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WWE Power Rankings (October 12th, 2018)

WE WWE Power Rankings

We have decided to start a new weekly feature here at Wrestling Edge, WWE Power Rankings. The only superstars eligible for the Power Rankings are main roster superstars, and will include the men, women, and tag teams of both Raw and Smackdown Live.  The Rankings are not based on anything other than how the superstar is performing at the moment.

For the first time since we started doing our weekly top 10, we have a new #1 in our Power Rankings! With The Super Show-Down, Raw, and SD Live all affecting this week’s rankings, our top 10 got one heck of a shake-up. Along with a bunch of movement from most of the people that made our Rankings last week, we also have a new superstar in our top 10 and several new names in our Honorable Mentions.

Let’s take a look at those superstars or teams that just missed out on making our Rankings:

Honorable Mentions: Bobby Lashley (w/ Lio Rush), Randy Orton, Charlotte Flair

Two of the three members of this list had matches in Melbourne this past weekend at Super Show-Down and picked up victories.

Charlotte Flair picked up her win via disqualification and did not win back the SD Women’s title. She was given another chance on SD Live, and this time, if Becky Lynch was DQ’d again, then Charlotte would actually win the title. However, their match Tuesday night ended in a double count-out, setting up a Last Woman Standing match for the Evolution PPV on October 28th. If Charlotte wants back in our Rankings, she really needs to pick up the win during the first ever Last Woman Standing match in WWE history.

The other superstar to pick up a win in Australia this past weekend was Bobby Lashley, when he and John Cena teamed up to defeat Elias and Kevin Owens. On Raw a few days later with Lio Rush by his side, Bobby Lashley turned heel when he attacked the knee of Kevin Owens after already picking up the win over KO. This is the most interesting angle we’ve seen from Lashley since his return to WWE, and Lio Rush is a big part of that. If Lashley can keep picking up big wins, he will surely make it into our Rankings sooner rather than later.

Randy Orton did not have a match at Super Show-Down, but more than made up for that on SD Live Tuesday night by defeating The Big Show and earning a spot in the World Cup Tournament at WWE Crown Jewel next month. Orton has been on a roll since returning with a new attitude, and a few more wins could have The Viper sneaking into our top 10.


We’ve decided to do our Power Rankings a little differently. Instead of the usual slide show, from now on I will list our top 10, and in parentheses will be the change they’ve made in our Rankings compared to last week.  If the superstar or team was not ranked last week, it will say “NR”. If the superstar or team was in the Honorable Mentions last week, it will say “HM”.

Superstars falling out of our Rankings: The Miz and Samoa Joe

10. AOP (-)

9. Daniel Bryan (NR)

8. New Day – SD Tag Team Champions (HM)

7. Ronda Rousey – Raw Women’s Champion (-)

6.  Becky Lynch – SD Women’s Champion (-)

5. Seth Rollins – Intercontinental Champion (-)

4. Braun Strowman (-)

3. Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler – Raw Tag Team Champions (-)

2. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Champion (-1 spot)

1. AJ Styles – WWE Champion (+1 spot)

That’s right folks….we have a new #1 in our Rankings for the first time! AJ Styles has overtaken Roman Reigns as #1 in our top 10, thanks to his big title defense over Samoa Joe in Melbourne this past weekend at Super Show-Down. Reigns also picked up a win in Australia, but it was a six-man tag match, and The Big Dog hasn’t defended his title in a while. The Shield also lost the Super Show-Down rematch to Braun, Drew, and Dolph on Raw this past Monday, which was enough to drop Reigns down a spot in our Rankings and make Styles our new #1.

The rest of the superstars or tag teams that remained in our Rankings from last week are in the same spot as last week. However, there are two new names in our Rankings, one team who has been in our Rankings before and in our Mentions the past few weeks, and a superstar who is brand new to our top 10 list, but is most likely here to stay.

New Day and Daniel Bryan had huge nights at the Super Show-Down this past weekend. New Day retained their SD Tag Titles against The Bar in Melbourne in a hell of a back-and-forth match, while Daniel Bryan picked up a quick win over The Miz with a small package out of nowhere to become the #1 contender for AJ Styles and his WWE Title.

Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler remained at #3 in our Rankings, despite a loss in Melbourne, because of McIntyre’s presence and impact in their rematch win against The Shield on Raw a few nights later.  Seriously, I cannot stress enough how awesome Drew McIntyre is and how well they’ve booked the Scottish Psychopath since his NXT call-up. Their tag partner in their two matches this week, Braun Strowman, also stayed put at #4 after their rematch win on Monday.

Both women’s champs came in at #6 and #7 like last week, but with the all-women’s PPV Evolution coming up, and both women having huge title defenses on the show, there is plenty of room to jump up in our Rankings moving forward. Lynch will once again defend her title against her former best friend, Charlotte Flair, but this time in the company’s first ever Last Woman Standing Match, while Rousey will defend her title against the woman that turned on her Monday night on Raw, Nikki Bella.

With Crown Jewel and Evolution quickly approaching, along with Smackdown 1000, there is plenty of room for movement in our Rankings over the next few weeks, starting with Smackdown 1000 next week!