I promise!).

We return from commercial break to see Nox roll out of the ring to evade Shirai. Shirai follows behind Nox and continues to attack Nox on the outside, throwing Nox into the steel stairs. Shirai with a boasting smile, runs in for a Double Knee on Nox who side-steps allowing Nox to slam into the steel stairs head on.

Nox re-enters the ring, Nox follows behind. Shirai attempts a Back Breaker, but hurts her knee after that injury on the outside of the ring. Nox goes for German Suplex for the Bridge by Shirai, Nox kicks out at two! Shirai heads up top for a Moonsault. European Uppercut when Shirai tries to sit up.

Cannonball onto Shirai to follow as Shirai drops to the canvas, Nox goes for the cover. Shirai gets her hand on the bottom rope. Nox with a new look of determination on her face as she continues to throw Chops then nailing Shirai with an Uppercut. Nox with another Cannonball followed by going up top for a Diving Crossbody on Shirai for the cover. Shirai kicks out at two. Nox with a Chokeslam! Shirai kicks out once again at two! Nox looks shocked as she sits in the center of the ring. Nox looks back at Shirai and stands up, running at Shirai with a European Uppercut.

Shirai with a Waistlock followed by a German Suplex. Shirai back to her feet, then a Double Knee attack, finishing with a 619. Shirai goes to the top turnbuckle and slams Nox for the cover, Nox shoots her left shoulder up!

Nox plants Shirai face first, Nox to the top turnbuckle. Shirai with the Shiniest Wizard and face palm, then a Moonsault for the three count pin and win!

Winner: Io Shirai

After the Match

Io Shirai makes her way up the ramp as the replays are shown from the match. Suddenly Dakota Kai appears on the top of the ramp and lays out Shirai as the show goes off the air!

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