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WWE RAW recap & reaction (8/7)

This week’s episode of WWE RAW kicked off with The Miz, Maryse and the Miztourage in the ring. Miz informed the Toronto crowd that he wasn’t in the mood as they started booing. The Miz demanded that Jason Jordan come down to the ring right now. Miz said that he was sick of being the victim of cheap shots on Miz TV and once again called Jason Jordan down to the ring.

RAW GM Kurt Angle came out to the entrance ramp and the crowd greeted him with “you suck!” chants. Angle informed The Miz that his son Jason Jordan will not be on Miz TV tonight and that he has a match against Jason Jordan. Angle said that he has a big guest lined up for Miz TV and Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came down to the ring.

Miz TV w/ Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman

The Miz immediately told Paul Heyman to shut up and Miz said that he runs things around here. Miz said that Lesnar is pretty much guaranteed to lose at SummerSlam. The Miz was hiding behind Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel while he poked fun at Lesnar and Heyman. Miz said that if he was a gambling man, he would put his money on any other superstar other than Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Miz then said that he will be glad to see Brock Lesnar and Heyman leave WWE after SummerSlam.

Paul Heyman asked The Miz and Maryse if they ever role play. Heyman then said that The Miz was Roman Reigns, Bo Dallas was Samoa Joe and that Curtis Axel was Braun Strowman. Heyman then said that Brock Lesnar was going to provide a preview of SummerSlam.

Lesnar then beatdown The Miz, Bo Dallas and The Miz and hit them with several German Suplexes. Lesnar then hit Axel, Dallas and The Miz with an F-5 and celebrated in the ring as the crowd cheered.

Reaction: Brock Lesnar looked like a monster during this segment and it was very entertaining. The crowd reaction for Lesnar and Heyman was great. The Intercontinental Championship feels irrelevant right now when it comes to SummerSlam and whatever buzz there was surrounding Jason Jordan’s announcement a couple weeks back is already frittering away.

Sheamus vs Seth Rollins

Rollins went right after Sheamus when the match started and the action spilled outside the ring. Rollins connected with a Crossbody off the ring apron. Back in the ring, Sheamus connected with an elbow to the chest but Rollins responded with a springboard Clothesline for a two count. Rollins beatdown Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus crotched Rollins on the top rope and then knocked him outside the ring. Cesaro taunted Seth as he was on the floor outside the ring.

Sheamus joined Rollins outside the ring and slammed him in to the ring apron and celebrated with Cesaro as RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Sheamus was still control of the match and planted Rollins in the ring. Sheamus went for the Brogue Kick but Rollins ducked and connected with a kick that knocked Sheamus to the mat.

Rollins connected with a Superkick for a two count. Rollins planted Sheamus with a Slingblade and then knocked Cesaro off the ring apron. Seth climbed to the top rope but Cesaro once again distracted Rollins by jumping on the ring apron. Rollins jumped off the turnbuckle and tried to hit Cesaro but Cesaro got out of the way. Sheamus then rolled up Rollins for the victory.

After the match, Rollins went for a Suicide Dive onto both Sheamus and Cesaro but they were ready. Sheamus and Cesaro beatdown Rollins for a couple of minutes as the crowd chanted “we want Ambrose!”. Ambrose never came down to the ring and Rollins got his ass kicked by Sheamus and Cesaro.

Winner: Sheamus

Rollins was shown backstage with Dean Ambrose. Rollins asked Ambrose what he has to do to prove to him that he is not the same guy that he was three years ago when he turned his back on The Shield. Ambrose said that he is not getting burned by Rollins again and that he will go into his match against Cesaro later tonight on his own.

Jason Jordan vs Jean-Pierre Goulet

Jordan was supposed to face Curtis Axel tonight but Axel was unable to compete due to Lesnar beating him down earlier in the show.

Jordan dominated this match as the crowd chanted “lets go jobber!”. The crowd roared as Goulet connected with an elbow. Jordan got pissed off and planted him with a Neckbreaker for the victory as the crowd booed.

Winner: Jason Jordan

Reaction: The crowd has already completely turned against Jason Jordan. I hope that is what WWE wants. I’m not sure what they want the reaction to be right now from the WWE Universe. I don’t find this storyline interesting at all. Jason Jordan is Kurt Angle’s “son” and he defeats jobbers. Who cares?

Bayley was interviewed in the ring about not being able to compete at WWE SummerSlam due to her shoulder injury. Bayley wished Sasha Banks luck as the crowd didn’t seem to care at all what Bayley had to say.

Sasha Banks vs Emma vs Alicia Fox

Banks launched Emma out of the ring and Fox kicked Sasha in the face for a two count. Fox controlled the next couple minutes of the match. Emma knocked Fox to the mat and Sasha came flying in with a knee to Emma’s face. Sasha connected with Double Knees to Alicia Fox. Emma threw Sasha out of the ring and went for the pinfall but Alicia kicked out at two. Sasha dragged Emma out of the ring and punched her in the face. Back in the ring, Sasha applied the Bank Statement to Alicia Fox. Emma got into the ring and broke up the hold but Sasha locked her in the Bank Statement for the submission victory.

Winner: Sasha Banks

Braun Strowman was interviewed backstage by Renee Young. Strowman stated that he loved inflicting pain on Roman Reigns and that he was looking forward to their Last Man Standing match later tonight.

Enzo and Big Show cut a promo in the ring but were quickly interrupted by Gallows and Anderson. They challenged Enzo and Big Show to a match.

Big Show & Enzo vs Gallows & Anderson

Big Show leveled Gallows with a Clothesline and RAW went to a commercial break. When RAW returned, Big Cass came down to the entrance ramp and Big Show was distracted. Gallows leveled Big Show with a big boot and knocked him off the ring apron. Anderson connected with a kick to Enzo’s face to win the match.

After the match, Cass connected with a boot to Big Show’s face and then beat him down outside the ring. Enzo connected with a Suicide Dive onto Big Cass but Cass got right up and launched Enzo into the barricade. Big Show hit Big Cass with a KO Punch and then celebrated with Enzo

Reaction: I’m looking forward to the Big Cass and Big Show feud ending at SummerSlam. It is just the same thing every week and there is not an exciting or original thing about it.

Winners: Gallows & Anderson

Finn Balor came down to the ring to cut a promo on Bray Wyatt. The lights went out in the arena and Bray appeared in the ring. Balor was on the top rope when the lights came back on. Balor planted Wyatt with a Slingblade and the lights went out again. Wyatt appeared on the jumbotron and laughed at Balor.

Cesaro vs Dean Ambrose

The match started out back and forth. Ambrose planted Cesaro with a Superplex. Cesaro hit Ambrose with a Powerslam. Ambrose went for a Suicide Dive onto Cesaro outside the ring but Cesaro was ready for it. Cesaro hopped up onto the ring apron and struck Ambrose with an Uppercut. Back in the ring, Sheamus distracted Ambrose while he was going for Dirty Deeds. Cesaro then knocked him to the mat and applied the Sharpshooter.

Ambrose powered his way to the bottom rope to break the hold. Ambrose launched Cesaro out of the ring and then connected with a flying elbow as he was outside the ring. Back in the ring, Sheamus once again tried to distract Ambrose but it didn’t work this time. Ambrose rolled up Cesaro for the victory.

After the match, Sheamus and Cesaro beatdown Ambrose. Seth Rollins came down to the ring to help Ambrose. Sheamus and Cesaro retreated. Ambrose held out his fist but Rollins shook his head and walked away.

Reaction: Cesaro and Ambrose had a very good match. I didn’t think I would get this invested in the Rollins and Ambrose storyline, but I find it to be one of the more entertaining parts of RAW every week.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Ariya Daivari vs Akira Tozawa

Titus O’Neil joined commentary for this match. The match was back and forth early, but Tozawa quickly got the upper-hand and connected with the Senton Bomb for the victory.

Winner: Akira Tozawa

Nia Jax vs Mickie James vs Dana Brooke

Nia started out the match in control. Mickie and Dana tried to team up but Nia launched Mickie into Dana. Nia charged at them both in the corner and missed. Nia slammed into the ring post and fell to the floor outside the ring. Mickie and Dana then traded punches in the ring as Sasha Banks watched the match backstage.

Nia got back into the ring and threw Mickie to the outside. Dana hopped up on Nia’s back but Nia fought her off and slammed her to the mat. Nia then connected with a Leg Drop for the victory.

Nia Jax will now face Sasha Banks next week on RAW to determine who will face Alexa Bliss at WWE SummerSlam for the RAW Women’s Championship.

Winner: Nia Jax

A Goldust vignette was shown. Goldust stated that he will be watching very closely in the next couple of weeks leading up until SummerSlam for his next hero, victim or starlet.

Big Cass asked RAW GM Kurt Angle for a match against Big Show at WWE SummerSlam. Cass said that he wanted Enzo Amore suspended in a cage above the ring. Angle said that he liked the sound of that and made the match.

Last Man Standing Match: Braun Strowman vs Roman Reigns

Strowman started off the match in control and beatdown Reigns in the ring. Roman fought back and connected with a right hand but Strowman immediately knocked him back down. Strowman then leveled Reigns with a shoulder tackle that sent Reigns out of the ring. RAW went to a commercial break with Strowman in complete control of the match.

When RAW returned, Strowman was still in control and he threw the steel steps in the ring. Reigns connected with a Clothesline but Strowman didn’t fall down. Reigns beatdown Strowman in the corner as the crowd booed. Roman booted Strowman in the face and then grabbed the steel steps. Reigns struck Strowman with the steps and Braun fell to a knee.

Braun got back up and Reigns hit him again with the steps. Strowman fell to the mat and and Reigns hit him a couple of times with the steps. Reigns then threw the steps out of the ring as the referee started counting. Reigns went for the Superman Punch but Braun caught him. Reigns once again went for the Superman Punch but Strowman got out of the way and Reigns went flying into the turnbuckle. Strowman then picked Reigns up and awkwardly slammed him to the mat. Reigns got back up to his feet before the referee counted him out.

Reigns connected with a Superman Punch as Strowman was lifting Reigns in the air. Reigns geared up for the Spear but Strowman connected with a Dropkick as Reigns ran at him. Strowman was the first to his feet and charged at Reigns in the corner. Reigns ducked out of the way and Strowman slammed into the ring post and fell out of the ring.

Reigns connected with the Drive By as Strowman was leaning up against the ring apron. Roman pulled out a table from under the ring and slid it into the ring. Reigns went for another Drive By but Strowman hit him with a Clothesline while Reigns was in midair. Back in the ring, Strowman set up the table as Reigns regrouped in the corner.

Roman lifted Strowman up on his shoulders and slammed him through the table with a Samoan Drop. The action spilled out of the ring and Reigns started running at Strowman as he was in the timekeeper’s area. Strowman whipped a computer chair at Reigns’ face and knocked him to the floor.

Strowman and Reigns then battled through the crowd to the announce table on the entrance ramp. Reigns bounced Strowman’s head off the announce table and then hit him with another Drive By on the entrance ramp. Strowman launched Reigns into the screen on the entrance ramp. Roman got back up but Strowman drove him into the screen once again.

Reigns connected with two Superman Punches and went for a Spear but Strowman booted him in the face. Reigns then sprinted down the entrance ramp and connected with a massive Spear onto Strowman. Reigns was the first to his feet but Samoa Joe was in the crowd and locked in the Coquina Clutch onto Reigns. Strowman then got up and won the match as Reigns was knocked out via the Coquina Clutch.

Reaction: Tonight’s main-event was very entertaining. I cannot wait for the Fatal-Way at SummerSlam for the Universal Championship. Overall, RAW was very mediocre tonight. The opening segment, Ambrose versus Cesaro and the main-event were entertaining. The rest of the show was very boring and that’s disappointing because SummerSlam is less than two weeks away. I was hoping for something more out of this show. Instead, it was just another formulaic episode of RAW with a couple of entertaining segments.

Winner: Braun Strowman

What did you think of this week’s episode of RAW? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Nia Jax needs to win the Raw Woman title because she would make an awesome champion.