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WWE planning a Wyatt Family reunion?

The Wyatt Family

We noted before how Bray Wyatt returned to Twitter recently and started teasing a faction and latest reports make it seem like there may be more to this story.

According to the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE Officials have been discussing plans for Wyatt’s comeback recently and one of the pitches that was made was about a Wyatt Family reunion.

No word yet on if this pitch got through and if the company is moving forward with this plan, but with Wyatt’s tease it appears he will atleast not return to WWE programming alone.

Though a Wyatt Family reunion won’t be so easy as Braun Strowman has gone on to become a big star since he parted ways with Bray and putting him in a stable won’t be the best idea.

On the other hand, Erick Rowan is out with an injury so he can’t be a part of this reunion and with Luke Harper being a SmackDown Star, WWE will need some serious planning for this reunion to take place.

  • Whistling Joe

    Please no. I’d rather see Bray lead Sanity. We don’t need to see Bray, Rowan, and Harper for the millionth time where Bray doesn’t win the title and Rowan and Harper don’t win the tag titles.

  • EVH

    Not repackaged, just reinvented. Take a page out of the Undertaker’s career.

    The Wyatt Family needs to be a “revolving door” of members. Bray should be feared not only by the opponent but by his own followers and he shouldnt be hesitant in kicking out members that arent working out.

  • Soulshroude

    The reunion would be stupid, it was done with the SHIELD with moderate praise. Wyatt should add onto the Family with the recently rumored SANITY partnership. Thereby, reuniting himself with “long lost kin”.

    If that doesn’t work, then Wyatt needs to be repackaged, indefinitely.

  • CC

    This is ridiculous if true. The first time they split them up, they tried to launch Rowan, Harper and Wyatt as singles stars and it did not work, so they put them back together again.
    Then they split them again, tried to make them all singles stars and that failed again, with Rowan and Harper brought back together and then Bray teamed up with Matt Hardy.

    The Bludgeon Brothers seemed like they were onto something, but even when they held the tag belts, they were rarely even seen on tv, then Rowan got injured yet again.

    Bray has what it takes to be a singles star, but his gimmick needs a bit of a refresh as too much damage has been done to his character to make him truly scary anymore.