WWE RAW Live Results – Nov. 5th, 2009

WWE RAW Live Event Results
November 5th, 2009 – Glasgow, Scotland
Report by Craig Broadfoot, F4Wonline.com



I was in attendance this evening at the WWE RAW brand house show in the Braehead Arena, Glasgow, Scotland.

The arena was almost sold out and Justin Roberts was the ring announcer. Jack Doan and Mike Chioda did referee duties.

1) Evan Bourne pinned Chavo Guerrero with the Shooting Star Press in an excellent opening match. Went about 12 minutes.

Gail Kim was in the crowd and gave a some kids front row tickets.

2) Jack Swagger pinned Santino Marella in 8 minutes with the Doctor Bomb. Match felt very long with lots of stalling and offence from Swagger. Marella Hulked up to a great pop however.

3) Paul Burchill pinned The Hurricane in 8 minutes with the Jackhammer. Match had very little heat but Burchill worked well as always.

4) Sheamus pinned Primo with a Bicycle Kick in about 8 minutes. Sheamus got on the mic before the match to get heat. Match didn’t really get over well. It sucks to be Primo.

5) Mark Henry pinned Chris Masters with the World’s Strongest Slam in about 6 minutes. Masters did the peck dance a few times and got a pop. Henry was very over in Glasgow.


6) Divas Champion Melina pinned Alicia Fox in the worst match of the night in 6:30 with a blown leg drop. Jillian Hall was the ring announcer. Melina blew at least 4 spots and looked bloody awful throughout. Alicia didn’t look much better.

7) United States Champion The Miz beat MVP and Kofi Kingston in a Triple Threat Match, when he pinned MVP after Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise and Miz tossed him. Big heat for Miz and big pops for the faces. Pretty good match, went just over 10 minutes.

8) John Cena, Triple H and Shawn Michaels beat Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes, when the faces pinned the heels at the same time. Cena pinning Rhodes was the legal pinfall.
DX and Cena got monster reactions. Glow sticks a plenty! Good main event with great heat all the way through. Legacy got the heat or Cena for the finish and Hornswoggle in DX gear made the save. After the match Cena, DX and Hornswoggle posed for the fans and did the crotch chop in unison.

Overall it was a fun show as usual. Lots of kids but a lot young adults also. Biggest pops were for DX, Cena, Hornswoggle and Kingston.

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