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WWE possibly confirms retirement of former World Champion


We noted before how Big Show was expected to undergo hip surgery and now WWE has also confirmed that the giant will be having a surgery on September 29th in the video as seen below:

After this announcement, the company also posted an interview with the Raw Star on their official website and as expected they built it as an injury which is a consequence of Show’s steel cage match with Braun Strowman.

However, interestingly the article is very obscure about the in ring future of the former World Champion after the surgery and it’s never clearly stated if the Giant will return to ring or not afterward.

Here is one of the quotes from the article from the former US Champion himself in which he states they’ll see what his options are after his surgery:

“I have to have the hip resurfaced. There’s been some traumatic injury done to the hip in the match with Braun Strowman. Going forward, I’m very confident in the medical team that’s doing the surgery … we’re gonna go forward from there and see what my options are.”

It’s worth mentioning here that before WrestleMania 33 it was heavily rumored that Big Show will have his retirement match on the show against NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal, though it was canceled because Shaq was out of shape.

After his steel cage match against Strowman on Raw, the former World Champion was helped backstage by referees and it was noted that Show’s expression felt like it was his last match.

Many believe that the gesture of the World’s Largest Athlete after his match with Braun and now this article confirms that we’ve have seen the last of him.

However, while it’s safe to say that Big Show is not expected to have a long main roster run again, unless WWE officially confirms his retirement, there will always be the possibility to bring him back for a formal retirement match.

  • CC

    So because something wasn’t said, that’s confirmation? Ridiculous. Roman Reigns didn’t say he wants to be champion again on this weeks Raw, so that is confirmation he will never have a championship match ever again. Same bloody logic.

  • pitfallharry219

    LOL @ you, of all people, telling someone to check facts.

  • Darrin Tyler

    lol not news, he isn’t even part of the roster thats active. He hasn’t been active since 2000

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    even the messages posted by Kevin Owens and Strowman after the match himself indicated that show was done

  • Anutosh Bajpai

    read all the facts please. he was supposed to get retired 6 months ago, but it was held off, after his match at Raw several sites reported that is seemingly retired you can search for it, plus if he is not retired what’s the problem in saying i’ll be back? doesn’t almost everybody says that he’ll be back stronger and stuff when he gets injured? So why couldn’t Show say it? all this sum up to the fact that he is possibly already retired

  • Keith Learmonth

    Clickbait? Really. Thought Wrestling-Edge was better than that. :/

    Show isn’t going to say “Yeah, I’ll definitely be back” if he’s not fully sure how the surgery will go… but more importantly, he’s in character here. It’s known that he needed surgery before the match with Strowman, yet here, he credits Strowman for the injury, meaning this is almost definitely a storyline thing that will let Strowman claim he’s retired The Big Show, only to set up a return down the line.