WWE Raw November 28th Spoilers Leak

According to a report by Xero News on Twitter, Bianca Belair’s next challenger will be decided on Monday Night RAW. The Judgement Day might also open the show.


I haven’t heard much on Raw tonight But have been told Survivor Series fallout Bianca next challenger to be teased Judgment Day at one point was going to open Raw but may have been changed
Becky Lynch is expected to be on Monday Night Raw tonight. However she will go to Smackdown for the Road to Mania

While speaking on Brandi Rhodes’ 2 Lies and 1 truth podcast, Lacey Evans talked about how she is waiting for WWE to give her a call and explained just how it is important to always be ready for it, whenever the company does decide to phone her up.

Yeah, I hope so [Evans responded when Brandi said she hopes to see her soon]. I mean, some stuff may be in the works. I just gotta keep working hard and when they’re ready for me, I have to be ready so, you know how it is. I’m just waiting on that phone call. Good or bad, good or bad, it’s a phone call man. You just gotta be ready [Evans laughed].

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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