WWE RAW Live Results – Oct. 18th, 2009

WWE RAW Live Event Results
October 18th, 2009 – Dothan, Alabama
Report by Jonathan Snowden, F4Wonline.com



Went to the WWE house show today in Dothan, AL.  Sat ringside and had a great time.


Bourne d Chavo
Primo d Heath Slater
Santino develops MMA (Marello martial arts)
Masters d Santino
Melina d Jillian
Swagger d MVP
Miz d Kingston
Cena d. Orton (DQ as Legacy runs in)
HHH/Cena d. Orton/Rhodes/DiBiase

People worked very hard.  The opener was a nice match with some good highspots.  Across the board people had their workign shoes on.  Santino made people laugh by claiming to have invented a new set of techniques-Marello Martial Arts.  Claimed to be the only man on the planet who knew the new sport he was calling MMA.

People were very into MVP.  Swagger worked the crowd with a bit of a Zybysko stalling routine, then the two had a solid match.  Orton, who I haven’t seen live in some time, has turned into a good worker.  We were ringside and his punches and work in general were very believable.  Amazed at how hard HHH was working for this small Southern crowd.  Everyone laughed as HHH chased Legacy to the back-he runs funny and glacially slow and someone called him on it (OK, it was me).  HHH was Ricky Morton, teasing the hot tag to Cena for a good 10 minutes before Cena came in and the place came unglued.  Many more cheers than boos for Cena.

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