WWE plans to make NXT a Global Territorial System

The WWE recently filed for the trademark “global localization.” The meaning of the term became more clear during the 2018 Business Partner Summit, which took place during WrestleMania week. The company posted the video of the summit on April 24 on their corporate page. The highlights of the video are, provided by the WWE, as followed:


  • Business Strategy: Record-Breaking 2017 Results and Road Map for 2018 (Michelle Wilson and George Barrios)
  • Brand: 2017 Successes (Stephanie McMahon)
  • Sales and International (John Brody)
  • Digital and Social Media (Jayar Donlan)
  • Talent Recruitment and Global Localization (Paul “Triple H” Levesque)
  • WWE’s Business Partner of the Year Award presented to Cricket Wireless (John Cena and Charlotte Flair)

John Pollock posted a tweet, showing an image of Triple H explaining the meaning behind global localization.

The company is looking to expand NXT into a “global territorial system,” taking the developmental show to new heights.

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