WWE RAW Report – 2/16/15

– Tonight’s WWE RAW kicks off with the usual intro video.



– We’re live from the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida with Michael Cole, JBL and Booker T. Cole welcomes us to a sold out RAW and we go right to the ring.

– John Cena makes his way out to a mixed reaction.

Cena talks about how the crowd in Memphis will be rocking for Fastlane on Sunday but he’s amazed at the crowd in Orlando tonight. We see what happened with Rusev last week. Cena declares that he will defeat Rusev at Fastlane. He says you have to take the fight to someone like Rusev. Cena says he loves when fans boo and loves when they cheer because this is what RAW is about – fans having fun. Cena says having fun ain’t gonna cut it this Sunday. Cena says people have asked when he’s going to change for a long time. Cena says no matter who the opponent was, he’s always believed he could win how he wanted to as long as he could smile after the match. Then along came Rusev. Cena talks about how there will be no smiles or high-fives at Fastlane. Cena says he will make history by being the first WWE Superstar to defeat Rusev. Cena says he’s fighting for respect but more importantly, he’s fighting to win the United States Championship. Rusev’s music hits and out comes the United States Champion with Lana.

Lana calls this typical John Cena. She says he doesn’t get it. His problem is not that he’s a stupid American… Lana is interrupted by USA chants. She continues and says Cena lives in a delusional world where his cup is half full. She says she and Rusev live in a reality where he is the greatest US Champion and is superior to any other WWE Superstar, including the man that never gives up. She says this time, there will be no coming back for Cena. Rusev takes the mic and the USA chants get louder. Rusev says he will destroy Cena and everything he stands for. Rusev says Cena’s will to live will be crushed. Cena says Rusev has never had his ass kicked. Cena warns Rusev not to make one more move or he’s coming to kick Rusev’s ass. Lana and Rusev mock Cena with the “you can’t see me” gesture. Cena charges out of the ring and brawls with Rusev at the top of the ramp. Cena ends up dropping Rusev and out come referees. Cena tells them to stay back and he goes back to work on Rusev. Cena gets revenge and sends Rusev head first into the set as Lana screams. Cena steps on Rusev’s face and throws him into the video board again. Cena mounts Rusev on the stage with right hands as fans count along. Cena stands up and talks trash but Rusev is laid out. Cena yells at Rusev that every man can be beat. Cena raises his arms as fans cheer and his music plays. We go to commercial.

– Back from the break and we see what just happened with Cena and Rusev.

– We go to Dean Ambrose, who is doing a mock tryout for a NBC Weekend Update news show. Ambrose talks about Bad News Barrett and says Barrett will sign a contract for Fastlane later. Ambrose sends it back to “Carlos.”

Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose

We go to the ring and Luke Harper waits as Dean Ambrose comes out with the Fastlane contract in hand.

Ambrose puts the contract on the announcers table. The bell rings and they go at it. Harper blocks a shoulder tackle and drops Ambrose with a shoulder of his own. Harper blocks a hip toss but misses a clothesline. Ambrose takes him down with a headlock. Harper turns it around and takes Ambrose to the corner. Harper with an uppercut and more strikes. Harper with a headbutt. He misses a clothesline and Ambrose tackles him with right hands. Ambrose with a low clothesline and an elbow drop. Ambrose backs Harper into the corner with lefts and rights. Ambrose keeps control and hits a running bulldog for a 2 count. Ambrose goes on and sends Harper to the floor for a breather after an elbow. Ambrose goes for a dive but Harper stops him and nails a big boot. Harper stands tall on the floor as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Ambrose is trying to make a comeback as fans chant his name. Harper takes him back down with a headlock. Ambrose bites Harper’s hand to get free. Ambrose dumps Harper over the top rope. Harper comes right back in the ring but runs into a boot in the corner. Ambrose nails a tornado DDT. Ambrose tells Harper to bring it and unloads in the middle of the ring. Ambrose runs into a kick but nails a knee to the gut. Ambrose hits a dropkick and goes to the top. Ambrose with an elbow drop while Harper is standing for a close 2 count.

Ambrose goes on but runs into a huge superkick for a 2 count. More back and forth. Harper blocks the bounce back clothesline with a huge sideslam for a 2 count. More back and forth and another 2 count. Ambrose hits the bounce back clothesline this time and follows up with Dirty Deeds for the win.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

– After the match, Ambrose heads to the back without calling Barrett out.

– Still to come, Triple H responds to Sting and Dusty Rhodes appears. Also, Roman Reign vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Kane is talking to Triple H backstage. Big Show walks in and Kane asks what he’s doing here. Big Show asks the same about Kane. They argue back and forth about what happened during Tag Team Turmoil. Triple H asks if they’re six years old. He says this has been going on since the Royal Rumble and it’s time to end it. Kane says they had a plan at the Rumble and Show was too stupid to stick to it. They argue more and Triple H asks them if they realize how they look. Big Show brings up Sting and instantly regrets it. Triple H says he will take care of Sting tonight. He’s looking for solutions in their matches with Reigns and Bryan tonight. Show and Kane walk off.

– We go backstage to Bray Wyatt. He says what happened to “you” was a tragedy. Wyatt has been twirling a nail around during the promo. He goes on and says it’s coming…

– Goldust and Stardust are backstage. Dusty Rhodes walks in. He says Goldust has been trying to get through to Cody for weeks but now he’s here to get through to him. Dusty says all the stars and things Cody looks up to means nothing without family. He says he loves them both. Goldust shakes Stardust’s hand and they all hug. Dusty tells them to stand together as they head off. Back to commercial.

The New Day vs. Goldust and Stardust

Back from the break and out comes Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods, who is back in action tonight. Stardust and Goldust are out next as we see Dusty Rhodes watching backstage on a TV. Xavier starts off with Stardust.

Stardust takes control and makes tags with his brother as Dusty looks on from backstage. Xavier blocks a shot from Goldust and goes for a 2 count. Xavier hits an enziguri kick and crawls for a tag to Kofi. Kofi springboards in on Goldust and knocks Stardust off the apron. More offense including a big dropkick and right hand on Goldust. Kofi hits the Boom Drop. Stardust comes back in and Woods gets dumped to the floor. Stardust goes for the super kick from the top but it looks like Goldust pushes Kofi out of the way or loses his grip on him. Stardust lands on his feet. Goldust stops him and says something but Kofi takes advantage and gets the win.

Winners: The New Day

– After the match, Stardust looks at Goldust as he lays on his back. Stardust helps Goldust up but Goldust falls back down. Stardust helps him up again and hugs him as fans cheer. Stardust makes sure he’s alright and Goldust stumbles away. Stardust grabs Goldust from behind and lays him out as fans boo.

– Byron Saxton walks up on Roman Reigns backstage and asks what his journey to WrestleMania 31 has been like. Reigns says he went through the Rumble and then the Yes Movement. When he gets through all that, he’s got to face The Beast. Reigns says he’s just focused on the destination – WrestleMania. Saxton asks about The Authority and Daniel Bryan. Reigns says he has a ton of respect for Bryan but if he got eliminated in the Rumble, he would take it like a man. He can’t say the same for Bryan. Reigns says the only reason Bryan has a chance of going to WrestleMania is because of him. Reigns says he gave Bryan the opportunity and now he’s going to take it away.

Roman Reigns vs. Kane

We go to the ring and out comes Daniel Bryan to a pop. He will be watching the next match from ringside. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we see a segment with Dusty Rhodes walking up on Stardust backstage. Stardust got upset at being called Cody again. Space has caused Cody Rhodes to self destruct, to explode. Stardust says Cody Rhodes dances with stars now. He says Cody Rhodes is dead and as far as he’s concerned, so is his father. Stardust walks off and Dusty is left looking shocked. We go back to the ring and Bryan is leading a “yes!” chant.

We get another look at Tag Team Turmoil. Bryan is actually on commentary for this match. Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd and looks at Bryan as Kane makes his way out. Reigns takes Kane to the corner and works him over but Kane fights right out. Reigns comes back with a big suplex and a 2 count. Bryan starts a big “yes!” chant from the announcers table and it distracts Reigns, allowing Kane to turn it around.

Kane keeps control and takes Reigns down with a headlock. Kane with more offense and a 2 count. Reigns fights up and breaks a headlock with a big sideslam. Kane charges in the corner but gets hit. Reigns leap from the second rope but Kane knocks him out of mid-air for a 2 count. Kane keeps control and hits a big dropkick for another close 2 count. Kane charges but runs into a big boot. Reigns fights back and comes off the second rope again, this time taking Kane down. Fans were chanting “you can’t wrestle, yes he can” at one point. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner and stomps. Reigns hits a big Samoan Drop for a 2 count. Bryan starts another “yes!” chant and it distracts Reigns, allowing Kane to boot him. Kane sends Reigns to the floor and takes the announce table apart. Kane goes for a chokeslam but Reign counters and spears him on the floor. Reigns rolls back in as Kane gets counted out.

Winner by Count Out: Roman Reigns

– After the bell, Reigns and Bryan stare at each other. Reigns talks some trash. Bryan stands on top of the announce table and gets another “yes!” chant going. Reigns looks on and smiles as Bryan’s music plays.

– Still to come, Show vs. Bryan. Also, Triple H will respond to Sting. Back to commercial.

– We come back and Renee Young interviews Daniel Bryan backstage. He says Roman Reigns better get used to the “yes!” chants because there’s going to be a lot more at Fastlane.

– We go back to Bray Wyatt. Wyatt says “he” may have built this world but Wyatt’s going to tear it down. Wyatt’s waiting for “you”…

– Byron Saxton is backstage waiting to get a word with Paige. The Bella Twins come out of her locker room and they have Paige’s clothes. Paige comes out of her room in just a towel. Saxton tells her which way they went. Cameron walks up but basically tells Paige “girl, bye!” Paige turns and sees a group of Rosebuds. They start dancing and she grabs one of them for their costume. Back to commercial.

Summer Rae vs. Paige

Back from the break and Summer Rae is making her entrance. Paige’s music hits but she doesn’t come out and it stops. The music hits again and out she comes dressed a colorful tutu and stockings, attire she normally wouldn’t wear.

Summer talks trash and Paige takes control. Paige screams that this is her house and unloads on Summer. Paige sends Summer to the corner for back elbows to the head. Paige poses for a big pop and takes Summer to the apron for knees to the head. Paige screams and gets another pop. Paige brings it back in but Summer rolls her up out of nowhere. She gets a 1 count but Summer comes right back and nails a kick for a 2 count. Summer with a submission now. Paige comes back with several clotheslines and a dropkick. Paige drops Summer with another kick. Paige applies the PTO for the win.

Winner: Paige

– After the match, The Bella Twins come out to the stage with Paige’s gear. WWE Divas Champion Nikki Bella calls Paige a loser. Paige interrupts Nikki’s promo. Paige says she doesn’t need an outfit to make her look good like Nikki does. She just needs to win and at WWE Fastlane, she’s going to be wearing something even better – the Divas Title. Paige’s music hits and she taunts Nikki from the ring.

– We see Seth Rollins backstage talking to Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and we get a vignette for the return of Sheamus.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

We go to the ring and out comes Seth Rollins with Mercury and Noble. Rollins says it’s President’s Day, a day where we honor the past. He says that’s a waste of time when the future is standing right in front of you. Rollins says the word future is starting to become passé because right now, he’s the best performer in the entire world. He says he’s the most valuable asset in WWE and is untouchable right now. Rollins says nobody can stop him and he could even become President if he wanted. Rollins says maybe he could take over as host of The Daily Show and make the show actually watchable. Rollins says what he really wants to do is cash in and become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. He should be main eventing WrestleMania 31 but he’s forced to deal with people that are so far beneath him. People like Erick Rowan, people like Ryback and especially people like Dolph Ziggler. Fans cheer at Ziggler’s name. The music interrupts and out comes Ziggler with a mic.

Ziggler asks why Rollins is so mad, maybe he had a Valentine’s Day because Mercury and Noble gave him the wrong kind of chocolates. Ziggler goes on and Rollins says the only thing funny about Ziggler is the joke he calls a career. Rollins says Ziggler is nothing compared to him. Ziggler says he’s right… he’s nothing compared to Rollins, especially when it comes to being a whiny, protected sell-out douche. Ziggler says he’s the guy that raises the bar every time he steps in the ring. Ziggler goes on and says he’s about to do what he does best – show off. They go to take their shirts off but Ziggler attacks Rollins out of nowhere. The bell hasn’t rang yet. Rollins retreats to the floor to regroup as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rollins has Ziggler down in a headlock. During the break, Rollins took control with an assist from The Stooges. Rollins tosses Ziggler out of the ring now. The Stooges go over to him but the referee ejects them and they go to the back. Rollins comes out and throws Ziggler into the barrier. Rollins tells The Stooges it’s OK as fans sing “goodbye” to them. Rollins brings Ziggler back in but Ziggler rolls him up for a 2 count. Rollins runs over Ziggler with a big boot and stomps on him. Ziggler starts a comeback. Rollins ends up running shoulder first into the ring post. Ziggler get to his feet and splashes Rollins. Ziggler with a neckbreaker and a big elbow for 2.

More back and forth. Ziggler with a big DDT for a close 2 count. Rollins comes back and drops Ziggler for a 2 count. Rollins mounts Ziggler with punches. Rollins stomps away now. Rollins goes to the top but Ziggler cuts him off. Rollins sends Ziggler to the mat but lands on his feet. Rollins blocks the Fame-asser and hits a kick. Ziggler blocks the Curb Stomp, nails a superkick and hits the Zig Zag for a pin but The Stooges run in and break it up for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Dolph Ziggler

– After the bell, they continue beating on Ziggler but Ryback and Erick Rowan run down to make the save. The Stooges throw Rollins out of the ring to safety. Rowan sends Mercury to the floor. Ryback powerbombs Noble and gets a “feed me more” chant going. Ziggler’s music hits as he celebrates with Ryback and Rowan. We see Triple H backstage watching on a monitor. Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Triple H comes out. We get a video package for his recent issues with Sting. We come back to the ring and fans are chanting for Sting.

Triple H laughs at people thinking he’s now afraid of Sting. He says it takes a lot more than mind games to get under his skin. Triple H says at Fastlane, WCW will stand in the ring with WWE. He says Sting will do the unthinkable – go face to face, eye to eye with The Game, not the COO… Ric Flair’s music hits and out he comes to a pop.

Flair hits the ring and they show respect. Flair says he’s here because he loves and respects Triple H. Flair says besides, Triple H can’t get mad at him because they’re in Orlando where Triple H inducted him into the Hall of Fame at. Triple H says if Flair is here to sing the praises of Sting, save his breath. Triple H says he already knows how good Sting is. Flair tells Triple H not to take Sting lightly. Flair says like Vince McMahon used to tell him, don’t put yourself in a position to fail. Triple H says he’s a student of the game, he knows how good Sting is and brings up the legendary Sting vs. Flair Clash of the Champions match. Triple H says Sting was and is WCW. Triple H says when all the other rats were jumping ship, Sting stayed with WCW until it sank and he respects that. Triple H says if Sting would have came to WWE, it would have been his personal mission to run Sting out of the company because Sting’s legacy was built on Flair’s reputation. Triple H says that always pissed him off and he would have kicked Sting’s ass on principle alone. Flair says Triple H isn’t thinking like The Cerebral Assassin. Triple H says that was then and now, Sting wants to come make it personal with him. He says Sting wants to take away what Triple H has – WWE. Triple H says Sting is WCW but he, Triple H, is WWE. Flair tells him to take a deep breath. He says Sting is already getting to Triple H.

Flair says when people ask him who’s the best wrestler alive, he tells them Triple H, if he’s wrestling. Some fans boo this. Flair says Triple H is an executive now, he’s not wrestling full time. He wants Triple H to be the best, to be The Game. He doesn’t want Sting to sneak up on Triple H. Triple H says he respects that. Triple H says he knows Flair has been in the ring with Sting many times and he knows that he is no Ric Flair but when it comes to kicking Sting’s ass, Flair is no Triple H. Flair says when he tunes into Fastlane on Sunday, he doesn’t want to see Triple H sitting on his ass again like he was last Monday. Flair asks if that’s fair enough and Triple H shoves him to the mat. Fans boo. Triple H looks down at Flair and says Flair knows that nothing outside of Triple H’s wife and kids is more important to him than WWE. Triple H say she doesn’t care who stands between him and WWE, even if it’s Flair, he’s kicking their ass. Triple H said if Sting goes on his own or if he beats it out of him, Sting will never show his face again after Fastlane. Triple H drops the mic and fans boo as he walks off to the back. Flair gets to his feet and we get “wooo!” chants before his music hits. Flair leaves on his own to a pop.

– Cole hypes John Cena’s appearance on NBC’s Parks & Recreation this week. We get a look back at Cena and Rusev brawling earlier tonight.

– Still to come, Bryan vs. Big Show. Back to commercial.

Darren Young and Local Wrestler vs. The Ascension

Back from the break and Darren Young is waiting in the ring with a local wrestler. The Ascension interrupts their introduction and out they come. Konnor and Viktor beat their opponents down before the bell even rings. They destroy Young and his partner. Titus O’Neil runs down and fights The Ascension off but they look to turn it back around. Young gets back up and helps Titus. The Prime Time Players clear the ring and have reunited. Their old theme music hits as The Ascension talks trash from the floor.

– The Miz is backstage talking to Bad News Barrett. He asks Barrett to knock Damien Sandow down a few pegs tonight and show him some tough love. In return, Miz will handle Dean Ambrose. Barrett tells Miz to have his people call Barrett’s people and he will see him out there. We go to commercial.

Damien Sandow vs. Bad News Barrett

Back from the break and out comes Damien Sandow with The Miz. WWE Intercontinental Champion Bad News Barrett is out next for a non-title match. The Miz takes a seat at ringside and watches.

Barrett unloads on Sandow to start. The Miz rings a bell and calls Sandow to come get something off his shoe. Sandow does as told and gets decked by Barrett as he tries to come back in the ring. Barrett knocks Sandow back to the floor and throws him into the apron. Barrett rolls Sandow back in for a 2 count. Sandow comes back and hits The Miz’s neckbreaker backbreaker combo. Sandow goes for the Skull Crushing Finale and Miz rings his bell again. He’s upset and has a spot in his sunglasses. He tells Sandow to come fix it or get fired. Miz changes his mind and Sandow turns around to go back in the ring but gets hit with a Bullhammer elbow for the win.

Winner: Bad News Barrett

– After the match, Dean Ambrose runs in and attacks Barrett. Ambrose sends Barrett into the ring post. Ambrose zip ties Barrett’s hands around the ring post. Ambrose tells Barrett he’s going to sign the contract or else. Barrett yells for someone to get Ambrose off him. Ambrose has control of Barrett’s hand and is signing the contract with a pen. Barrett says this isn’t legal. Ambrose gets the contract signed and Barrett says that’s not his signature. Ambrose’s music hits and he celebrate.

– We go back to Bray Wyatt again. He yells for this person to find him or he will find them. It looks like Wyatt was hammering on a coffin. Back to commercial.

Jimmy Uso and Naomi vs. Tyson Kidd and Natalya

Back from the break and out comes Naomi with WWE Tag Team Champions The Usos. Tyson Kidd and Natalya are out next with Cesaro. Kidd and Cesaro vs. The Usos is announced for Fastlane. Kidd and Uso start off. Kidd goes right to the floor and tags in Natalya so Naomi comes in. They go at it.

Back and forth on the mat between the two Divas. Uso tags in but Kidd isn’t happy about having to come in. Kidd looks to take control but he slaps Uso and it doesn’t phase him. Kidd quickly tags Natalya in. Naomi comes in and they go at it to a big pop. Natalya slams Naomi on her bottom, kicks her in the back of the head and hit a dropkick for 2. Natalya asks Kidd if he wants in but he hesitates and tells her to handle it. Natalya turns around and goes for the Sharpshooter but Naomi counter with a roll up. They trade several pin attempts and Naomi gets the win.

Winners: Jimmy Uso and Naomi

– After the match, Kidd gets upset with Natalya in the middle of the ring as Cesaro looks on. Fans boo. Cesaro tries to calm Kidd down and tells him to focus on Sunday.

– The announcers hype the WWE Network and Fastlane. We get a look back at Bryan and Reigns from earlier tonight. We see Bryan walking backstage.

Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show

Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd to join the announcers for tonight’s main event. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and Reigns is not on commentary, he’s just watching from ringside. Big Show and Daniel Bryan are out and as expected, Bryan gets a big pop. Show takes control and takes Bryan to the corner for big chops. Bryan fights back with kicks. He chops Show’s knee twice and goes to kick it. Show shoves him off and still hasn’t gone down. Show drops Bryan with a headbutt. Show keeps control until Bryan applies a sleeper hold and finally gets him down on both knees.

Show powers up and breaks it but Bryan keeps him on his knees with kicks. Show blocks the last kick and chops Bryan out of mid-air. Show drops an elbow. Reigns has been taking selfies with fans at ringside and continues to do so as we go to commercial.

Back from the break and Show dominates Bryan as fans chant “you sold out.” Bryan comes back with kicks and charges but Show catches him in a big bear hug and holds it. Bryan brings Show over the top rope onto the apron and holds it into a submission. Show tumbles to the floor. Fans cheer as Reigns starts throwing merchandise into the crowd. Apparently this is to distract Bryan. Bryan runs the ropes for a dive but Show catches him in mid-air. Bryan counters and rams Show into the steel ring post. Show grabs Bryan and throws him into Reigns. Bryan and Reigns shove each other. Show ends up spearing Reigns into the barrier as Bryan side steps. Show brings Bryan back in the ring now.

Bryan makes a comeback and hits the dropkicks in the corner. Show blocks the third and grabs Bryan for a chokeslam. Bryan blocks it and applies the Yes Lock. Show make it to the bottom rope and breaks the hold. Bryan with kicks now. He hits the roundhouse and covers for a pin attempt but Show launches him across the ring. Bryan goes to the top rope but Reigns runs in and nails Show with a Superman punch for the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Big Show

– After the bell, Show’s music hits and he smiles from the ramp. Reigns turns around and Bryan comes off the top with a missile dropkick that sends Reigns out of the ring. Bryan mouths to Reigns to come get some and they stare each other down. Reigns hits the ring and takes Bryan to the corner with shoulder thrusts. Fans boo. Reigns tosses Bryan out of the ring and they mostly cheer at first. Bryan looks upset while on his knees. Reigns looks down at him from the ring. Bryan runs back in the ring and tackles Reigns. They roll around on the ring and trade shots. Reigns pulls Bryan out of the ring and the brawl continues. Reigns slams Bryan back into the barrier and he goes down. Reigns with a big right hand. Bryan fires back with rights of his own as referees try to break them up. Reigns tosses Bryan hard into the barrier. Reigns rolls Bryan back in the ring but referees are still trying. Fans chant “let them fight” as they’re both held back in the ring. Things look to calm down as Bryan points up at the WrestleMania banner. Bryan extends his hand for a shake. They quickly, barely shake hands. They turn again but turn right back around and start brawling. Bryan dropkicks Reigns over the top rope. Bryan nails a dive and sends Reigns into the barrier. Bryan with kicks. Reigns tosses Bryan into the crowd and they fight by the production area. They fight back to the timekeeper’s area. Bryan beats Reigns over the back with a chair. Reigns comes right back with a huge forearm to the face. Reigns wrestles Bryan back to ringside and over the announcer’s table. Reigns is beating on Bryan with right hands as referees and agents try to break it up. Bryan stands on top of the announce table with referees around him as Reigns is held back at ringside. Reigns is bleeding pretty bad. Reigns tell Bryan to wait until Sunday as RAW goes off the air.

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