WWE provides update on Ric Flair’s health

We noted before how Ric Flair was admitted to hospital back in Mid August. He allegedly had multiple organ issues and he also underwent a colon surgery.



His surgery was a success but Charlotte had noted through an Instagram post that her father and the WWE Hall Of Famer was not out of the woods, now WWE has provided a new update on Flair.

WWE.com posted a story recently in which they revealed that The Former Champion will begin physical therapy soon. Below is the full post as seen on the site:

Ric Flair to begin physical therapy following health issues

Ric Flair is recovering and set to begin physical therapy following his Aug. 12 hospitalization and subsequent surgery, WWE.com has learned.

Flair’s fiancée, Wendy Barlow, provided an update on her Facebook page regarding the two-time WWE Hall of Famer’s condition.

“He is doing very well for man who has been through so much!” she wrote. “He will begin physical therapy shortly and will be stronger than ever and back out enjoying all the fans sooner than you would think.”

An update from Flair’s official Twitter account this morning was equally optimistic.

“Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you have ever been, to stand up taller than you ever were,” the post reads. “Naitch WILL be back!”

Join WWE.com in wishing Flair a speedy and successful recovery.

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