WWE Officially Remove Jey Uso From Roster

WWE have removed Jey Uso from their roster after he ‘quit’ on SmackDown.



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The simmering animosity between Karrion Kross and AJ Styles has ignited into a full-blown rivalry that has captured the attention of WWE fans worldwide. This intense feud was sparked when Kross, a formidable force with a penchant for chaos, set his sights on the accomplished AJ Styles, targeting him with a relentless ferocity in the lead-up to WWE Night of Champions. The tension escalated with each passing week, culminating in a showdown that saw Styles emerge victorious, albeit narrowly, in their first encounter.

As the weeks unfolded, the conflict took unexpected twists and turns, revealing the multifaceted nature of this feud. A dynamic shift occurred when a mixed tag team match was orchestrated, pitting Karrion Kross and his enigmatic partner Scarlett against AJ Styles and a partner of his own. The tumultuous clash saw Kross and Scarlett clinch a hard-fought victory, further fanning the flames of their bitter rivalry. However, Kross was not content with mere in-ring warfare; he sought to delve deeper into the personal realm by blindsiding Karl Anderson in a brutal attack, laying the groundwork for a showdown that promised no quarter given.

The stage was set for a high-stakes encounter, and the tension in the air was palpable as Karrion Kross and AJ Styles locked horns once again. From the outset, Kross asserted his dominance, dictating the pace of the match with an unrelenting offensive onslaught. His calculated aggression seemed poised to secure him another triumph, but the tenacious Styles demonstrated the heart of a warrior, mounting a remarkable comeback in the face of adversity.

In a pivotal moment that showcased both the athleticism and the inherent risks of professional wrestling, Styles launched into his signature moonsault/reverse DDT combination, a maneuver that has left countless opponents in the dust. However, fate dealt an unexpected hand, as Styles grappled with a rare misstep, failing to land the move with his characteristic precision. Undeterred, he swiftly adapted, shifting his focus to executing the reverse DDT, only to find himself thwarted by Kross’s sheer strength, leading to an awkward and unexpected tumble that left both competitors momentarily reeling.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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