WWE Raw Champion ‘Injured’ Before Huge Match

Breaking Update: A WWE Raw title match led to a reported ‘concussion.’



We recently reported that current WWE Raw Women’s champion Askua was legitimately injured by Shayna Baszler during a tag team match. Asuka was tagging with her partner Charlotte Flair and Bazler was with ‘The Irresistible Force’, Nia Jax. In a follow up to this story, according to Steve Carrier of Ringside News, Askua will not be able to compete during tonight’s edition of Monday Night Raw. Furthermore, it is, according to Carrier, unclear whether or not Asuka will be able to appear on camera at all, even in a non-wrestling capacity. Asuka is rumored to have a major match with Charlotte soon. Drew McIntyre ‘didn’t follow a script’ for a huge WWE match.

Carrier took to social media via Twitter to share the news, saying the following. “Here’s a bit of an injury update. Asuka is not cleared to compete after that kick to the face last week from Baszler. We’re not sure if she’ll even be on camera, but a non-wrestling role is possible. Not good timing for the Raw Women’s Champion.”

In other news revolving around ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ WWE commentator lamented this current incarnation of the Asuka character and stated that he ‘misses’ the NXT version. He stated as such during a recent edition on his ‘After The Bell’ podcast.

“I miss NXT Asuka. I got to call her rise to…the undefeated streak,” he said. “She was terrifying. I used to talk about it on commentary and I would make jokes about how Asuka scared me, but I wasn’t fully joking. She had this aura and magic about her. You heard her music and someone was about to get beat up. It was really cool.” A Bobby Lashley WWE title match at Fastlane rumor was recently discussed.

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