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WWE Power Rankings (October 20th, 2018)

WE WWE Power Rankings

We have decided to start a new weekly feature here at Wrestling Edge, WWE Power Rankings. The only superstars eligible for the Power Rankings are main roster superstars, and will include the men, women, and tag teams of both Raw and Smackdown Live.  The Rankings are not based on anything other than how the superstar is performing at the moment.

This week, the top of our Rankings remain the same, but tons of movement has taken place right outside the top 3, including two new names making our top 10 and more new names in our Honorable Mentions.

Honorable Mentions: The Usos, Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio

Daniel Bryan falls out of our Rankings after debuting last week at #9. Bryan teamed this week with AJ Styles, his opponent at Crown Jewel, and lost to arguably the best tag team in the company, The Usos. Bryan and Styles started off working well together, but that soon faded and the two just couldn’t work together. DB has his biggest match since his return coming up at Crown Jewel, when he finally gets another shot at the WWE Championship.

Jimmy and Jey have been gone from WWE TV recently, but returned with a bang, defeating a team made up of the top two stars on SD Live. With The Bar now holding the SD Live Tag Titles, the Usos may be in line after their win Tuesday night to get another shot at those titles.

The last Honorable Mention goes to the returning Rey Mysterio. Mysterio looked great and picked up a huge win over the United States Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura, in his first match back on WWE TV in over four years. With a shot at the U.S. title coming up at Starrcade, Mysterio could become a staple in our Rankings with another huge win over Nakamura.

In parentheses will be the change a superstar or tag team has made in our Rankings compared to last week.  If the superstar or team was not ranked last week, it will say “NR”. If the superstar or team was in the Honorable Mentions last week, it will say “HM”.

10. Bobby Lashley (HM)

9. AOP (+1 spot)

8. Ronda Rousey – Raw Women’s Champion (-1 spot)

7. The Bar – Smackdown Live Tag Team Champions (NR)

6. Becky Lynch – Smackdown Live Women’s Champion (-1 spot)

5. Braun Strowman (-1 spot)

4. Seth Rollins – Intercontinental Champion (+2 spots)

3. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre – Raw Tag Team Champions (-)

2. Roman Reigns – WWE Universal Champion (-)

1. AJ Styles – WWE Champion (-)

The top two spots remain the same this week and belong to the top champs in the company, with AJ staying put at #1 and Roman at #2. As mentioned above, Styles lost a tag team match this week while teaming up with Daniel Bryan against The Usos.

Roman picked up a win Monday night in yet another 6 man tag rematch from Super Show-Down, when he and his Shield brothers defeated Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre on Raw. However, the lack of title defenses for The Big Dog keeps him at #2 behind Styles, who has seemingly defended his title against everyone on the blue brand.

Ziggler and McIntyre also competed in WWE World Cup qualifiers this week on Raw. Drew lost via count-out to Seth Rollins, who made the biggest jump in our rankings this week after picking up two wins on Raw, and Dolph qualified for the tournament by picking up a win over Dean Ambrose.

The most important part of the night for this group, however, was the demise of their partnership with Braun Strowman. After the 6-man tag match, Strowman attacked Dolph, which led to McIntyre taking out Braun. Seems we may be on our way to a Strowman-McIntyre feud and I think we are all looking forward to that.

The two newcomers to our top 10 are Bobby Lashley and the new SD Live Tag Team Champions, The Bar. Lashley has been very impressive since Lio Rush has joined the picture. After another win this week, this time against Tyler Breeze, seeds were planted for a possible feud against Finn Bálor, which would be Lashley’s biggest feud and storyline since his feud with Roman Reigns a few months back.

Cesaro and Sheamus make their debut in our Rankings this week after defeating The New Day and becoming new SD Live Tag champs. This is the fifth title reign for The Bar, and with their new ally, The Big Show, by their side, it looks like The Swiss Superman and The Celtic Warrior are in store for a long title run.

With Evolution next weekend, Crown Jewel the following weekend, and Survivor Series all coming up within the next month, our Rankings should see plenty of newcomers and shake-ups. Remember to check back weekly to see where your favorite superstar or tag team ranks in our Power Rankings!

  • CC

    Can you explain how these rankings seeing as Bryan drops out due to the loss, yet Styles in the same match keeps his position while Reigns gets a win and stays where he is as well. Surely the top two spots should have swapped if the tag match was enough to drop Bryan. I mean, it is not like Styles had the title on the line either.
    Yes Styles is great and Reigns is not, but I want to understand how Reigns does not better his position after a win because the title is not on the line, yet Styles gets a loss and his title was not on the line either.
    You say Styles has defended his title against everyone, but that should have no impact on this weeks rankings. And as for Reigns, love or hate him (I hate him) has had the title for five mins and was told (in story) that he is not allowed to defend it until Crown Jewel. So he can hardly have as many defenses as Styles who has held the SD title for around a year.

    As I say, I just want to understand the criteria you use as it seems some are judged over a long period and some over the space of one match.