WWE promotes video game bout between Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega

NJPW’s Kenny Omega and WWE’s Xavier Woods are two highly popular wrestlers, but the two are also big in the gaming world. Both Woods and Omega stream video games via Twitch or their YouTube Channels. Over the years, Woods and Omega have created a rivalry between the New Day and The Elite without even working within the same company, mainly due to Street Fighter.



Back at CEO 2016, Xavier Woods took on his rival in a first to five exhibition match, with Kenny Omega wiping the floor with him 5-2.

Woods took his revenge on Omega in 2017 when the duo played the newly released Tekken 7. Now, it looks like the two will do battle once more, and even the WWE is getting in on it with a piece on WWE.com

In the article, the company went over the history between the two before their upcoming rubber match.

Xavier Woods and independent wrestling star Kenny Omega have been engaging in a heated war of words on social media over who’s better at Street Fighter. The two rivals will converge at the Capcom booth during the E3 video game conference next Thursday to settle the score in a battle for supremacy.

The two have engaged in arcade fighting showdowns in the past, but the heat turned up once again on their rivalry when “The Cleaner” posted a video to Twitter, showing off his Street Fighter skills while calling out The New Day’s resident trombonist.

Woods didn’t take Omega’s insults lightly, firing right back at his rival.

Though Woods had to put the war of words on the backburner Tuesday night – The New Day were victorious in a Six-Man Tag Team Match on SmackDown LIVE – the fine people at Capcom, the makers of Street Fighter, interjected that they would be more than happy to facilitate a battle between the two. Both Woods and Omega took part in a verbal contract signing on the Street Fighter Twitter, in which neither man pulled any punches:

After some choice words from “The Cleaner,” the ground rules have been laid down for this struggle for supremacy, and Woods and Omega won’t be alone in this battle. Each man will select two partners, making this a 3-on-3 showdown in Street Fighter V. Woods is extremely confident in his partners, who have yet to be revealed, while claiming that Omega won’t be able to find anybody to meet the challenge.

With a 3-on-3 match taking place during E3, who will join Omega and Woods in the battle for supremacy?

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