WWE RAW Live Results – Dec. 27th, 2009

WWE RAW Live Event Results
Buffalo, NY – December 27th, 2009
Report by Mike Rickard, PWInsider



World Wrestling Entertainment returned to the HSBC Arena in Buffalo, NY for a live RAW event on Sunday December 27. While the attendance wasn’t as high as the last two Monday Night RAW’s held here, it looked like there were around 9,000 or so fans in attendance. The show was a lot of fun with some really good matches including a six man tag between Kofi Kingston, Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley) and Legacy (Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, and Cody Rhodes) as well as a WWE title defense by new champion Sheamus against former champion John Cena.

1. Evan Bourne vs. Chavo Guerrero: Evan Bourne pinned Chavo Guerrero after hitting the Shooting Star Press. Excellent opener. Lots of near falls and some great high flying action. It was good to see Chavo doing more than just playing fall guy for Hornswaggle.

WINNER: Evan Bourne (by pinfall).

2. Goldust vs. Paul Burchill: Although this match was an obvious change of pace from the opener, both men put on a good brawl. Match was long enough that it wasn’t a squash but short enough so it wasn’t boring. Goldust hit his new finisher the Golden Age to get the 1-2-3.

WINNER: Goldust (by pinfall).

3. “The All-American American” Jack Swagger vs. Primo: Good match despite the clash of styles. A surprising number of fans were behind Swagger and there were some audible “Swagger” chants throughout the match. Primo gave it his all but Swagger hit the gut wrench power bomb to secure the pinfall win.

WINNER: Jack Swagger (by pinfall).

4. Triple Threat Match United States Championship: The Miz (Champion) vs. Chris Masters vs. MVP: Miz talked trash on the microphone before the match. Match began with a comedy spot with Masters flexing his pecs and Miz failing miserably in trying to duplicate the feat. Match turned serious with all three men fighting for the upper hand. In the end, Miz capitalized on MVP and Masters fighting each other by hitting his finisher on MVP after Masters ran into the corner with no one home.

WINNER: Miz (by pinfall).

After the match, MVP and Masters teased a possible fight but they ended up shaking hands.

5. Six Man Tag Match: Legacy (Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, & Randy Orton) vs. Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley) & Kofi Kingston: Nice, long tag match with some comedy spots including Shawn Michaels pantsing DiBiase. This led to Randy Orton bailing out of the ring to hide his head in shame. While he was doing so, HHH snuck up behind him and pantsed him as well. The fans went crazy and it looked like Legacy was going to head back to the dressing room. When the match resumed, Legacy worked over Kofi for most of the match until he made the hot tag. Ted DiBiase found himself in the ring alone against DX and Kofi and got hit with all of their finishers. Michaels sealed the deal by covering DiBiase for the pin.

WINNER: DX & Kofi Kingston (Michaels pins DiBiase).

Justin Roberts announced a short intermission but the sound system worked so poorly that some people apparently thought the show was over and left the arena.

6. Big Show vs. Mark Henry-this was the night’s comedy match. Fairly even match with Big Show getting the upper hand by giving Mark Henry a big right hand to the face.

WINNER: Big Show (by pinfall).

7. Six Divas Santa’s Little Helper Match: Maryse, Alicia Fox, & Rosa Mendes(?) vs. The Bella Twins (Brie & Nikki Bella) & Melina. Special Guest Referee: Santino Marella: Truth be told, I was so busy taking pictures of the Divas that I wasn’t paying much attention to the actual match. Lots of comedy spots between the Divas and Santino.

WINNERS: Melina & the Bella Twins.

8. WWE Championship Match: Sheamus (Champion) vs. John Cena: Excellent match with Sheamus dominating much of the match with his power moves. After several hope spots, Cena finally came back and looked to be on his way to regaining the belt. However Sheamus knocked the referee down. Cena slapped on the STF and Sheamus tapped. Of course, Sheamus was already disqualified so Cena won the match by not the title.

WINNER: John Cena (by disqualification).

After the match, Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment on Sheamus and posed for the fans.

All in all, a really fun show. Lots of families there with lots of kids (which is always a good sign for the industry’s future). No pyro or flashy entrances for the show but the crowd didn’t seem to care. The only drawback to the show was that the sound system was awful. I don’t understand why the WWE skimps on their sound for house shows (the last house show had sound problems as well). Still, a really fun show and definitely worth the money.

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