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WWE provides injury update on Sasha Banks

Sasha Banks

  • oppa

    The whole point of this is for her and Bayley to win to make up for the fact that they won’t let them face each other, have not done much with them and as a way to keep Sasha happy despite not being considered to main even Mania. There’s been talk about Mercedes KV showing up at AEW, and now people are floating the idea that Davina Rose may want to go there as well. Time will tell what happens since there’s no words on any WrestleMania plans for them at all.

  • gar216

    Pretty sure that I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Boss gets hurt every time they push her.

  • jedi

    Why do they let them continue to compete if they have a injury? There are more then enough people to replace them…..

  • CC

    If she is still injured severely enough on Sunday, I really do not see them pulling her from the match last minute unless they go the whole “Bayley fights alone” route, especially if the rumours that they will win are true.
    The other option that could also be done is she is taken out early in the match, once again leaving Bayley to fight alone.