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WWE Officials high on Carmella, huge feud planned for her after Backlash?

  • MrDr3w

    “Naomi is a naturally-gifted athlete”… Oh my, I hope to God that I’m wrong about what I think you’re saying…

    Natalya is a naturally-gifted athlete. Charlotte is a naturally-gifted athlete. Carmella is a naturally-gifted athlete. All of them had parents who wrestled. Why are you specifically using Naomi as an example? Did her parents do something in sports that I’m not aware of?

    Naomi started dancing at the age of 8, and competed in multiple dance competitions, until she was 18, and became a dancer for the Orlando Magic.

    Who else was a dancer/model before becoming a professional wrestler? Let’s see… Trish? Stacy? Torrie? Kelly Kelly? The Bellas? Carmella? Alexa Bliss? You’re right, she’s not the same as any of them… 😉

  • Maurice

    Nayomi is not the same as any of the other people that were dancers or models before they became wrestlers she is a naturally gifted athlete and she’s doing what she was meant to do not saying that Carmela isn’t good for only wrestling for a few years saying that she is not ready to be put in the top spot yet and Alexa is definitely better than Carmella but even she shouldn’t be a 3 time women’s champ yet

  • MrDr3w

    Maybe she could teach ring psychology, but Natalya teaching the girls how to wrestle? That’s funny. Natalya is the equivalent of a drunken bullfrog in 90% of her outings. I get that she’s been with the company for a billion years, and Bret Hart, and Total Divas, and blah blah blah, but she just simply cannot work a match anymore.

    As far as Carmella’s in-ring ability goes, she wasn’t brought in as a wrestler. She was primarily a manager in NXT, and a jobber whenever she did wrestle. Natalya came in with wrestling experience. Tamina came in with wrestling experience. Becky came in with wrestling experience. Charlotte came in with wrestling experience. Nikki and Naomi are the only ones on SDL who didn’t have any prior wrestling experience, but they were also signed years before Carmella.

    Question: What was the current SDL champ doing four years into her wrestling career? Answer: She was dancing behind Brodus Clay and Tensai.

  • Maurice

    Yea I completely disagree Carmela is far better than Eva Marie but nowhere near better than anyone on the Smackdown roster and I don’t really feel her charisma she has like a wannabe Hood gimmick that doesn’t require her to be very charismatic at all Natalya could never suck she’s too good for that Hell she’s one of the girls thats teaching the other girls to wrestle she just goes along with what she is given in the company and I can’t really form an opinion on tamina now because she has barely been used in her time in the wwe

  • MrDr3w

    And to think, she’s been wrestling for a WHOPPING four years!!!!!! The fact that she isn’t better is just disgraceful, right? Girls who are signed to WWE after having careers in dancing and modeling (and brought in as a manager, no less) really should be held to better standards. Whereas, girls like Natalya and Tamina, who actually grew up in the business and have been following their dream of being a professional wrestler all their lives, are complete garbage in the ring.

    Carmella is one of the best of the female superstars on the mic, and she has charisma and personality through the roof. Alexa was getting heat from higher-ups not too long ago about her in-ring work, and look where she is now.

  • blkwolf13

    Ooooooo Carmella what to do wit her. . Sucha cutie but not really showcasing awesome talent yet. She seems to wine a lot. Princesses is what wwe is into and theyre having a hard time dropping that go to habit

  • Maurice

    Carmella is ok but she is the weakest performer out of the women on SmackDown I don’t understand y when it comes to the women they always pick the weakest in-ring performer to push on smackdown if things didn’t go wrong with them for Eva Marie she would probably be a five-time Women’s Champion by now

  • Kristopher Robinson


  • MrDr3w

    Please drop Ellsworth and either do something meaningful with him, or just fire him. That promo on Tuesday was just cringeworthy…

  • oppa

    Sounds like their holding off on Charlotte vs Naomi until Mania and we’ll get Charlotte vs Nattie at SummerSlam.