WWE open to a CM Punk return?

The terms on which CM Punk left WWE and the fact that the company keeps taking shots on him whenever possible, makes it hard to believe that Officials would ever want the former World Champion to return.



However, it’s a well-documented fact that WWE has patched things up with stars who left the company in odd conditions sooner or later such as Bret Hart or Stone Cold Steve Austin and if we believe to Dave Meltzer WWE wants Punk back too.

In the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer gave his thoughts on Mauro Ranallo’s WWE return and talked about how some people leave the company on horrible terms but return eventually.

Continuing on the topic, the Wrestling Journalist stated that no matter what has been said, WWE wants CM Punk back:

“That’s why, no matter what is said, WWE wants C.M. Punk back and even though Punk was adamant about never doing it, history tells you time heals a lot of wounds.”

While this is an interesting claim from Meltzer, we can say that the situation is still tensed between the two parties and until they find a solution of the legal battle Punk is involved in with the WWE doctor Chris Amann, the chances of his return are pretty thin.

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