WWE NXT Star Helps Woman In Overturned SUV

– WWE NXT star Solomon Crowe helped a woman who was just involved in a car accident in Orlando on Monday, not far from the WWE Performance Center. Crowe, who had stopped at a nearby store after training at the Performance Center, heard a crash and rushed to the scene with another person who saw the accident. The two helped remove the woman from her overturned SUV, which had jumped a curb and hit a tree before flipping.



Crowe and the other person had to pry open the door because the airbags had deployed and they couldn’t see in the SUV. They sat with the woman until paramedics and police arrived.

Crowe told WWE.com:

“I didn’t even think When I saw it, I was wearing sandals, and I just took off in a full sprint toward the car. I knew especially if a car’s upside down like that, it can catch fire very easily, and whoever was in it, we wanted to get them out. I would hope someone would do the same for me. That’s how I think about it.”

Crowe also tweeted:

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