WWE Raw Champion ‘Rips Off’ Trish Stratus

The legendary trailblazer, Trish Stratus has just recently taken to Twitter to call out Sheamus on stealing her gimmick. As odd as this sounds, it’s true! WWE Star ‘Comes Out’ To Stephanie McMahon.



Sheamus was seen recently wearing a faceguard after actually breaking his nose in a match that happened previously. The incident occurred on the May 31st episode of Raw which saw Sheamus get caught with a stiff forearm from Humberto Carrillo that left him bloodied. Word quickly came out he’d suffered a broken nose. We also heard that while it was possible WWE might not clear him to compete, however, the Celtic Warrior didn’t want to miss any time.

Sheamus quickly followed up on that to make it clear he had no plans to vacate his United States championship. The issue was so bad for Sheamus that he was taken in for a procedure to reset his nose and go through a surgery to do so.

Trish then retweeted a photo taken of Sheamus which sees him in a faceguard ringside. Trish also went through a broken nose phase, but hers was strictly for onscreen purposes. Let’s take a trip back to when Lita lost her cool and hit Trish across the face with a steel chair, ensuring that Trish remained the champion in the process. This started the gimmick where Trish wore a faceguard due to the “injury”.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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