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WWE RAW Results & Live Coverage (5/6)

Monday Night Raw

  • CC

    Did these wild cards make this show any better? No.
    Yes we got to see a WWE title match between two great wrestlers, but it was Smackdown vs Smackdown, which is exactly the same match we can see on Smackdown, and their ratings are hardly setting the world alight either.
    And then we had Reigns, a guy who has just left Raw having a match with someone he has already had a match with before … yep, thats gonna set ratings alight too.

    And Lars Sullivan destroys a jobber again … yup, lots of interest there.

    And much like Reigns, Elias has only just left Raw (so much for it being 3 wrestlers from SD), and he attacks a guy who he has had run ins with on Raw in the past.

    I cannot see any benefit to what they did with these so called ratings boosting appearances.

    They could have at least took some guys who have spent some serious time on SD (Bryan and Kofi both fit this bill) and had them have individual matches against established Raw guys. Why not Kofi vs Drew? Bryan vs Rollins?

  • Nick Scott

    Wildcard rule allows 3 ppl each week, then increased to 4 after we see; Roman, Kofi, DB, Lars, Elias… Sure that’s 5

  • The Random Reader

    Boo-man Reigns sucks, nice try Vince “Senile Idiot” McMahon