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WWE plans on turning Kevin Owens into a babyface similar to Steve Austin

  • Darrin Tyler

    lol um okay

  • Rob ‘Richard Hammond’ Picken

    Freakin stupid idea…

    Owens is much better off as a heel

  • EVH

    “Nobody cared who i was until I put on the mask”

  • Rinn13

    You can’t just “create” a Steve Austin or a Rock or a Taker or a Mankind or a Bret Hart. Those guys happened because they came from an era where they developed naturally. Especially in Austin and Rock’s case, the versions of themselves that people remember most, came from doing their own thing, and fans reacting to it, and then adjusting accordingly. There will never be “another” any of these guys.

    And Kevin Steen certainly ain’t it.

  • Soulshroude

    Giving him the stunner to work with doesn’t make him “stone cold”. It makes him give homage. If you want him like Steve, create a finisher for him and have him ACT like Steve. Have Steve give him advise, but don’t take over his character in a copycat style. Keep it FRESH.

  • rob

    how about doing something original for a change and stop living of the past? WWE should just stop ripping of from stone cold steve austin to try to get people over, it’s so patetic already, first that redhead steampunk girl that had no character, now this fat boring bum, none of them have there own persona, so so lame

  • CC

    This story makes no sense. Firstly it says he was due to come back as a babyface “after” WM, but then says he had to come back earlier without actually explaining why he “had to”.
    Then it says he was turned heel because of Bryans injury at WM. While this part is true, it still does nothing to explain why he was supposedly brought back earlier than planned.

    As for the bit about him being given the stunner. He has been using that move since he returned in February and suddenly we are saying he has been given it because they want him to be a babyface like Austin? Firstly Owens was using it as a heel, so that contradicts this story for starters. Secondly, Austin was not a babyface. He was a tweener or a grey, depending on which terminology you prefer.

  • StoneColdBeckyLynch

    Is this their secret plan to defeat AEW?

  • Vincent Dale

    You don’t say?!!?