WWE RAW Results (10/7): Bakersfield, CA

The October 7, 2019 edition of WWE RAW took place at the Rabobank Arena in Bakersfield, CA.



– This week’s broadcast opens up with a video package looking at the love triangle storyline between Rusev, Lana and Bobby Lashley.

– The intro video plays, and then we immediately go to the ring where Rusev is fighting off both Randy Orton and Baron Corbin. Rusev clears the ring, then Bobby Lashley appears on the big screen. Lashley says he’s at Rusev’s house and next to Rusev’s bed. Lashley gets in Rusev’s bed, then Lana walks over and gets in too. Smooth jazz starts playing and Lana says everything is in her name now. The video ends, and Rusev freaks out and beats down Orton and Corbin, who were at ringside laughing. Rusev freaks out and beats them down all over ringside. Rusev throws the ring steps around and then leaves.

– Back from the break, Lacey Evans is at ringside, and she cuts a promo on Natalya and their upcoming Last Man Standing match.

Natalya vs. Lacey Evans: This one is a Last Man Standing match. Natalya starts off dominating and clearing the ring, then beating Lacey down at ringside. Natalya back body drops Lacey on to the ringside floor, then picks her up and slaps her across the face. Natalya suplexes Lacey on the floor next, then puts the boots to her. Back in the ring, Natalya hits a discus clothesline, and then she applies the Sharpshooter. The announcers inform us that there are no submissions in a Last Man Standing match. Lacey breaks out and finally starts fighting back, and she drops Natalya with the right hand. Natalya gets up before the ref’s 10 count, and she drops Lacey with a suplex. Natalya misses a kick at ringside, and Lacey slams her into the barricade and then puts the boots to her. She throws Natalya into the timekeeper’s area, then starts beating her with a kendo stick. Lacey dominates the next several moments until Natalya finally fights back and nails her with the kendo stick. Lacey kicks Natalya away, then htis a neckbreaker at ringside. Lacey hops up on the barricade and hits a moonsault on Natalya. Lacey suplexes Natalya on the ramp, then brings her up and throws her into the LED screens. Lacey throws Natalya into the announce table next, then the ref starts counting again. Natalya gets up, so Lacey takes her up on top of the table. Lacey hits a vertical suplex on the table, and the table didn’t break. Lacey throws Natalya into the LED screen, and then she looks for a suplex, but Natalya reverses it. Natalya ends up powerbombing Lacey off the stage, through a table beside it. Lacey is down for the ref’s 10 count, and Natalya wins.

Winner: Natalya

– Natalya gets on the table and poses to celebrate the win.

– Famous heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury is shown backstage with his family.

– We see a pre-taped promo from Aleister Black, who once again proposes an open challenge, and dares some WWE talent to come knock on his door and pick a fight with him.

– The Street Profits are backstage cutting a promo about tonight’s show. They give their scouting report for the WWE Draft this year. Next they send us to a video looking at the interaction between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury on SmackDown last week.

– Tyson Fury is backstage for an interview with Charly Caruso. He says he’s not provoking Braun, but things got out of hand, but tonight he won’t be escorted out by security. Tyson says he’s been invited here for an open mic, and he’s going to take it, because he wants an apology from Braun. Tyson says he if doesn’t get his apology, then Braun is going to get these hands.

The Viking Raiders vs. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler: This one is a non-Title match. Erik controls the opening moments of this one against Ziggler, then Ivar tags in for the double team. Ziggler rolls outside to regroup, then Roode tags in. Ivar looks for a slam on Roode, but Roode breaks free and starts working over Ivar’s knee. Erik finally gets the tag for the double team on Roode. Erik beats down Roode and then knees him in the face. Roode rolls outside to regroup with Ziggler. Back in the ring, Erik hits a big German suplex on Roode, and Roode rolls outside for another breather. Back in the ring, Roode fights back, then tags in Ziggler. Ziggler and Roode trade frequent tags now to keep the pressure on Erik. Erik finally fights off both men, then tags in Ivar who cleans house. Ziggler tries to come back with a superkick on Ivar, but Ivar blocks it and hits a spinning heel kick. They double team Ziggler and pin, but Roode breaks it up. Roode and Ivar go out to ringside, then Ziggler hits a shot on Erik in the ring. Roode tags in for the double team, but Erik fights them both off momentarily. Erik misses a shot, and Roode and Ziggler hit a spinebuster/Zig Zag double team for a two count. Erik drops Roode with a right hand, then Ivar tags in for the double team on Ziggler for the three count.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

– Back in Aleister Black’s room, he says he’s going out to the ring next to see who wants to pick a fight with him.

– The Singh Brothers are in the ring on the mic, but they’re quickly interrupted by Aleister Black. It looks like we have a handicap match up next.

Aleister Black vs. The Singh Brothers Black starts hitting kicks and knee strikes right off the opening bat. Black puts Sunil in a dragon sleeper for the win after a very short squash match.

Winner: Aleister Black

– We go to a video package looking at the highlights from Friday’s debut episode of SmackDown on FOX.

– Braun Strowman is shown backstage having a conversation and laughing with someone as we go to commercial.

– Back from the break, we go to an interview with Braun. Braun says if Tyson asks nicely for an apology, he might get one, but if he doesn’t, then he might get these hands.

– Rey Mysterio is backstage wearing an arm sling. He does a brief interview where he says he’s proud of his son for taking a beating from Brock Lesnar like a man. Rey says that Cain Velasquez is Dominic’s godfather, and talks about Cain’s success in UFC and against Lesnar. Rey says Cain is going to avenge their family.

Lucha House Party vs. The OC: Kalisto starts off strong with a series of kicks on AJ. Anderson and Dorado tag in, and Dorado takes him down with an arm drag. Metalik tags in for the double team on Anderson for a two count. Anderson starts fighting back, but then the aprons clear and the Lucha House Party dumps the OC members out to ringside. All three Lucha House Party go to the top turnbuckle and hit moonsaults in tandem on the OC members at ringside. Back in the ring, Andreson fights back with a spinebuster now. AJ comes in, then the aprons clear and everyone starts going at it in the ring. When the dust settles, AJ hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Kalisto for the three count.

Winners: The OC

– After the match, they grab Grand Metalik and give him the Magic Killer in the ring. They grab Lince Dorado next, and AJ gives him the Styles Clash from the second rope.

– The Miz comes out to host tonight’s edition of Miz TV. He welcomes us to the show, then introduces his first guest, the RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. Becky comes out to the ring and takes a seat next. He introduces SmackDown Women’s Champion Charlotte next, who also comes to the ring and takes a seat. The Miz talks about all of Becky’s accomplishments and success lately, and then Becky briefly talks about beating Sasha last night. The Miz starts talking about Charlotte’s 10 Women’s Championship wins, and Charlotte says it’s good to be the queen. Miz says they’re both at the top of their careers, and the WWE Draft is around the corner, which could effect both of them. The Miz brings up their tag match tonight against The Kabuki Warriors, but Charlotte and Becky just start trading insults and get in each other’s face. The Kabuki Warriors come out to interrupt and cut a promo, and the fans give them the “what” chant treatment. Becky tells them to bring it, and the Kabuki Warriors hit the ring and start brawling. A referee gets in the ring and restores order as we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch & Charlotte vs. The Kabuki Warriors: Becky starts off trading strikes with Asuka. Becky knocks Kairi off the apron, then Asuka hits the running hip attack and knocks Becky out to ringside. Asuk rolls out and stomps on Becky at ringside before bringing her back in. Kairi tags in for the double team on Becky. Kairi springboards off the middle rope with a double stomp on Becky for a two count. Becky fights back up to her feet, and she drops Kairi with a leg lariat. Charlotte and Asuka get the tags, and Charlotte cleans house. Charlotte hits a backbreaker, and then the Natural Selection. Asuka rolls outside to regroup with Kairi, then Charlotte hits a moonsault off the top on both women at ringside. Back in the ring, Charlotte looks for the Figure Four on Asuka, but Kairi interrupts. Asuka rolls outside and Charlotte looks for a suicide dive on her, but Asuka side steps it and kicks Charlotte down. Kairi tags in and continues the offense, but she misses a shot off the middle rope, and Charlotte suplexes her. Becky tags in and goes at it with Kairi now. Becky hits a flying leg drop from the middle rope and pins, but Asuka breaks it up.. Charlotte dumps Asuka outside, then Kairi drops Charlotte. Charlotte is selling a knee injury now. Becky puts Kairi in the Disarm Her, but the ref is distracted by helping Charlotte back out to the apron. Asuka spits the green mist in Becky’s face, which leads to the finish and the three count on Becky.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors

– After the match, Charlotte runs in and attacks, but The Kabuki Warriors overpower her and beat her down. Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss interrupt and start brawling with the Warriors. They drop the Warrirors, then celebrate in the ring.

– The broadcast team hypes up Tyson Fury’s appearance later, and then sends us to a video package looking at Roman Reigns’ leukemia recovery.

– Apollo Crews does a backstage interview where he talks about the upcoming WWE Draft, and how he’s going to prove himself in his match tonight against Ricochet.

– We see a brief promo from The Viking Raiders, who say they intend to win the RAW Tag Titles next week.

– Ricochet is at the Gorilla position tonight. Ricochet says the WWE Draft is a big opportunity for him, and he’s ready to prove that super heroes can be real. He says that he an Apollo are friends, but what happens in the ring is all business.

Apollo Crews vs. Ricochet: They trade holds and attempts fairly evenly in the opening moments. Crews knocks Ricochet out to ringisde and looks for a dive, but misses. Ricochet misses a dive next, then they get back in the ring. They both miss some shots off the ropes until Crews connects with a dropkick for a two count. Crews keeps the offense coming until Ricochet fights back with an arm drag and a kick to the face. Ricochet springbords off the top rope for a flying clothesline. Ricochet follows up with a standing shooting star press for a two count. Ricochet goes up top and looks for the 450 splash, but Crews dodges it and hits a standing moonsault. Crews looks for a suplex, but Ricochet fights out and hits the Recoil for the three count.

Winner: Ricochet

– The broadcast team sends us to a video package looking at last night’s match between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt.

– We see Tyson Fury backstage heading towards the Gorilla position and shaking hands with members of the WWE roster on his way.

– Tyson Fury comes out to the ring, and then Braun Strowman comes out. They exchange words and threats now. Things get heated and they come face to face. Tyson shoves Braun, and then Braun spears Tyson and backs him into the corner. A mob of security guards immediately hits the ring and seperates them. Tyson breaks free and charges at Braun and throws punches. They get pulled apart again, and now Braun exits the ring and tries to go around to to Tyson. Tyson starts knocking out every security guard near him, and Braun also starts laying out all of the security guards near him. Tyson and Strowman go at it in the ring again, until a swarm of wrestlers runs out from the locker room to help separate the brawl. Braun breaks free now and starts going at it with Tyson, but they get pulled apart again. Braun and Tyson both break free again, and then get separated again. Braun exits the ring and storms to the back. Fury stands tall in the ring.

– We go back to the Gorilla position, where Braun is standing by for an interview. He says Tyson is a tough son of a bitch, but he’s going to get these hands soon. Braun says he doesn’t appreciate Tyson coming into his house in WWE and disrespecting him. Braun charges back out down the ramp and hits the ring again. Braun starts brawling with Fury in the ring again as the other members of the locker room try to break it up, and RAW goes off the air.

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