WWE Profiles Former Women’s Champion Involved in WCW Controversy

– World Wrestling Entertainment has apparently made amends with another controversial former talent as Debrah Miceli (a/k/a Alundra Blayze, Madusa) is featured in the latest edition of Where Are They Now?.



Fifteen years after infamously dropping the WWE Women’s Championship into a garbage can on a December 1995 edition of WCW Monday Nitro, Miceli candidly discusses the infamous scene with WWE.com.

“The longest running question to this day is why in the hell did you throw the title in the trash can?” Miceli said. “Well, I was under contract and [former WCW President] Eric Bischoff told me to do it. It was either that or I was out the door.’”

After going through with the stunt, Miceli found herself the target of serious backlash. She strongly believes it only fell on her because of her gender.

“If I was a guy I would’ve been on the cover of every magazine,” Miceli said. “Because I was a woman, I was called a disgrace to the business. That’s the truth.”

Elsewhere in the story, the multi-time champion discusses her humble beginnings in the wrestling industry with the American Wrestling Association, her three-year excursion to Japan, making the move to WWE in 1993, and more. The second part of the story will be continued tomorrow.

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