WWE Raw ‘Highest Paid Diva’ Revealed

WWE has been known to be heavy handed with the cash flow if you’re liked enough by those at the top – including, but not limited to Vince McMahon himself. One star has just dropped a bombshell that could upset the entire locker room. I can see tons of stars being furious about their paychecks now that this lady has spoken up about the number of zeros that she sees in her bank account week after week…WWE Star ‘Refuses’ Losing To Drew McIntyre.



Eva Marie has really been throwing shade at everyone lately. Eva has thrown shade at other women, Eva has thrown shade at her partner, Dudrop, and Eva has now thrown shade at the entire payroll! On her currently most recent Instagram post, she stated that she is the most highly paid star in the business of WWE.

Eva stated: “Tonight I proved yet AGAIN why I am the highest paid female in wrestling.”

Let us not forget that the tag match that Eva was in previously was won by her partner, Dudrop. Eva really had nothing to do with it, but she still took to the mic after the match to claim that she was the reason why the team had won the match.

Dustin Schumacher
Dustin Schumacher
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