WWE NXT Results – June 15th

WWE NXT Results – June 15th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We begin with a look back at the debut episode of Season Two of NXT.

We are live on tape from Raleigh, North Carolina and your announcers are Michael ‘Hurricanes and Wolfpack’ Cole and Josh ‘Can I use the name Hennig’ Mathews. Your host is Matt ‘The Human Vuvuzela’ Striker.

Matt Striker is in the center of the ring and he welcomes us to NXT. Matt says that there are some unanswered questions after last week. It is time for the rookies to come to the ring. The pros come to the ring to join their rookies and they face off in the ring.

Matt tells the rookies that he knows they have questions. Instead of explaining why the pros did what they did, the pros will explain why they did it. Montel Vontavious Porter tells them to relax and take their angry expressions off their face. There will not be a confrontation tonight. There won’t be any finger wagging or brow beating. He says that last week was an initiation. It is a privilege and honor to be a WWE superstar and they are not going to be given it easily. There might have been an underlying meaning behind last week’s attack. They paid for the transgressions of the people from Season one. They are going to teach the rookies and they both need to work hard. This class of rookies are going to do it the right way. He wants to know if they are willing to take that step and move forward. He wants to know if they can let bygones be bygones. He wants to know if they are cool.

The pros and rookies shake hands and we have a bit of a détente.

Matt tells the rookies that the first pro’s poll will be in two weeks. The first elimination will be in five weeks.

Matt has Kaval and Alex Riley come forward because they will be wrestling each other.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Michelle and Layla have something to say before the match. It is time for a look at the cute and cuddly Kaval.

He mentions that he is from Brooklyn. He says that his father was a member of the military. He learned about discipline as a child and started watching wrestling as a child. He has been wrestling since 1998 and has wrestled all over the world and has wrestled in front of 40,000 at the Tokyo Dome. He mentions that he is at an advantage because he has wrestled in Japan and has been a champion. He says that his size could be a problem but he will overcome it. He says that it doesn’t matter the size of his opponent.

Match Number One: Alex Riley versus Kaval

They lock up and Riley backs Kaval into the corner and Riley tries to impress the pros. Riley with a kick and punch followed by a side head lock. Riley with a shoulder tackle. Kaval with a kick to the leg and chest. Kaval with a kick and double chop in the corner. Kaval with more kicks and that sends Riley to the mat and Kaval with a near fall. Kaval with a front face lock and Riley backs Kaval into the corner. Riley with a punch in the corner and the referee warns Riley. Kaval with a mule kick as he tries to float over. Kaval with a running kick for a near fall. Kaval with kicks followed by a snap mare and figure four head scissors but Riley gets to the ropes. Kaval with a chop and forearm to the head. Kaval with a kick to Riley’s chest but Riley drops Kaval on the top rope. We go to commercial.

We are back and Riley with an arm bar and cross face. Kaval with a kick to the leg followed by a double chop. Riley with a belly-to-back into a uranage for a near fall. Riley returns to the arm bar and cross face. Kaval with kicks to Riley and Kaval with a sunset flip into a double stomp. Kaval with more kicks but Riley with a punch. Kaval with running elbows to the head followed by a back kick and another kick to the head. Riley sends Kaval to the apron and Kaval with a Dragon Sleeper in the ropes. Kaval with a springboard kick to the head and he gets a near fall. Kaval winds up for a round kick into the chest. Riley with a kick to Kaval but Kaval with a Liger kick. Kaval goes up top for the Warrior’s Way but Riley moves out of the way. Riley with a TKO for the three count.

Winner: Alex Riley

Matt Striker wants to know how Riley is still standing. He mentions that the Miz was not here tonight. Riley mentions that the Miz had a big night last night after winning the United States Title. Riley says that he turned down the opportunity to party with Miz in Los Angeles but he said that he could do it all by himself.

Matt asks Michelle and Layla about the match. Layla and Michelle applauds Kaval’s performance and even though they aren’t used to seeing someone lose, Kaval will be flawless.

Striker asks John Morrison for his thoughts. Morrison says that Miz isn’t partying, he is at a lipo consult. He says that Riley was competent. He was impressed by Kaval’s kicks and made a good impression.

Zack Ryder is the next to comment. He says that he didn’t care about the wrestlers, but he was impressed by the new ring announcer.

Matt asks Josh and Michael. Cole says that they liked Ryder’s comments and then they talked about the performances in the ring.

It is time for an Eli Cottonwood video. Eli says that he is seven foot one inch. He grew up on a farm and is the product of a military family. He did not see his father that much. He had few friends and learned to do things on his own. He was a professional basketball player, but it wasn’t physical enough for him. He says that he has a dominating style in the ring. He is afraid of what he might do next. It is time to show the world who the real Eli Cottonwood is. His goal is to inflict pain and carnage on everyone in his path.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at last night’s Raw. We have the footage.

Cole talks about how Bret Hart was shaken up and he suffered physical and emotional trauma. We do not know if Bret Hart will give Barrett an answer.

It is time to run through the card for the Fatal Four Way title matches and the fact that there is only a twenty five percent chance of retaining the title.

We go to footage from earlier tonight between Zack Ryder and Titus O’Neil. We go to G-TV in the locker room. Zack says that they each have tempers but things are okay. Ryder tells O’Neil that he needs to respect everybody. They sit down and talk about their Tweets.

It is time for a video package about Husky Harris. He talks about wanting to be a WWE wrestler but everyone was laughing at him. He says that he is a third generation superstar. His grandfather is Blackjack Mulligan and his father is Mike Rotundo. He talks about getting out of the small town shadow. He talks about his football and wrestling careers. He says that he went to Troy University. He calls his style unorthodox. He says that he has an advantage over everyone on NXT. He says that he is the wild card.

Match Number Two: Michael McGillicutty and Kofi Kingston versus Lucky Cannon and Mark Henry

Kofi and Henry start things off and Henry says that he wants to face McGillicutty. They lock up and Henry pushes Michael to the mat. Michael with a side head lock but Henry with a shoulder tackle and then he presses Michael over his head and drops him to the mat. Cannon tags in and he slams Michael and gets a near fall. Cannon with a side head lock but Michael with a hip toss and arm drags into an arm bar. Kofi tags in and hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles and he works on the arm. Cannon with a reversal but Kofi with a leg sweep and splash for a near fall. Michael tags back in and punches Cannon. Michael with a running back elbow for a near fall and he returns to the arm bar. Michael with a kick and vintage Hennig drop kick. Kofi and Michael with a double drop kick to send Henry to the floor as we go to commercial.

We are back and Michael with a side head lock and take down into an arm bar. Michael pulls Lucky back to the mat and he returns to the arm bar. Cannon with a kick and a near fall. Cannon with a side head lock take down. Henry tags back in and he punches Michael in the ribs and follows it with a head butt and Irish whip. Henry misses a splash into the corner and Michael punches Henry. Henry with a forearm and front face lock. Lucky tags back in and punches Michael and hits a side head lock take down into a side head lock. Michael with punches and forearms to get out of the hold. Cannon with a shoulder tackle and a near fall. Cannon with another shoulder tackle and another near fall. Cannon with a third shoulder tackle and another near fall. Cannon with a side head lock take down. Cannon with a shoulder in the corner. Cannon misses a cross body and Michael hits a snap swinging neck breaker for the three count.

Winners: Michael McGillicutty and Kofi Kingston

After the match Matt asks Kofi about Michael’s performance. Kofi says that he did good for himself. He has gotten to know Michael and he is on a mission. He says that Michael took a step in the right direction.

Mark says that Lucky has a lot of potential. He has a ways to go, but he thinks Lucky will get there.

Cody is asked about the rookies and Cody tells Lucky that he has a real dumb look on his face. He reminds Lucky that he lost but shook the hand of the people who beat him. The winners make more money than the loser. He calls Lucky a loser. He talks about how Lucky played in the CFL and Arena Football League. He says that Lucky is all style and no substance.

Mark says that Cody sounds like he is a lot better than Lucky. Mark tells Cody to put his money where his mouth is and if he thinks he can beat Lucky, why not face him one on one.

Matt runs up the ramp to ask Cody if he will accept the challenge. Cody tells Lucky that if he was aptly named, he would be lucky to last five minutes. Cody accepts the challenge and he wants a week to get ready. Matt asks Cody what he can expect next week from Cody. Cody punches Striker and Matt falls to the floor.

The other pros check on Striker as we go to credits.

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