WWE Planning Their Own Cable Network, John Cena Talks Benoit & WWE, More

– The Los Angeles Times notes today that WWE is looking into launching their own cable network in the next two years.



The Times also has a quote from WWE Diva Maria about the Divas not having lingerie matches anymore. Maria said, “The guys miss it, but that’s how it goes,” and claimed that “some of the girls to get reprimanded for “showing too much cleavage,” something that would’ve never happened a few years ago”.

Several other WWE Superstars and Vince McMahon also gave comments for the article. They note that around 7,000 fans turned out for the SummerSlam AXXESS events in Los Angeles this weekend.

John Cena said that the Chris Benoit incident “has a lot to do with how WWE operates now” and defended WWE, saying they are less-Jerry Springer these days.

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