WWE NXT Results – March 9th

WWE NXT Report – March 9th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We start off with a look back at last week’s episode of NXT including the tension between David Otunga and R Truth.

We are live from Seattle, Washington and your announcers are Michael ‘Supersonics’ Cole and Josh ‘Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs’ Mathews with your host Matt ‘Frasier Crane wasn’t verbose enough’ Striker.

Matt Striker reminds us of the concept for NXT and the rules.

We see footage from the non title match last night on Raw featuring R Truth and The Miz.

Match Number One: R Truth and David Otunga versus The Miz and Daniel Bryan

Before the match starts, The Miz has a pep talk for his rookie. He tells Bryan that he is 0 and two and hasn’t proven himself to anyone, especially the pros. Miz points out that he was jumped on Monday so this match is important. He tells Bryan that if he is pinned tonight, that he will make sure that Daniel never achieves his goal of becoming a WWE Superstar and he will have him thrown off NXT.

Bryan and Truth start things off and Bryan offers his hand but Truth dances instead. They lock up and Bryan works on the arm but Truth with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Truth blocks a hip toss and hits a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Otunga tags in and they hit a double shoulder tackle and Otunga gets a near fall. Otunga works on the arm and then he tags Truth back into the match. Truth with a kick to the arm but Bryan with European uppercuts. Truth with a clothesline and then he clotheslines Bryan over the top rope to the floor. Miz misses and he goes to the floor. Otunga sends Truth over the top rope for a plancha and we go to commercial.

We are back and Bryan has Truth in a Dragon sleeper. We see footage from the commercial break when Miz berated Bryan and then Miz kicked the ropes and Truth hit the mat hard. Back to live action and Bryan with a rear chin lock. Truth with elbows and a punch but Bryan with a knee to the midsection. Miz yells at Bryan and tags in. Miz with a front face lock. Miz turns it into a cravate and then he keeps Truth from making the tag. Truth with a sunset flip for a near fall and then Miz hits a clothesline and he punches Truth. Miz chokes Truth in the ropes but then he misses a splash in the ropes and Truth tries to make the tag. Miz keeps Truth from making the tag and then Truth kicks Miz away and Otunga tags in and hits clothesline and a back elbow. Otunga with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot. Otunga with a power slam and Bryan makes the save. Miz hot shots Otunga and Bryan makes the tag and hits a missile drop kick and then he kicks Otunga in the chest. Otunga tries for a spinebuster or something else but Bryan with a heel hook and Otunga tries to escape the hold but Miz makes the tag. Miz yells at Bryan and slaps him. Bryan and Miz push each other and Truth interferes and hits Miz with a leg lariat and Otunga with a spinebuster for the three count.
Winners: David Otunga and R Truth

Bryan leaves the ring without his mentor.

Miz yells at Bryan and tells him that he makes him a star. Miz continues to yell at Bryan and Bryan wants a piece of Miz.

We go to comments from Heath Slater and he says that you have to be ready for anything and he was caught by surprise last week when Carlito spit his apple in his face. We see the footage and Slater’s comments. Slater says that isn’t cool and if he had an apple, he would have thrown it at his face instead of taking a bite and spitting it in his face. Slater says that Carlito better watch out.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Matt Striker wants to know if Miz let Daniel Bryan down by losing after his ultimatum. Miz says that he is the Unified Tag Champion and United States Champion. Bryan says that every tag team partner that Miz had carried him. Miz tells Bryan that he is the pro and the talent of every team he is in. Bryan wants to know if Miz is so talented, why did he lose.

Cole and Josh talk about the situation between Miz and Bryan. Now it is time for a video package on Justin Gabriel.

Justin says that people call him the poster boy and he wonders why. He says that his father was a wrestler in Africa. He mentions that he played rugby. He says that he has a hybrid style that is a mix of the British and Japanese style. He says that he doesn’t see himself failing. He says that it is an inspiration to be the first South African in this spot.

Matt Hardy and Justin Gabriel are in the locker room. Matt points out that Justin is the first rookie of NXT to beat a pro. Justin asks Matt if he would have done anything differently.

Chris Jericho and Wade Barrett enter and Jericho says that Justin did good last week, but not good enough because Wade will beat him. Jericho reminds Gabriel that he is the best in the world and to put two and two together.

Wade points out that last week he beat Daniel Bryan last week in under three minutes and Bryan is the fan favorite.

Matt tells Chris that his guy is going to beat Chris’ guy. We have an awkward stare down.

Match Number Two: Heath Slater with Christian versus Carlito with Michael Tarver

Before the match, Carlito tells Heath that he heard what Heath said about last week. Carlito says that Heath should be honored about what happened last week and he says that Heath should be begging him to spit in his face again.

Carlito bites his apple and then he stands in Slater’s face but Slater ducks the spit and then he punches Carlito. Carlito with a back elbow and the referee holds him off. We go to commercial.

We are back and Carlito with an arm bar. We see the footage from before the commercial. Slater backs Carlito into the corner and then Carlito kicks Slater after a break. Carlito slaps Slater and then Carlito charges at Slater and he sends Carlito over the top rope to the floor. Carlito returns to the ring and he punches Slater in the corner. Carlito with an Irish whip but Slater moves when Carlito charges into the corner. Slater with punches and a kick but Carlito with a boot to the head for a near fall. Carlito with a rear chin lock and a forearm to the back. Carlito throws Slater over the top rope but Slater lands on the apron. Slater with a shoulder and he tries for a sunset flip but Carlito holds on to the ropes. Carlito has some words for Christian before returning to Slater and he stretches Slater and works on his back. Carlito with a knee and shoulders in the corner. Christian provides some advice to Slater and Slater moves when Carlito charges into the corner. Slater with a clothesline and back elbow followed by a flapjack for a near fall. Carlito with a sit out spinebuster. Carlito looks for his apple and Christian takes it and tosses it to Tarver. Carlito sets for the lungblower but Slater with a jackknife cover for a two count. Carlito with a rollup but Slater rolls through and gets the three count.
Winner: Heath Slater

After the match, Christian and Slater celebrate in the ring.

It is time for a Darren Young video package. He says that this is his dream, chance, and destiny. He says that he was ecstatic to be a part of NXT. He says that he has worked so hard to get where he is and now he needs to capitalize on it. He says that he has an open attitude when he comes to the ring. He says that he is here to entertain. He talks about growing up and being a fan of Ricky Steamboat and Shawn Michaels. Darren says that nobody is going to stop him from achieving his dream.

We go to CM Punk with Serena and Luke Gallows. Punk wonders if their involvement has led to Darren’s win last week. Darren says that he understands Punk’s lifestyle but he wants to be able to live his own life. Punk has Serena and Luke tell Darren who the pro and rookie are. Darren says that you can follow Straight Edge and succeed or try to do it your own way. Punk leaves with Serena and Luke as Darren stands in the back and we go to commercial.

We are back with the Raw Rebound.

Match Number Three; Wade Barrett with Chris Jericho versus Justin Gabriel with Matt Hardy

Barrett with a kick and punch but Gabriel lands on his feet on a hip toss and gets a leg sweep. Barrett catches Gabriel off the turnbuckles and then connects with shoulders to the back and punches him. Barrett stretches Gabriel in the ropes. Barrett goes to the apron and drops Gabriel on the top rope and gets a near fall. Barrett with a seated abdominal stretch. Gabriel kicks Barrett in the head and then Gabriel with a spin kick and a discus punch. Barrett catches Gabriel but Gabriel with a sunset flip for a near fall. Barrett with a slingshot back breaker for a near fall. Barrett with slams to Gabriel as he continues to work on Gabriel’s back. Barrett puts Gabriel on the top turnbuckle but Gabriel with forearms that knock Barrett to the mat. Gabriel hits the 450 Splash for the three count.
Winner: Justin Gabriel

After the match, Jericho throws Hardy out of the ring and then he hits a Codebreaker on Gabriel. Jericho tells Barrett to come into the ring and Jericho puts Gabriel in the Walls of Jericho and Gabriel taps despite it not being a match.

We go to credits.

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