WWE Provides update on Dean Ambrose’s return

We noted before how Dean Ambrose underwent a shoulder surgery this past Tuesday and at the beginning it was reported that he may stay out of action for almost 6 months.



However, WWE went on and announced on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw that the Shield Member could stay out of action for up to 9 months.

If these reports are true, then it will mean that Ambrose would not only be missing the upcoming WrestleMania but he will remain out of action for the majority of 2018 as well.

Though there is a catch in this situation as Pwinsider had recently reported that Dean may stay out of action only for 2-3 months and may return before the Show of Shows.

Now only time will tell which one of these statements are true and we can only speculate about the status of the former WWE Champion for the time being

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