WWE NXT results September 23, 2020: Gauntlet Eliminator

Welcome to wrestling-edge.com for Wednesday night WWE NXT Results! Tonight’s main features are a Battle Royal to challenge for the Women’s Championship and the first ever Gauntlet Eliminator.



Battle Royal for NXT Women’s Championship Number One Contendership

Prior to the match they show Candice LeRae attacking Tegan Nox backstage. Robert Stone is on the outside while only Candice LeRae and Rhea Ripley get an entrance. Raquel Gonzales and Ripley seem to be the dominant eliminators in this match, with a great spot of Raquel eliminating one of the women with one arm as she was trying to armbar the giant.

Kacy Catanzaro also prevents her own elimination by handstand walking back to the ring and hooking her feet on the bottom rope. Catanzaro also later prevents her own eliminatio using the guard rail and plexiglass to keep her feet off the ground. Kayden Carter helps out Catanzaro with giving her a boost back to the ring after her own elimination.

Rhea Ripley and Raquel Gonzalez both end up eliminated by pulling each other over the top rope. The Final Four are Shotzi Blackheart, Candice LeRae, Kacy Catanzaro, and Dakota Kai. Catanzaro is then eliminated by Dakota Kai via boot, and Shotzi dumps Dakota Kai over the Top Rope. Candice is able to prevent her own elimination while Shotzi puts up a valiant effort. Shotzi and Candice fight on the apron of the ring in a corner, with Candice saving herself on the steps and monkey flipping Shotzi to the ramp. Candice will face Io at Takeover, and Johnny Gargano comes out to celebrate with her.

We also find out that Gargano will face Damien Priest for the North American Title at Takeover, so there is a chance at both members of the couple wearing singles gold.

Sherlock Fandango

Fandango comes up with a way of determining who challenges for the NXT Tag Team Championships, which he tries to explain to Regal, but luckily Danny Burch is there to translate to Queen’s English.

Tommaso Ciampa vs Jake Atlas

Jake Atlas is on the early offense here, showing ruthless aggression against Ciampa. The ref prevents him from giving Ciampa a slingshot under the ring, saying it’ll be a DQ and Ciampa uses this chance to gain his bearings. The advantage is short lived as Atlas keeps his attack going on Ciampa. Ciampa interrupts the Carthweel DDT and gives a Draping DDT to Jake Atlas. He stops the pin at one and taunts Atlas to continue fighting, and delivers a Fairytale Ending for the win.

Roderick Strong/Danny Burch vs Fabian Aichner/Raul Mendoza

Winners of this match face each other in order to challenge for the tag titles. Very hard hitting match which is to be expected considering the competitors in this match.

Every member of this match is fighting as hard as they can to win, not pulling any punches Danny Burch ends up getting the pin and win so he and Lorcan will face Undisputed Era for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

Austin Theory vs Damian Priest

Priest uses his size advantage to maintain control over Theory, with not a lot of openings available to the challenger until a springboard allows him to push Priest over the top rope.

Austin Theory shows incredible strength in his attacks on Priest, manipulating him with ease. When theory taunts Priest on the outside the North American Champion is able to recover and get him back into the ring to deliver The Reckoning for the win.

As Priest celebrates Johnny Gargano attacks with a superkick and steals Damien Priest’s taunt.

A New Challenger

We get a mystery promo which seems to be some creatively directed Security Footage showing the NXT Championship being stolen. It appears that whoever it is will debut or re-debut at Takeover  and may be a previously known talent.


Ridge Holland vs

A squash match of pure power that shows what Ridge Holland has to offer. Quite the beautifull brawly boy who gets the win quick. Look forward to more of him on future shows.

Gauntlet Eliminator

KUSHIDA and Kyle O’Reilly start the match, every for minutes one of the other three competitors will enter, and eliminations are pinfall or submission. Kushida and KOR both use their grappling skill to try to grab a hold on their other competitor.

The next competitor at the four minute mark is Bronson Reed, able to easily throw around both KUSHIDA and O’Reilly due to his size difference. It’s an heavy battle but Velveteen Dream runs in and delivers a Dream Valley Driver to KUSHIDA in revenge for his attack last week. The Ref is distracted during this time as is Bronson Reed, but Reed hits a splash on the grounded KUSHIDA eliminating him.


Timothy Thatcher is the fourth man in the competition, coming out 10 seconds after KUSHIDA’s elimination. When we come back from break Cameron Grimes is the final entrant. There’s a lot of heavy hits to go all around, though Tim Thatcher and Bronson Reed seem to be the most dominant.

O’Reilly surprisingly eliminates Bronson Reed when he misses a Tsunami on Thatcher and KOR delivers a flying knee to Reed’s back. The majority of the fighting going forward is Thatcher vs O’Reilly as Grimes chooses his spots more carefully or otherwise stays out of the ring.

As soon as Kyle O’Reilly eliminates Thatcher, Grimes charges into the ring and hits the double foot stomp on Kyle O’Reilly but O’Reilly is able to get his foot on the rope. Grimes attempts to taunt O’Reilly but only succeeds in firing him up. This is actually the first competitor vs the last competitor, with an exhausted O’Reilly able to hold his own against a fresh grimes. Kyle O’Reilly grabs a surprise knee bar and wins the match, punching his ticket to Takeover!

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