WWE Plugs Latest Video from Brad Maddox, New Synopsis for Paul Heyman’s DVD, Total Divas

– Below is the latest video from Brad Maddox, who reveals to fans that he really wasn’t in a cave. You would be surprised at the number of people who really believed Maddox was stuck in a cave. WWE’s website even has an article about Maddox pulling a fast one on fans with his cave videos.



– Below is a second synopsis just released for WWE’s Paul Heyman DVD and Blu-ray that comes out next month:

“Paul Heyman was extreme long before being extreme was cool. Find out how an attorney’s son from Scarsdale, New York, became one of the most revolutionary forces in sports-entertainment history. Heyman shoots from the hip, detailing his contributions as a producer, promoter, manager, writer, general manager, advocate and, in his words, “all-around creative genius.” Things are about to get extreme, and as usual, Paul Heyman’s fingerprints are all over it!”

– As noted, Natalya and Darren Young will be representing WWE at the Blogger Bash convention in New York City this week. The WWE Total Divas cameras will be there filming.

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