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WWE open to a CM Punk return?

Cm Punk

  • blkwolf13

    How many times has Meltzer’s opinion been on the money. . I knew Goldberg was on his way a year b4 he announced it bcus meltzer said backstage they talking about him. And I knew Kurt Angle was in talks for a return omg a looooooong time ago and then look;he starts meeting with HHH. STOP HURTING URSELF AND JUST READ OR NOT READ

  • blkwolf13

    Well thats what im saying. . Think about CM Punk’s personality. His brand has grown outside of WWE and he is now almost at Legend status. I don’t think he would rejoin WWE unless he was treated like Brock Lesnar. Think about all of his complaints and why he left. It was about schedule, and then running him too hard and too much. Hell he’s still in lawsuit battle with the doctor over that. It wasn’t just a gimmick, in real life people leaves he is the best in the world. I believe he would only return if they treated him like that. He might choose to work a little more than Lesnar but he’s going to want them to give him the freedom

  • jedi

    I dont think they would treat him luke brock but i could b wrong

  • blkwolf13

    Nah. Doubt it. Punk would have a contract, similar to the way Brock Lesnar ensures he is dominant and a prized fighter

  • D2K

    It isn’t any colder in Chicago in April than in New York. They have already had one at MetLife Stadium. They could easily have Wrestlemania in Solider Field. They aren’t going to, but there is no limitation that prevents it.

    The most likely place in the Midwest to get a Wrestlemania would probably be US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis. If not there, then perhaps Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

    I personally would love to see a Wrestlemania at Miller Park in Milwaukee, but I would also like to hit the PowerBall as well. That ain’t happening. A Survivor Series or Royal Rumble perhaps.

  • zim

    the only venue big enough in Chicago to hold a WrestleMania as they are now is Soldier Field. and in April its still like 25 degrees out. Unless the Bears build a new dome stadium or WWE suddenly decides they dont want WM to be huge anymore it will never happen again. Allstate holds like 20k and United Center holds like 23k.


    The answer is YES, of course they are. No need for Dave Meltzer to analyze it.

  • jedi

    Cause he won’t go back, he knows

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I doubt that. If by some miracle that he actually agreeed to return, Punk would only agree to being in charge of himself. AND I’m sure he’d only agreed to be able to walk if he wanted to or wasn’t agreeing agreeing was we going on. No way Punk would let them bury him.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Doubt it. Punk wouldn’t let that happen.

  • jedi

    They want him back for the simple reason to embarrass & bury him!

  • jedi

    Would never win a match!

  • D2K

    The point is that none what he said is NEWS.

    By definition ‘news’ is information about current events. Usually (but not exclusively) information previously not known. Dave Meltzer’s opinions are not “current events” and nothing he said in this case was information we don’t know and haven’t known for several years now. There is an “opinions” section to this site. I suggest you forward such efforts there in the future.

  • oppa

    The ratings suck, they can’t stop CM Punk chants, Roman’s merch sales have been said to be noticeably lower and at some point, WrestleMania will have to be in Chicago and need a headliner. If Vince is in charge, Punk will be back. If it’s up to HHH and Steph, no chance.

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    i understand that and that’s why i said they are open to his return and not “want him”. Dave is saying it on some basis atleast, and that too in the newsletter, it’s not a random interview where you shoot stuff, this is something you get the chance to edit and if he still kept the line in it, so i think he is speaking about the backstage feeling and not just giving his own thought

  • Will Henderson

    Dave Meltzer’s opinions should be taken as opinions, not news, why do you news sites always turn a Meltzer opinion/speculation into news every day,

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    While the matches like Punk vs Owens, Joe, Styles and so on WOULD be awesome, im not buying it. Besides knowing how petty Vince can be, he’d probably bury him every opportunity he got