WWE Prepared For Death Of Hall of Famer On Raw?

Throughout his illustrious career, Ric Flair has undoubtedly achieved much, becoming a legendary figure in the wrestling world. However, his life outside the ring has been marked by struggles, particularly concerning his health. In 2017, Flair faced a series of grave medical challenges that shook his very foundation as he was likely going to die.



Recently, Mike Mansury, AEW’s Executive Producer and Senior Production Executive, revealed an intriguing behind-the-scenes detail about WWE’s response to Flair’s health crisis. He disclosed that WWE had prepared three different versions of Monday Night RAW in case Flair tragically passed away in 2017. This revelation offers a glimpse into the meticulous planning and sensitivity involved in navigating such delicate situations within the wrestling industry.

In response to this revelation, Flair took to Twitter to express his gratitude and profound respect for WWE. Despite any professional affiliations or career transitions, Flair made it abundantly clear that his love for WWE runs deep.

“This Is What Everyone In Any Place In The Wrestling Business Dreams Of- RESPECT! Regardless Of Who I Work For, I Will Always Love The @WWE For The Respect They Have Shown Me! Thank You! When The Day Comes, I Am So Confident You Will Honor Me


Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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