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WWE RAW Results (6/3)

Monday Night Raw

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I get the feeling that Corbin way walk out the New Unverlasial Champion at Super Showdown. Think about if Brock Lesnar cash in an make it a triple threat match Corbin could walk out Unverlasial Champion.

  • Whistling Joe

    Did you read what I wrote? WCW created an audience that prior to the creation of the nWo did not exist. That is a fact. Then WWE started doing the same sort of thing WCW was doing, like being more realistic, more adult oriented. WCW started getting handcuffed by Turner while WWE pushed the envelope even further, causing the fanbase that WCW had created to migrate to WWE. WWE did what WCW did better than WCW did.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    What?! WWE didnt steal anything from WCW, except unused and upset talent.. so then AEW is stealing from WWE then? WCW never did the whole, Jerry Springer type shows, WWE decide to do that with the popularity of DX. WCW did their own thing, WWE did their own thing and now AEW is doing their own thing. Nobody has stolen anything from anyone.

  • Springtraining

    Not sure how Lacey got the win. Should it have nor been Charlotte? She was the one who Becky pulled out of the ring then the ref called for the DQ

  • Sarshar Hosseinnia

    Why! Who the **** wants to watch 3 hours of guys just wrestling. Ppl fell in love with WWF/E because of the stories they told, the in-ring psychology, the backstage tension which transferred over to into in-ring segments with guys who knew how to tell stories – and still do (HHH/Undertaker, etc).

    All this obsession with AEW; 6-hours of wrestling, most of it a bunch of Japanese tag matches. No one gives a sh*t about Japanese tag matches. I agree, tonight could have been a lot better considering the resources, TV time, and performers they have … but some of it was decent TV.

  • Whistling Joe

    Yep. WWE got to number one by stealing all of WCW’s fans by doing what WCW was doing better than WCW did. It’s been reported that Vince has never watched NXT. Maybe he should watch a TakeOver some time. I watched Raw online sped up to 1.5x speed. It made it less painful. Still painful, just less.

  • Matthew Carter

    Basically, another big old steaming pile of horseshit. Well, that saves me from wasting 3 hours of my life watching it. Is Vince McMahon paying attention to what AEW, NXT, NXT UK, 205 Live and New Japan are all doing? He has the complete blueprint to making WWE #1 again if he would pay attention to those 5.

  • Wicka Steve

    This show is the perfect example of how out of touch Vince is. “Oh! It’s a stacked card!” Yeah, except no one cares about Reigns. No one wants to see Brock. No one wants to see Charlotte. No one cares about the Undertaker in 2019. No one wants to see an arm wrestling competition. When no one wants to see your “big names” you have a real problem and that problem begins and ends with the old man who would better serve the world at this point as worm food.