WWE RAW recap & reaction (8/14)

Dean Ambrose kicked off this week’s episode of WWE RAW and made his way to the ring. Ambrose paced around the ring and demanded that his music be cut. Ambrose called out Seth Rollins and Rollins joined Ambrose in the ring. Ambrose said that he was sick and tired of Rollins’ games. Rollins responded that Ambrose is the one playing games and that Ambrose is lying when he says that he cannot trust Rollins.



Rollins stated that Ambrose knew that if they teamed up again, they could run WWE. Rollins said that he is willing to let the past be the past and extended his fist for The Shield handshake. The entire TD Garden started chanting “yes!” as Ambrose walked around the ring. Dean then shouted “you have got to be kidding me” and said that Rollins spat in his face last week.

Seth said that he understands why Dean has a hard time trusting him because he sometimes has a hard time trusting himself. Rollins then claimed that maybe this was a stupid idea and then said that maybe their differences is why they work so well together. Rollins stated that when they work together there is nobody in WWE that can touch them.

Rollins went to exit the ring but Dean grabbed him and turned him around. Dean then extended his fist and Rollins stared at it for a bit. Seth went to walk away and Ambrose grabbed him again. The two started trading punches and Ambrose got up and shouted at Rollins. Dean went to exit the ring and Seth jumped on him. Ambrose and Rollins then battled to the outside of the ring and then Sheamus & Cesaro marched towards the ring.

Sheamus & Cesaro then attacked Ambrose and Rollins. Ambrose was thrown over the barricade and then Rollins was rammed into the barricade. Sheamus & Cesaro brought Rollins into the ring and beatdown Rollins as the Boston crowd chanted “you look stupid” at Sheamus. Ambrose then sprinted back into the ring and attacked Sheamus & Cesaro. Ambrose was then beatdown. Rollins leaped off the top rope and hit Sheamus with a Crossbody.

Ambrose and Rollins then both got to their feet and Clotheslined Sheamus out of the ring. Ambrose then leveled Cesaro with a Dropkick and then Ambrose and Rollins Clotheslined Cesaro out of the ring. The crowd once again chanted “yes!” as Rollins and Ambrose stood tall in the ring. Ambrose once again extended his fist and then pulled it back. Rollins then extended his fist and then pulled it back. The two finally met in the middle and the crowd erupted.

RAW General Manager Kurt Angle then came down to the entrance ramp and announced that Sheamus & Cesaro will defend their RAW Tag Team Championships against Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose at WWE SummerSlam.

Reaction: The crowd in Boston went absolutely crazy for this segment. I’ve enjoyed this storyline thus far and am looking forward to the tag match at SummerSlam. Ambrose and Rollins are back together as a team for now. I like how there is an underlying tension between the two and you have to assume that things will eventually fall apart again. It is an interesting storyline and those are so rare in WWE nowadays.

Nia Jax vs Sasha Banks (Winner Faces Alexa Bliss At SummerSlam)

Alexa Bliss came down to the ringside area before the match and sat in a throne on an entrance ramp to watch the match. Nia started off the match by leveling Sasha Banks and then mocked her in the ring as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Nia Jax caught Sasha Banks off the ring apron and swung her into the barricade surrounding the ring.

The action returned to the ring and Nia Jax continued to control the match. Nia connected with a Leg Drop for a two count. Sasha went for a roll-up but Nia kicked out at two. Nia planted Sasha with a Samoan Drop but Banks got her arm on the bottom rope to break up the pinfall. Nia then screamed in the ring out of frustration and then got back to her feet.

Nia lifted Banks up onto her shoulders and planted her with another Samoan Drop. Sasha was able to roll out of the ring to avoid the pinfall. The referee started counting but Nia brought Banks back into the ring. Nia went to drop and elbow but Sasha rolled out of the way and RAW went to another commercial break.

When RAW returned, Sasha connected with Double Knees in the corner but Nia was able to kick out at two. Sasha then hit a flurry of knee strikes to Nia’s face in the corner. Banks went for a running knee but Nia booted her in the face. Nia got to her feet and went to grab Sasha but Sasha dragged her to the mat and applied the Bank Statement in the middle of the ring. Nia lifted Sasha up but Sasha planted Jax with a DDT and once again locked in the Bank Statement for the submission victory.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Reaction: Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss had a very entertaining match at WWE Great Balls of Fire and I think they will do the same this Sunday at SummerSlam. Alexa Bliss got herself counted out to retain her RAW Women’s Championship at Great Balls of Fire. I was surprised when Bayley became #1 contender, as I thought it Banks was due a rematch. Now that Bayley is injured, Banks makes the most sense to face Bliss at SummerSlam. After SummerSlam, WWE really needs to address the RAW women’s division. With Bayley injured, Alexa Bliss, Nia Jax and Sasha Banks are the only Superstars that are relevant on the show. I’d like to see some talent come up from NXT and inject some life into this division.

Kurt Angle was shown celebrating Banks’ victory backstage. The Hardy Boyz showed up and they were immediately interrupted by the Miztourage. The Miz asked Angle what he was going to do about Brock Lesnar’s attack last week. Angle said that he was going to do nothing about it and informed Axel that he will be facing Jason Jordan tonight. The Miz said that he wanted to fight Jason Jordan tonight. WWE officials then showed up and informed Angle that they had a problem with Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor. Angle left with the officials as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Balor and Wyatt were brawling backstage. Kurt Angle broke up the fight and stated that their SummerSlam match is going to happen tonight.

Elias performed a song in the ring. Elias called Fenway Park a dump and then told the crowd to hold their applause until after he is finished. R-Truth interrupted Elias’ song and rapped his way down to the ring. Elias then attacked R-Truth when he tried to get into the ring. Elias planted R-Truth with the Drift Away and then grabbed his guitar. Elias kissed his guitar and left the ring.

Big Cass came down to the ring as the shark cage was lowered down. Cass tried to talk about his match against Big Show at SummerSlam but the crowd immediately started to boo him. Big Cass tried to speak several more times and the crowd continued to boo him. Cass said that he will stay here all night if the crowd continues to boo.

Big Cass finally started talking and scolded the crowd. Cass stated that Big Show needs Enzo to stay relevant. Cass said that Enzo Amore will have the best seat in the house at SummerSlam when he dismantles Big Show. Enzo will be locked in a shark cage and suspended above the ring. Cass claimed that he is the best big man in the game today and Enzo Amore’s music hit.

Enzo was greeted with “how you doin?” chants and then mocked Big Cass for taking forever to get through his promo. Cass challenged Enzo to come down to the ring and say it to his face. Big Show then joined the party. Big Show and Enzo got on the ring apron and Cass booted Enzo. Big Show attacked Cass but he was jumped from behind by Gallows & Anderson. Cass, Gallows and Anderson then beatdown Big Show for a couple of minutes.

Gallows took off his belt and wrapped it around Big Show’s wrist. They then dragged Big Show to the shark cage and Enzo hopped up on the ring apron again. Big Cass once again booted Enzo in the face and then slammed the shark cage door on Big Show’s hand. Gallows & Anderson then held down Big Show as Cass stomped on Big Show’s hand. Officials then rushed to the ring and broke up the attack. Cass raised his fist in the air and the crowd booed as Big Show was in agony in the ring.

Reaction: The crowd in the TD Garden booed Cass out of the building in the beginning of his promo. The entire point of this attack was to damage Big Show’s hand so he cannot use the Knockout Punch at SummerSlam. I guess that adds another layer to the match, but I honestly have no interest in this feud anymore.

Cruiserweight Championship: Neville (c) vs Akira Tozawa

Neville controlled the match early and applied a Chin Lock. Tozawa fought out of the hold and knocked Neville to the mat. Tozawa connected with a Dropkick and followed it up with a couple of chops in the corner. Tozawa caught Neville with a Dropkick that sent Neville out of the ring. Neville got back in the ring and Tozawa connected with a right hand for a two count. Neville then rolled out of the ring and RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Tozawa was still in control of the match and connected with a Suicide Dive on Neville outside the ring. Tozawa then connected with a second Suicide Dive and brought Neville back into the ring. Tozawa went for the pin but Neville was able to kick out at two. Tozawa connected with a Senton and then climbed to the top rope.

Neville got back to his feet and punched Akira in the face. Neville joined Tozawa on the top rope and Tozawa connected with a series of punches. Neville battled through it and connected with a massive Superplex and both men fell to the mat. Neville hid behind the referee and then attacked Tozawa and locked in the Rings of Saturn. Tozawa reversed it into a roll-up for a two count.

Neville slammed Tozawa’s face into the second rope and then went for the Red Arrow but Tozawa rolled out of the way. Neville crashed to the mat and Tozawa quickly climbed to the top rope. Tozawa then connected with the Senton Bomb for the victory.

Winner & New Cruiserweight Champion: Akira Tozawa

Reaction: The crowd didn’t care about this match at all. They started getting into it towards the end and gave Tozawa a great reaction when he won the title. This match should have happened at SummerSlam.

Big Show was backstage with Enzo. A trainer informed Big Show that his hand appeared to be broken. Enzo told Big Show to forget about the match at SummerSlam. Big Show said that he will fight Big Cass at SummerSlam and walked away.

Mickie James and Emma were backstage. Emma was complaining about never getting a chance on RAW. Mickie then challenged Emma to a match later tonight and Emma accepted.

Bray Wyatt vs Finn Balor

Wyatt controlled the match early and taunted the crowd while beating down Balor. Finn threw Bray out of the ring and then connected with a Dropkick through the ropes that knocked Wyatt into the barricade. Balor then punted Wyatt’s head from the ring apron as RAW went to a commercial break.

When RAW returned, Bray planted Balor with a Side Slam for a two count. Balor connected with a kick and both Superstars fell to the mat. Finn was first to his feet and connected with a Dropkick that sent Wyatt to the corner. Wyatt connected with a boot and hopped up on the second rope. Balor connected with a kick to Wyatt’s head and he fell from the turnbuckle to the mat. Wyatt connected with a shoulder tackle for a two count. Wyatt grinned after Balor kicked out.

Wyatt connected with a Senton for a two count. Wyatt got up and posed in the corner. Bray went for Sister Abigail but Balor avoided it and knocked Wyatt to the mat. Balor then hit a stomp on Wyatt and Bray rolled out of the ring. Balor Dropkicked Wyatt into the barricade outside the ring. The action returned to the ring and Balor climbed to the top rope. Wyatt tripped up Balor and then planted him with Sister Abigail for the pinfall victory.

After the match, Wyatt planted Balor with another Sister Abigial. The lights in the arena went out and when they came back on Balor was in the corner and Wyatt was holding a bucket. Wyatt then poured blood all over Balor and then sang “he’s got the whole world in his hands” while sitting in the corner of the ring.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

Reaction: I was more shocked that Bray Wyatt won a match clean than what happened after the match.

Mickie James vs Emma

Emma beatdown Mickie early and then knocked her out of the ring. Emma grabbed Mickie by the hair outside the ring and dragged her back to the ring. Emma went for a quick cover but Mickie kicked out at two. Mickie then connected with a kick for the victory in a very short match.

Winner: Mickie James

Finn Balor had a meeting with RAW GM Kurt Angle. Finn Balor was then interviewed after the meeting and said that he got his rematch with Bray Wyatt at SummerSlam. Balor then said that Wyatt has his demons and that at SummerSlam Wyatt is going to find out that Balor has his demons too.

The Miz vs Jason Jordan

Curtis Axel, Bo Dallas and Maryse accompanied The Miz to the ring. Jordan connected with a Dropkick that knocked Miz out of the ring. Miz got back into the ring and Jordan once again took control of the match. Axel and Bo Dallas then got in the ring and attacked Jordan and the match ended in a DQ. Matt and Jeff Hardy then came down to the ring to help Jordan. Jeff Hardy connected with Poetry in Motion on The Miz and Jason Jordan followed it up with a Belly to Belly Suplex on The Miz.

Winner via DQ: Jason Jordan

Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz vs The Miztourage

Matt and Jeff took turns beating down Axel to start off the match. Jordan was tagged in and he continued to beat down Axel. Curtis Axel finally fought back and stomped on Jordan in the corner. Jordan battled back and locked in an Arm Bar. Axel powered to his feet and raked Jordan across the eyes.

Bo Dallas was tagged in but Jordan immediately slammed him to the mat. Matt Hardy was tagged in and he connected with a DDT on Bo for a two count. Jeff was tagged in and he leveled Bo with a Clothesline. Jordan was tagged back in and he once again applied an Arm Bar.

The Miz tagged himself in as Bo was thrown out of the ring. Jason beatdown Miz in the corner. Jordan charged at Miz in the corner but Axel dragged Miz out of the way and Jordan slammed into the turnbuckle. RAW went to a commercial break as Miz was stomping on Jordan.

When RAW returned, Axel was in the ring and had Jordan in an Arm Bar. Jordan broke the hold but Axel connected with a Backbreaker. Axel took his time getting to the top rope and then went for an Elbow Drop but Jordan rolled out of the way. Jordan tagged in Matt Hardy and Matt bounced Axel’s head off of the turnbuckles in the corner. Matt then hit Axel with a running Bulldog for a two count.

Matt went for the Twist of Fate but Axel avoided it. Matt then slammed Axel to the mat for a two count. The Miz distracted Matt and Axel attacked him from behind. The Miz was then tagged in and he beatdown Matt. The Miz then pranced around the ring and taunted Matt Hardy. The Miz stomped on Matt some more and then tagged in Bo Dallas.

Bo applied a Chin Lock but Matt quickly battled out of it. Bo connected with a kick and then tagged in Curtis Axel. Matt tried to tag out but Axel prevented him and applied a Chin Lock. The Miz was tagged in and once again prevented Matt Hardy from tagging out of the match. The Miz then connected with a right hand to Jason Jordan on the apron. The Miz once again started posing in the ring and Matt leveled him with a Clothesline.

Jeff Hardy and Bo Dallas were then tagged in and Hardy connected with a Dropkick for a two count. Jeff Dropkicked both Axel and Miz off the ring apron. Jeff hit Whisper in the Wind on Dallas for a two count. Jeff went back up to the top rope but he was dragged to the apron by The Miz. Bo connected with a Neckbreaker and went for the cover but Jason Jordan broke it up.

Jordan connected with a Belly to Belly Suplex that sent The Miz flying into Axel. Jeff Hardy then hit the Twist of Fate on Dallas but Axel broke up the pinfall. Jordan then Suplexed The Miz and Bo Dallas. Matt Hardy hit the Twist of Fate on Dallas and Jeff connected with the Swanton Bomb on Bo for the victory.

Winners: Jason Jordan & The Hardy Boyz

Reaction: The crowd was into this match. As of now, there has been no match made for the Intercontinental Championship at WWE SummerSlam. I’d be disappointed if the title isn’t defended at the PPV.

WWE announced that The Demon will return in the match between Bray Wyatt and Finn Balor.

It was also announced that Neville will face Akira Tozawa again at WWE SummerSlam for the Cruiserweight Championship.

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar made their way to the ring. Kurt Angle had security surround the ring to try and precent a brawl from breaking out. Heyman told Angle that all hell was going to break loose tonight and Angle shook his head while sitting in a chair ringside. Heyman said that Kurt Angle and WWE has conspired to try and take the Universal Championship off of Lesnar at WWE SummerSlam.

Heyman stated that Strowman, Reigns and Samoa Joe will team up to take Lesnar out of the equation at SummerSlam. Heyman said that one day someone will conquer Brock Lesnar and the WWE Universe will say “that is our guy”. Heyman claimed that Samoe Joe, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns won’t be able to do it this Sunday at SummerSlam.

Heyman mocked Roman Reigns for saying WWE is his yard. Heyman said that as long as Lesnar is in WWE, Reigns’ yard is in Brock Lesnar’s house and that rent is due at WWE SummerSlam. Heyman once again said that if Kurt Angle’s conspiracy works at SummerSlam and Lesnar loses the Universal Championship, he and Lesnar will leave WWE. Heyman also hinted at Lesnar returning to UFC is he loses the title.

Samoa Joe came down to the ring and shoved a security guard before hopping up on the ring apron. Joe got in the ring with Lesnar and the two stared at each other as Heyman held up the Universal Championship on the ring apron. Joe said that he doesn’t fear Lesnar and that he will put Lesnar to sleep in the middle of the ring at SummerSlam.

Braun Strowman then came down to the ring. Strowman said that he is always the last man standing. Joe interrupted and said that Reigns was stomping Strowman around the ring before Joe interfered in their Last Man Standing match last week on RAW.

Roman Reigns joined the party and the crowd booed him out of the building as he marched towards the ring. Reigns got into the ring and Speared Samoa Joe. Strowman then hit Reigns with a Running Powerslam. Lesnar approached Strowman and security got in the ring and held them back.

The crowd chanted “let them fight” as Strowman and Lesnar were restrained. Strowman and Lesnar then beatdown all the security guards and knocked them out of the ring. RAW GM Kurt Angle started shouting for WWE Superstars to come down to the ring. The RAW locker room came down to the ring and separated Strowman and Lesnar again. Lesnar broke free and leaped onto Strowman. The locker room once again separated them as RAW went off the air.

Reaction: Heyman cut a great promo at the beginning of this segment. I’m already sold on this match, but tonight’s ending to RAW left a lot to be desired. Overall, I didn’t really enjoy RAW tonight. There were some decent matches, but there were too many matches that took place on tonight’s show that we will see yet again at the PPV on Sunday.

What did you think of tonight’s RAW? What are your thoughts on SummerSlam’s card? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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