WWE RAW Live Results – August 8th, 2009

WWE RAW Live Event Results
August 8th, 2009 – Loveland, Colorado
Report by F4Wonline, Johnny Hedgepeth



The show opened with a Battle Royal where the winner will get a title match with Randy Orton in the main event.

1. Participants were Carlito, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger, MVP, Primo, Jamie Noble, Kofi Kingston, Mark Henry, and the Big Show. It came down to Henry, Show, and Legacy. Dibiase and Rhodes tried to convince Show to team up against Henry. Show agreed then double crossed them and tossed them both out. Show and Henry then went at it for awhile. Show took off a turnbuckle cover and tried to smash Henry into it, but Henry blocked. But a few minutes later Henry went for a splash in the same corner on Show and Show moved out of the way. Henry was stunned and Show dumped him. Big Show vs Orton is the main event.
Show gets on the mic and tells the crowd that he’s better than all of them and tonight he’ll become the Champ.
The crowd was super hot for the whole thing and totally going nuts for Mark Henry.

2. Kelly Kelly was in the crowd to do a trivia question segment where the winner would get upgraded first row seats. The question was “What’s the name of the next PPV?” The people correctly answered “SummerSlam.”

3. Chavo Guerrero vs. Evan Bourne was next. Chavo started by stalling a whole bunch and jawjacking the crowd. He had them in the palm of his hand, as the place was going nuts wanting to see Chavo get beat up. Chavo continued to make the crowd nuts by grounding Bourne. When Bourne finally came back the place exploded. The finish was Chavo hitting the 3 Amigos and going up for the frogsplash. Hornswoggle ran in to break things up. Chavo attacked him and Bourne then knocked Chavo down and hit the SSP for the win. Afterwards, Bourne, Hornswoggle, and a bunch of kids celebrated in the ring. This was a really great match.

4. MVP vs. Alex Riley up next. I had no idea who Riley was. He’s doing a cocky Jock gimmick complete with a sleeveless Letterman’s jacket he wears to the ring. Riley isn’t very good. The crowd was super into MVP though, and went nuts every time he was on offense. MVP wins with the Playmaker.

5. Carlito vs. Kofi Kingston for the US Title was next. This had been advertised as Kofi vs. Jack Swagger. They had a perfectly fine 15 minute match, that was just kind of “there”. The crowd loved Kofi and were torn on Carlito, as a lot of people there were still cheering him. Kofi wins with “Trouble In Paradise”.


6. Primo vs. Jack Swagger was next. They had a fun match and really clicked well together. Primo looked great and Swagger was really good as well. Swagger wins with his powerbomb.

7. In a match “Brought to us by Your My Network TV 20” Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendes took on Gail Kim and Mickie James. Loveland loves them some Divas and especially Mickie James. The place popped huge from beginning to end for this. All four were working the crowd great, and they had a really fun match made all the more fun by the super hot crowd. Mickie pinned Rosa after a top rope Thesz Press. Mickie might have been the most over wrestler of the night.

8. Big Show vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship is our main event. Orton enters to a mixture of boos and cheers. Show comes out to mostly boos. Show gets on the mic and tells Orton to just lay down. Crowd starts the “WHAT?” chant and Show says, “Really? you’re “What-ing” me? That was 10 years ago! If you’re a toothless redneck say “WHAT?”

The two have a fun match where Orton is totally playing the face. The crowd is behind Orton %100. The finish comes with Show about to chokeslam Orton and Legacy try to run in. Show disposes of them but walks into an RKO. Randy Orton is your winner. Afterwards, Show gets back on the mic and says, “This is Bull!” Crowd goes “WHAT?” Show says, ” I had Orton beat!” Crowd goes “WHAT?” Show says, “Seriously. If you’re gonna “What” me then I’m leaving.” So he leaves.

All in all a really fun show with a super hot crowd. However, almost every kid there, and a whole lot of adults, expected John Cena to be there. Cena wasn’t advertised, but few people had even read the lineup and had just assumed that since it was a RAW Show, Cena was going to be on the show. So there were some dissapointed folks when the show ended. But despite that, it was a great night.

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