WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage (4/15)

The April 15th, 2019 edition of WWE RAW took place at the Bell Centre in Montreal, QC, Canada.



– Michael Cole welcomes us to the Superstar Shakeup, and then Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring. Stephanie welcomes us to the Superstar Shakeup on Monday Night RAW, and then she introduces “the best in the world,” her brother Shane McMahon. Shane comes out to the ring next. Shane makes the ring announcer announce him as the best in the world in english, and then tells him to do it in French. The ring announcer doesn’t know French, so Shane does it himself. Shane (and Corey Graves on commentary) make lots of French jokes and Montreal jokes. Shane and Stephanie talk about the Superstar Shakeup, and then Shane introduces some videos and images on the big screen of Shane’s feud with The Miz. The Miz’s music hits, and then Miz hits the ring from behind and attacks Shane. They brawl out into the crowd. Miz gets the upper hand and Shane runs off. Miz stands tall in the ring with a steel chair, and he is bleeding heavily from the side of his head after the chaos.

Aleister Black, Ricochet, Hawkins & Ryder vs. The Revival & The Viking Experience: The Viking Experience is the team formerly known as the War Raiders. Cole says their names are Ybarr and Eric. Dawson and Hawkins start off trading holds. Ricochet tags in and then Black tags in for the double team on Dawson. Ricochet and Wilder are in now, and then the aprons clear and everyone brawls in the ring. Ricochet, Black, Hawkins and Ryder dump all their opponents out to ringside and stand tall in the ring. Back in the ring, Ryder fires up and connects with several kicks on Dawson, then they fight out to ringside. Back in the ring, the aprons clear and everyone knocks each other out to ringside one by one. Back in the ring, The Viking Experience double teams Hawkins and tosses him outside on to Ricochet and Black on the floor. The Viking Experience double teams Ryder now for the three count.

Winners: The Viking Experience & The Revival

– They air a video package lighting Cedric Alexander’s career on 205 Live. He’s coming to RAW.

Finn Balor vs. Andrade: Zelina Vega comes out with Andrade and cuts a promo on the stage before the match. Andrade gets on the mic too and says “merci” and then speaks in Spanish. The opening bell sounds and Andrade starts off strong. Andrade hits a running knee in the corner and then the double knee strike for a two count. Balor starts fighting back and levels Andrade with a dropkick. They fight out to the apron, and a distraction from Vega leads to Andrade dropping Balor on the apron. They fight back into the ring and Balor fights back with a shot in the corner. Balor misses a shot and sells his knee. Balor and Andrade struggle for position in the corner, then Balor takes him down and hits a neckbreaker on Andrade for a two count. Balor follows up with the Sling Blade, but Andrade fights back with a backflip Pele Kick. Balor goes up top but Andrade knocks him down. They fight in the corner and Balor drops Andrade with a kick to the head. Balor looks for the Coup De Grace, but Andrade dodges it and hits a spinning back elbow. Balor ducks a shot and dumps Andrade outside. Balor goes for a suicide dive and Zelina tries to get in the way, but Balor leaps over her and hits a dive on Andrade at ringside. Zelina then hits a cheap shot on Balor at ringside while the ref isn’t looking. Back in the ring, Andrade hits the hammerlock DDT for the three count.

Winner: Andrade

– Elias is in the ring for a song. Elias says his music is so strong that it brought back the Doctor of Thuganomics and rose the Deadman from the grave. Rey Mysterio comes out to interrupt, and Rey is on Monday Night RAW. Rey hits the ring and brawls with Elias. Rey springboards off the top and slips, but he still crashes into Elias and knocks him down. Elias retreats, and then Lars Sullivan comes out while Rey is still in the ring. Lars hits the ring and brawls with Rey now. Rey tries to fight him off, and Rey escapes a running powerslam attempt. Rey tries to take out Lars’ leg, but Lars catches him and hits a spinebuster on Rey. Lars picks up Rey by the head and hits a sit-out powerbomb on Rey.

– Still to come: Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott, in a match “brought to you by Popeyes.”

– Bobby Roode and Chad Gable come out to the ring and get on the mic. They talk about the Superstar Shakeup, and say they can beat any team from any show. The Usos come out, and we have match. It appears The Usos are on RAW now.

The Usos vs. Roode & Gable: The Usos start off strong, but Gable is finally able to dump Jey out to ringside, then Roode hits a cheap shot on the floor. Roode tags in and then hops back outside to continue the beat-down on Jey at ringside. Back in the ring, Gable tags in for a double team, then Roode tags back in. Roode tries to keep Jey grounded, then Gable tags back in for the double team for a two count. Jimmy finally gets the tag and cleans house, then he superkicks Gable. The Usos hit the double splash off the top for the three count on Gable.

Winners: The Usos

– Alexa Bliss comes out to host A Moment of Bliss, with her guest Sami Zayn. Sami comes out and gets a big ovation from his hometown crowd. He sits down to talk, but his music hits and he gets up out of his seat to dance around the stage a little more. Sami goes to sit down again, and the crowd chants his name. His music hits again and Sami gets up and dances around the stage some more. Sami calls the fans fish in a barrel, then he says something in French. Sami leads the crowd in a chant, then he sits down and Alexa welcomes him to Monday Night RAW. Sami talks about walking around Montreal all weekend, and the city is great but he can’t stand the people. Sami says the fans’ cheers are making him sick, and the crowd chants for Kevin Owens now. Sami says these are not his people, and he doesn’t live here anymore, he moved to sunny Orlando, Florida. Sami says he chose to leave Montreal before, and he’s choosing to leave again right now. The crowd chants “na na na na goodbye” as Sami leaves.

– We see a clip of Bayley backstage earlier tonight trying to get Sasha on the phone, then The Iiconics interrupt her and talk trash. Apparently Sasha Banks is not here tonight.

The Iiconics vs. Bayley and Naomi: This one is a non-Title match. Naomi comes out to be Bayley’s surprise opponent. The Iiconics take control early on after Naomi misses a shot. Peyton knocks Bayley off the apron, then Naomi comes back with a jawbreaker on Peyton. Billie tags in for the double team, but Naomi fights them both off. Bayley comes back in and takes out Peyton with a belly to belly suplex. Naomi hits a split legged moonsault on Billie for the three count.

Winners: Bayley & Naomi

– We see the video of the cardboard box with smoke coming out of it. The buzzard puppet pops out and laughs.

EC3 vs. Braun Strowman: Braun hits the ring and immediately attacks EC3 before the opening bell. Strowman beats him down, then takes him up the ramp and throws him into the LED boards on the stage. Braun chokeslams EC3 through a part of the stage, and the floor board below him shatters. Braun poses for the fans and leaves.

Winner: No contest

Becky Lynch vs. Ruby Riott: The Riott Squad is at ringside in Ruby’s corner. Cole reminds us that this match is sponsored by Popeyes Chicken’s $5 shrimp box. The opening bell sounds and Becky starts off strong. Becky knocks Ruby outside with a kick, then she hits a baseball slide kick through the ropees on Ruby at ringside. Becky brings Ruby back in the ring, then she knocks Liv off the apron. The distraction from Liv leads to Ruby dropping Becky and then pummeling on her. Ruby hits a senton off the middle rope for a two count. Becky comes back and looks for the Disarm Her, but the Riott Squad pulls Ruby out to ringside. Becky hits a dive on Liv and Sarah at ringside, then she gets back in the ring. Ruby looks for a DDT, but Becky escapes and puts her in the Disarm Her for the win via submission.

Winner: Becky Lynch

– Becky beats down Liv and Sarah after the match.

– Charly Caruso is backstage for an interview with Baron Corbin, Drew McIntyre, and Bobby Lashley with Lio Rush. They are facing Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and a mystery partner tonight. They say they don’t care who their partner is tonight. Drew says all he cares about is getting his hands on Reigns.

– Back in the arena, Natalya comes out to the ring while Becky is still celebrating her win. Natalya gets on the mic and congratulates Becky on all her victories lately. Natalya says despite all of Becky’s accomplishments, Natalya is the best there is, best there was, and the best there ever will be, and she’s coming for the RAW Title. Becky says she knows everyone is gunning for her two Titles, but that’s the nature of the business. Lacey comes out to the stage with a mic. Lacey says she admires Natalya’s determination, but the RAW Women’s Title shouldn’t be around the waist of a washed-up has-been like Natalya. Lacey says now that she’s officially on RAW, she wants the RAW Women’s Title. Lacey says the McMahons have booked a match between her and Natalya, to be the #1 contender for the RAW Women’s Title.

Lacey Evans vs. Natalya: The winner of this match gets a shot at Becky’s RAW Women’s Title. The opening bell sounds and Natalya starts off strong. She stomps on Lacey’s back and kicks her, then dumps her outside. Back in the ring, Natalya looks for the Sharpshooter, but Lacey kicks her away and rolls outside. Natalya hits a baseball slide dropkick on Lacey on the outside, then takes her back in. Lacey turns things around and stomps on Natalya in the corner. Lacey hits some knee drops and keeps Natalya grounded. Natalya finally fights up and puts Lacey in the Sharpshooter. Lacey struggles to reach the bottom rope, and she finally reaches it for the rope break. They briefly fight out to ringside, then back in the ring Lacey drops Natalya with a shot to the face. Lacey follows up with a moonsault off the top for the three count. Her knees seemed to hit Natalya hard.

Winner: Lacey Evans

– Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins are backstage for an interview. Reigns and Rollins tease who their mystery partner will be, but they don’t reveal it.

– We see a doll house and other children’s toys in front of a black background with smoke. Then we see a rocking chair with a puppet of a woman on it. The puppet laughs and then we cut back to the arena.

Drew McIntyre, Bobby Lashley & Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins & AJ Styles: AJ Styles makes his surprise appearance on RAW as Reigns and Rollins’ mystery partner. The opening bell sounds, and Lashley and Rollins start this one off. Rollins hits a kick and then tags in Reigns for the double team. AJ tags in, but then Lashley carries AJ back to his corner and Corbin tags in. AJ escapes and then connects with chops and punches on Corbin. AJ ducks a shot and then connects with a dropkick on Corbin. Reigns and Drew tag in now and they trade punches in the middle of the ring. Drew grabs Reigns and hits a suplex, then he pummels on Reigns on the mat. Corbin tags in and continues the assault on Reigns. Corbin hits a backbreaker for a two count on Reigns. Rollins gets the tag and starts cleaning house. Rollins hits a dive on Drew at ringside, then back in the ring he superkicks Corbin. Corbin and Rollins fight into the corner, and Rollins kicks Corbin away and then hits the Blockbuster on him. AJ and Lashley tag in, and AJ hits a series of strikes. AJ misses one shot, but then he hits the Pele kick on Lashley. Corbin runs in but AJ drops him with a Pele Kick too. Everyone brawls out to ringside now, and Rollins superkicks Drew, then Reigns superman punches Drew. Back in the ring, AJ looks for the Phenomenal Forearm on Lashley, but Lashley catches him in mid-air and powerbombs him down. Rollins break up the pin attempt with a stomp on Lashley, then Reigns spears Lashley down. AJ gets back up and hits the Phenomenal Forearm on Lashley for the three count.

Winners: AJ Styles, Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins

– Reigns, Rollins and AJ celebrate in the ring as RAW goes off the air.

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