WWE ‘Prepared’ For Becky Lynch Raw Return?

WWE Raw ended with T-Barr and Mace returning to attack Drew McIntyre and seemingly help or join The Hurt Business, but Becky Lynch did not return. Becky Lynch ‘Can’t Return’ To WWE For Bad Reason



Ringside News’ Steve Carrier tweeted that WWE creative were prepared for Becky Lynch’s return before WrestleMania, “WWE didn’t bring Becky Lynch back at #WrestleMania, but they had plans to. We were told that creative had plans, and prepared for, Becky Lynch’s return. Obviously, it didn’t happen.”

Becky Lynch posted hints on social media about returning. She first wrote, “Nothing Is Guaranteed Here Tonight Only Now Eternally.”

She then followed that up by posting, “Nothing Is Guaranteed Here Tonight Tomorrow What’s next Over Just kidding! Congratulations @SashaBanksWWE and @BiancaBelairWWE. Way to make history.”

Michael Cole announced Banks vs. Belair, and some say he botched the finish call. Jimmy Korderas defended him on his podcast, “One thing I did have a problem with on the first night though was the finish to the match (Banks vs. Belair). Yes, Michael Cole may have made a little “error” at the end in his commentary, but everybody jumps all over it. They made that an issue instead of concentrating on what a fantastic match the ladies had! Listen, stop being so critical of every little thing.

Actually, it wasn’t so bad of a mistake. It was like an honest mistake by Michael Cole. But the ladies, like I said, knocked it out of the park and people are concentrating on Michael Cole’s little flub at the end? Come on guys, you’re better than that! We’re all better than that!”

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