WWE RAW Live Results – January 24th

WWE RAW Live Event Results – Champaign, Illinois
January 24th, 2010 – Report by John Dubois, LordsofPain



The WWE returned to Champaign, Illinois on January 24th for their
first show in about 18 months. The U of I Assembly hall was about half
full (7,000+) and the card began at 3pm running about two hours and
fifteen minutes. Only the advertised main event actually took place.

(1) Yoshi Tatsu vs Zach Ryder with Rosa: Pretty good response for both
guys especailly given they were the only ECW wrestlers on the card.
Yoshi won in about six minutes with a spinning kick.

(2) Chris Masters w/ Eve vs Johnny Curtis: Curtis took the mic to
proclaim the obvious which was no one had a clue who he was. Masters
did his peck flex thing and won with a master lock in about three
minutes. Curtis looks alot like masters only a little shorter.

Kelly Kelly mic work: Kelly comes out in some spiked boots and
sparkle shorts I could see all the way in the cheap seats. She is
truely magnificent looking in person even from where I was sitting.
She invited a young fan to be guest ring bell guy.

(3) Legacy vs Evan Bourne/ Mark Henry: Bourne had been advertised for
a US title match. Legacy got some good heel heat and it was a good
back and fourth match that went about 15 minutes. Henry pinned Rhodes
after a running body slam.

(4) Miz/ Primo/Carlito/ MVP in a fatal four way for the US title:
Match went about 2o minutes and had some nice spots especailly between
Primo and Carlito. Miz shoves MVP aside and pins Carlito. Pre-match
mic work from the Miz got a nice heel response.

(5) Gail Kim/ Bella’s vs Gillian/ Maryse/ Alicia Fox: Santino was the
guest ref and the match was mostly for comic effect. Gail pinned
Gillian after a running spinning kick of some sorts. Very little
reaction to the match. Bella’s were better than I have personally seen

Kelly and Hornswoggle come out to throw t-shirts. Kelly again gets a
big pop and didnt do much other than stand there and be gorgeous.

(6) Jack Swagger vs The Big Show: Show had been advertised against
Triple H who didnt appear. This was another Swagger challenge and Show
tossed him over the rope in about 2 minutes.

(7) Kofi vs Randy Orton: Mixed response for Orton and nice pop for
Kofi. 20 minutes plus and a decent but not great much due to some slow
spots. Orton won after a second RKO in a span of about 15 seconds.

(8) John Cena vs Sheamus: I was nearly blinded by the white. Sheamus
is a pasty looking dude. Slow start to the match which was the longest
of the night at about 30 minutes. Cena’s entrance nearly blew the roof
of the place from the pop. Sheamus got disqualified after shoving the
ref and Cena hit his signature moves after the decision.


Nine diva’s on one card which was a nice bonus. It wasnt the best show
ive seen in Champaign but it wasnt the worst either. With tickets
starting at 15 bucks it was a nice time and I will go back again.

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