WWE Power Rankings (September 27, 2018)

We have decided to start a new weekly feature here at Wrestling Edge, WWE Power Rankings. The only superstars eligible for the Power Rankings are main roster superstars, and will include the men, women, and tag teams of both Raw and Smackdown Live.  The Rankings are not based on anything other than how the superstar is performing at the moment.



This week, there wasn’t much change at the top, but the middle of our Rankings had a lot of movement. We even have a new name inside our Top 10! Underneath a superstars current ranking this week is their ranking from last week and how much they moved up or down our Rankings. With that being said, let’s get to it! First up, our honorable mentions for this week:

Honorable Mentions

Authors of Pain – Ever since Akam and Rezar showed back up on the scene with Drake Maverick by their side, AOP have been absolutely dominant. While most of their dominance has been relegated to destroying local talent, the behemoths got to show off in the main event this week against three of the top guys in the entire company, and they did not disappoint. Akam and Rezar look ready to take on a top role in the tag division on Monday nights, and it should only be a matter of time before they are Raw Tag Team Champions.

New Day (SD Live Tag Team Champions) – New Day debuted in our Rankings last week at #8 after a successful tag title defense at Hell in a Cell against Rusev Day. However, since that title defense, The New Day have done nothing but come up short against their next challengers, The Bar. Last week, Cesaro defeated Kofi Kingston in one-on-one action, and this week, Big E was defeated by Sheamus after a devastating Brogue Kick. The champs will have a chance to climb back into our Rankings with another title defense next weekend in Australia against The Bar.

The Bar – The Bar single-handedly knocked New Day out of our Power Rankings, and almost climbed in themselves, just barely missing out on cracking our top 10. Cesaro and Sheamus have been on a role as of late, taking down members of The New Day the past two weeks in singles competition. If The Celtic Warrior and Swiss Superman can come up with one more big win next weekend at The Super Show-Down, they will become new SD Live tag champs, and almost certainly climb into our Rankings.

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