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WWE RAW 25th Anniversary Results & Live Discussion (1/22)


  • CC

    The show was a mess, and had so many missed opportunities.
    Rather than five second cameos for former stars of the show, it would have been nice to actually get a few of them involved in some matches.
    All current storyline feuds could have been left to one side (the Hardy/Wyatt feud was hurt by what ended up looking like a squash match due to its length), and played up more to the history of the show.
    I am sure the likes of The New Age Outlaws, Dudleys, X-Pac, HHH could have actually had matches.
    I mean, rather than seeing an upcoming team like The Revival get all the momentum killed with a squash match, would it not have made more sense to do Balor club vs The outlaws and X-pac or HHH, and have it end in a no contest or something?

    The womens tag match and the IC match were both good, but not really sure they had a place on this card.
    And the bit at the end with the beast, the machine and the monster was absolutely pointless as compared to what we have seen before, it was weak as hell.

    They tried to fit too much into the show and it hurt them bad.

    If they were really so determined on doing the show from two venues, maybe they should have tried something else, like maybe doing the first half of the show at one and the other half at the other, then when they padded the show out with cruisers etc, it would not have hurt the flow for people in attendance.
    Or maybe even do the show at the original venue as a Network exclusive.

  • wwemrpeeps85

    This was a huge disappointment. Worst episode of raw ever. They showed the former females for like 2 seconds that was pointless ugh. I was so excited to see Trish how the hype for nothing.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    No surprise of The Miz winning the IC title here. Because with the Elimination Chamber next month the IC title going to be put up in the Chamber. Plus most likely Roman Reigns likely moving on to the Universal title so Roman drops the IC title tonight on Raw.