WWE Raw Champion ‘Rips Off’ CM Punk

WWE Raw Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley discussed stealing CM Punk’s move in a new After the Bell podcast interview. CM Punk Wrestling Return Date Leaks



DPW2017 recapped on the Squared Circle Reddit: She, Raquel and Bianca found out about their mini reunion the morning of NXT. Her title was actually still in Tampa, in the championship case. She didn’t bring it home since she was told to leave it there. She then had to go pick up and then bring it to NXT because she needed it for the segment.

Bianca still had Sasha’s plates because they get them changed on the day of their respective show (RAW, SD, NXT) so since it wasn’t Friday and this was a special occasion, her plates hadn’t changed yet.

Rhea’s plates got changed because RAW was the previous day, plus they already had her plates from previous title reigns. As this was Bianca’s first title, they had to make them from scratch.

They only go to work on the day they’re supposed to, the rest of the week they’re at home.
She was a bit annoyed at the constant questions of where Bianca’s side plates were as the explanation was quite simple.

Bianca was quite happy with it. She was just happy she had something to say that she had won the title.

Her most memorable Riptide was hitting it on Shayna through two chairs at Wargames in 2019.
She loves hardcore matches, so much.

She loves hitting the move the most on Io Shirai as she can just lift her easily and bring her up so high since she’s so light. She once drove her down with so much force that Io couldn’t breathe briefly.

She used to use the GTS in Australia because she was a CM Punk mark. She was trying out a bunch of moves to call her finish in WWE and found the Riptide and kept practicing it until she got good at it.

When asked about a time she wishes she didn’t hit the Riptide, she wishes she didn’t hit the Riptide on Charlotte at WrestleMania 36 because she should have saved it for later on in the match and not hit it so early.

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