WWE NXT Results – May 4th

WWE NXT Report – May 4th, 2010
Report by Richard Trionfo, PWInsider



We are live on tape from Charleston, South Carolina and your announcers are Michael ‘RIP Ernie Harwell’ Cole and Josh ‘Carrying the Load’ Mathews; and your host is Matt ‘the Hawk Harrelson of WWE’ Striker

Matt Striker is at ringside with the eight rookies. Matt says that this is it as he mentions that the rookies have been trying to impress the WWE mentors, the locker room, and the WWE Universe. Next week, we will have our next Pro’s Poll and one rookie will be eliminated. Matt reminds us that David Otunga won last week’s challenge and he will be facing R Truth as a result. Tonight’s challenge will show how they can overcome obstacles and we have an obstacle course challenge. Matt goes through the course and then says that the winner gets an immunity pass. Matt mentions that if the person with immunity finishes eighth, they are safe and the person in seventh gets eliminated.

Daniel Bryan gets to go first in the obstacle course challenge. Bryan shows the effects of the Batista Bombs from last night. Bryan finishes the course in 2:45.5.

The Miz comes out to talk to Bryan about his performance. Miz asks if Bryan is kidding him because anyone in the crowd could have done better than Bryan. Miz tells Bryan not to use his match with Batista as an excuse. You don’t use injuries as an excuse. Miz says that Daniel Bryan will put his winless record against Michael Tarver’s winless record. Miz tells Bryan that if he can’t beat Tarver, he should be eliminated. Miz tells Bryan to get to the ring for his match.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Batista’s victory over Daniel Bryan and subsequent destruction at the hands of Batista.

Match Number One: Daniel Bryan with Miz versus Michael Tarver with Carlito in a Battle of the Winless

Bryan with a waist lock but Tarver backs Bryan into the turnbuckles and Tarver with an elbow and forearm. Tarver with a kick to the ribs followed by a front face lock and forearms to the back. Bryan sets for a Mexican surfboard but he drives Tarver’s knees into the mat. Tarver sends Bryan into the turnbuckles followed by a hard Irish whip. Tarver with another Irish whip but Tarver runs into a boot and Bryan with a Yakuza kick. Tarver with a kick to the midsection followed by an elbow to the back and a slam for a near fall. Tarver with a rear chin lock as we go to commercial.

We are back and Tarver with a side suplex for a near fall. Bryan with kicks to the back followed by kicks to the chest. Bryan grazes Tarver with a kick to the head followed by a running forearm and suplex for a near fall. Bryan with an arm bar submission but Tarver picks Bryan up and slams him to the mat. Tarver with a power slam for the three count.

Winner: Michael Tarver

After the match, Tarver picks up Bryan and Carlito hits a lungblower.

It is time for a look at Darren Young’s performance from last week when he said that he wanted to wrestle CM Punk if he won the challenge.

We go to the locker room where Young is with the Straight Edge Society. Punk wants to know what Young is sick of. Is he sick of sitting under the learning tree of CM Punk. Young says that he is trying to make an impact and a statement. Punk tells Young that he is not going to make a statement using him. Punk tells Young that he should win the obstacle course challenge or Punk will make the decision for Young.

It is time for Heath Slater to try the Obstacle Course and his time is 1:36.9 and he takes the lead.

Darren Young is next and his time is 2:07.8.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Justin Gabriel on the Obstacle Course and his time is 1:29.0 to take the lead.

It is time for David Otunga to go on the Obstacle Course and his time is 1:35.0.

Now it is time for Otunga to have his match with R Truth.

Match Number Two: David Otunga versus R Truth

Truth shimmies before they lock up and then Truth slaps his rookie. Truth tells Otunga to pay attention. They lock up and Otunga backs Truth into the corner but Truth with a waist lock and a clean break. Otunga with a kick to the midsection and then he sends Truth shoulder first into the post and Otunga with a flying shoulder tackle for a near fall. Otunga with a knee to the midsection as we go to commercial.

We are back and Otunga with a kick to the midsection and he gets a near fall. Otunga slaps Truth but Truth with a punch of his own. Otunga with a knee to the midsection and an abdominal stretch but Truth reverses and then he kicks Otunga in the midsection. Truth floats over and does a split followed by a vintage leg lariat. Truth with the Lie Detector for the three count.

Winner: R Truth

After the match, Truth dances in the ring while Otunga watches at ringside.

It is time for Wade Barrett to try his luck on the Obstacle Course and he has some whoopsies on the monkey bars and he goes to the back and is disqualified.

Skip Sheffield is next on the Obstacle Course and his time is 1:31.2.

Striker congratulates Skip Sheffield for some reason, maybe for falling 2.2 seconds short.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time for Michael Tarver to try the Obstacle Course and he is about to have a reversal of fortune so he is disqualified.

The winner of the Obstacle Course is Justin Gabriel and he has immunity.

Justin says that he is pretty stoked. He says that he is glad that David Otunga didn’t win because he is getting on his nerves. Gabriel tells Otunga that his ego outweighs his talent.

Otunga is asked why he shouldn’t be eliminated. Otunga says that he checked with Nielson and says that the ratings go up when his face is on the screen. Otunga calls it a joke that he had to do the obstacle course then have to wrestle a match.

Striker asks Tarver who should be eliminated and he says that he should be eliminated. Tarver says that if he isn’t here then each of the walking dead bodies are safe. Tarver says that he had to beat an injured and overrated Daniel Bryan tonight. Tarver says that he is the most dangerous rookies in NXT.

Striker asks Skip who should go home. Skip says that he is the biggest thing in NXT and he gives his all for the fans. He will do what it takes to be here. Skip says that Tarver should be eliminated.

Tarver asks Skip who has he beaten and they argue.

Striker asks Heath who should be eliminated. Heath says that he is going nowhere and he thinks that Tarver will be gone next week.

Otunga and Gabriel are face to face and Otunga says that he told Justin what would happen if they meet in the ring.

Striker asks Barrett who should be eliminated. Wade says that it won’t be him because he is the only man in the competition, but he says that Tarver should be eliminated.

Daniel Bryan is asked who should be sent home and he says that he is the only guy who hasn’t won a match so he should be eliminated.

Striker goes to Darren Young and Young says that if there is a difference between every rookie and himself is that he wants it more than them and he goes down the line. Barrett pie faces Young and Young takes Barrett into the ringside barrier and Barrett puts Young in a guillotine choke. Young gets out of the hold and they exchange punches.

We go to credits.

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