WWE RAW possibly in danger with USA Network changing priorities

Vince Russo, one of the leading officials in the world of professional wrestling, was a part of the Legion of RAW podcast. During the podcast, Russo talked about the WWE’s deal with the USA Network for WWE RAW.



Vince Russo on the USA Network and WWE RAW

Given his long history in the pro wrestling business, Vince Russo has several sources. He revealed that WWE RAW is no longer a high priority to the USA Network. There has apparently been a shift in the mentality of the network. As a result of the shift, WWE may have issues renewing their contract for RAW.

“I’m going to tell you something. I’m going to say this; I’m not going to tell you who. I still talk to Network people in television because I’m a television mark. I have worked with Network people my whole life, you know, with Spike, and Turner and USA and the whole nine yards. I have learned a ton of television from Network people.”

“I had somebody tell me this past week, when it comes to the TV side of it, and I’m not going to speak for Fox. I don’t know about Fox, but I was told that WWE is not even a priority for the USA Network anymore. And if it’s not a priority, I can’t imagine USA (Network) is going to sign them up again after this deal. Now, don’t get me wrong, Chris. You and I both know wrestling. They will find another sucker. They will find a Network who thinks they are buying Rock and Austin. That’s what they do.”

USA Network was apparently expecting to see a change in the ratings of RAW after the WWE ThunderDome was introduced. While there was a spike following the introduction of ThunderDome, ratings have since fallen again.

USA Network was also not happy with Paul Heyman’s firing earlier in the year.


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